Is AHA Sparkling Water Keto Friendly? This is the Answer You’ve Been Waiting For

Let us tell you a story.

If you’re a soda lover like my friend Daniel, eliminating soda from your diet is one of the biggest adjustments you have to make when you are on the ketogenic diet.

In the past,

I saw how my friend badly struggled with his soda cravings, he cannot live without at least a sode a day.

One day, he knew that this was not the healthy lifestyle he used to pursuit.

So he went on a diet – the keto one.

Now, he’s soda free for a year and loving it!

Did you know what the most crucial thing that helped him overcome it? It’s no other than flavored sparkling water.

But mind you, not all of the sparkling water products in the market are created equal. Some can be your friend and will help satisfy your cravings, while others are a foe that will kick you out of ketosis.

So which of which is AHA Sparkling Water? Is it a friend or a foe for keto dieters?

This article will explore all the essential information about AHA Sparkling water—its content, nutritional value, and many more.

But above all, we’ll finally answer this question—Is AHA Sparkling Water Keto?

Read on if you’re dying to find out!

What is AHA Sparkling Water?

AHA Sparkling Water is a product line of Coca Cola, and it’s made up of unsweetened fizzy water products that come in different exciting, unique and refreshing flavors.

These products are the company’s major new brand launch since the year 2006.

They made sure that the seltzers would suit not just the taste but also the nutritional requirements of health-conscious people by making the drinks zero-calorie. The products are also free of sodium and sweeteners.

In addition to giving you a dose of refreshing flavor, Coca Cola also incorporated a small dose of caffeine in some of the seltzer flavors. In this way, you won’t just feel refreshed; you’ll also get the energy boost you need to get through the day.

AHA Sparkling Water Flavors

The main reason this new brand launch caught the attention of so many people is its unique and unexpected flavors.

Fulfilling their goal to offer their clientele something fresh and new, Coca Cola released the seltzer in 8 delicious flavor pairings that offer bold taste and aroma. Here they are:

  • Lime + Watermelon
  • Citrus + Green Tea
  • Orange + Grapefruit
  • Strawberry + Cucumber
  • Mango + Black Tea
  • Peach + Honey
  • Blueberry + Pomegranate
  • Raspberry + Acai

These flavor combos are something that you haven’t heard before, so it’s a bit difficult to imagine how they would taste like. Still, these can undoubtedly pique anyone’s interest, especially since it’s manufactured by the most popular beverage company in the world.

As mentioned, some of the seltzer flavors contain caffeine. The caffeinated flavors are no other than Mango + Black Tea and Citrus + Green Tea.

AHA Sparkling Water Ingredients

Flavored and sparkly but free of sweeteners and sodium? Is that even possible?

To answer that, we have to check out the contents of the AHA Sparkling Water. This is what we found out.

The first thing we discovered was the ingredients of the seltzers vary depending on the flavor, so we made a small table so you can easily check out the ingredients of your chosen AHA Sparkling Water Flavors:



Mango + Black Tea

Citrus + Green Tea

Carbonated Water, Natural Flavors, Caffeine, Electrolyte Sources

Raspberry + Acai,

Lime + Watermelon,

Orange + Grapefruit,

Blueberry + Pomegranate

Strawberry + Cucumber,

Peach + Honey

Carbonated Water and Natural Flavors

The formulation of the AHA Sparkling Water products are pretty simple as each can contains only two to four ingredients.

AHA Sparkling Water Sweeteners

And, of course, we have to tackle the drink’s sweetener. After all, what makes the AHA Sparkling Water delicious if it doesn’t contain any added sugars?

As per the can’s ingredients list, all AHA Sparkling Water flavors are sweetened with natural flavors. But what are natural flavors, and what are they made of?

As per the Code of Federal Regulations of US FDA, the term, natural flavors, refers to the type of flavorings that have been extracted from plant or animal sources such as spices, fruit or vegetable juices, dairy and other fermented products, seafood, meat, or poultry, and edible yeast and other plant materials. (1)

These flavors are formulated only to enhance the flavor of food and drinks. These won’t necessarily add, contribute, or change the nutritional value of food and beverage.

AHA Sparkling Water Nutrition Facts

Now that you know what the ingredients of AHA Sparkling Water are let’s proceed with exploring its nutritional content. Here’s what you can get from a single serving (1 can) of this low carb seltzer:

AHA Sparkling Water Flavors

Calories per serving

Net Carbs per serving (g)
Raspberry + Acai 0 0
Mango + Black Tea 0 0
Citrus + Green Tea 0 0
Lime + Watermelon 0 0
Orange + Grapefruit 0 0
Blueberry + Pomegranate 0 0
Strawberry + Cucumber 0 0
Peach + Honey 0 0

As per this table, we can say that all 8 flavors of AHA Sparkling Water are zero-calorie and zero net carbs. In short, it’s pretty much like water—only more refreshing and bubblier!

Pros of Drinking AHA Sparkling Water

Drinking flavored seltzer while on keto comes with a few benefits. Here are some of them:

Cravings satisfied

Let’s face it. There will be times when you’ll crave something sweet and sugary like a soda– whether you admit it or not. At times, the best thing that you can do is to give in to your cravings.

Since it has zero calories and net carbs per serving size, AHA Sparkling Water can help you satisfy your sweet cravings without raising your blood sugar levels and kicking you out of ketosis.

Energy Boost

The caffeinated flavored seltzer contains around 30mg of caffeine which can help give you a jolt of energy to fight off keto fatigue. (2)

Refreshing Feeling

When it’s extremely hot out, a glass of water can’t equate to the refreshing feeling you can get from a can of seltzer water. ‘

Natural Flavors

Some of the sparkling water products in the market contain artificial sweeteners.

The best thing about AHA Sparkling Water is it uses natural flavors which won’t negatively affect your health or body, making it one of the best keto drinks that you can drink.

Cons of Drinking AHA Sparkling Water

However, drinking AHA Sparkling Water is not all rainbows and butterflies. It comes with a few cons, which you should be familiar with if you wish to experience a smooth sailing weight journey. Here are some of them:


The most common issue that keto dieters have with caffeinated beverages is dehydration, so this can be a problem if you plan to drink caffeinated AHA Sparkling Water flavors.

The excellent news is Coca Cola solved this by incorporating electrolytes, including Potassium Bicarbonate, Magnesium and Calcium Chlorides, in their caffeinated formulations.

Gas and Bloating

Carbonated drinks are likely to cause stomach upset brought about by gas and bloating. This is also the same with caffeinated drinks. If you’re prone to digestive issues, this is one thing you should consider.

Is AHA Sparkling Water Keto Friendly?

Based on the seltzer’s nutritional value and ingredients list, it’s safe to say that AHA Sparkling Water is keto-friendly.

Different Ways to Enjoy AHA Sparkling Water on Keto

The most common way to enjoy flavored sparkling water products is to mix it with alcohol for creating low calorie cocktails. Since you should avoid drinking alcohol when on the keto diet, the best way to incorporate this in your diet is to drink it on its own. (3)

We also found other fun ways on how you can drink these products on the ketogenic diet. Here are some of them:

Strawberry Cucumber Cooler

You can make this by mixing AHA Strawberry + Cucumber with sugar-free lime juice.

Waterlime Fizz

To create this mocktail, grab a can of AHA Lime + Watermelon and mix it with lime. Add in mint leaves for a more refreshing flavor.

Citrus Sparkling Sour

In addition to the AHA Orange + Grapefruit Sparkling Water, you’ll also need lemon juice, egg white, and orange bitters. To prepare, place egg white, lemon juice, and orange bitters in a shaker, then shake.

Add ice, then shake for 30 seconds more. Add in the AHA Orange + Grapefruit Water. Strain the mixture into a glass that contains fresh ice. Serve!


We’ll repeat this—AHA Sparkling Water is considered keto friendly.

But, of course, not everything is black and white. Keep in mind that the amount that you consume matters more than whether the drink is keto friendly or not. This is most especially true for the caffeinated flavors of AHA Sparkling Water.

To avoid any unwanted effects and stay on the safe side, try to keep your consumption as minimal as possible—only around 1 serving per day.

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