Are Ghost Energy Drinks Keto Friendly? (The Truth!)

Are you a Keto’er who heavily relies on energy drinks to keep yourself going throughout busy days? Do you energy a Ghost to keep you going through that mid day crash but not sure if Ghost Energy drinks are keto friendly? 

Good news! Ghost Energy is a keto friendly drink. There are no ingredients in this brand that can kick you out of ketosis. Just make sure you are drinking the carb– or sugar free options. 

Ghost and other energy drinks are often sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Because of this, they don’t affect your state of ketosis. But does that mean they are good for you? 

Ghost Energy Drinks on Keto

When it comes to following the keto diet, you already know how important it is to stay away from sugar. Sugar and carbs must remain very low on the daily consumption dial. 

Those who follow keto or other diet plans often turn to energy drinks for various reasons. Aside from a quick boost of energy, they curb sugar cravings. 

With just one gram of carbs and 0% sugar, Ghost is a good option for low carb diets. These drinks offer a variety of fun flavors with artificial sweeteners. Sweeteners like surculose let people who can’t have sugar satisfy their sweet tooth.

The Sucralose Controversy

Sucralose being keto friendly is very controversial. Medically speaking, this artificial sweetener does not metabolize. This means it can not kick you out of ketosis since it goes undigested. But that doesn’t necessarily mean this product is good for you. At least not in large amounts.

There are studies that show Sucralose in high amounts can increase insulin, glucos, and GLP-1 levels in the blood. In this case, surculose can, in fact, affect your state of ketosis. Which, therefore, would mean it isn’t always the best choice for keto diets.

Everything in Moderation

No matter which side you are on, if you only consume small amounts of sucralose, you will be fine. Ghost drinks should be enjoyed in moderation while living a keto lifestyle.

If you are someone who requires constituents boosts of energy throughout the day, be creative. Have a black coffee with a bit of butter in the morning. Then your favorite Ghost Energy drink with lunch. Top it off with eggs, trail mix, whole grains, or other foods known for providing energy naturally. Just make sure your choices fit in with keto.

Best Ghost Energy Drinks for Keto’ers

Like all the other energy drink brands, Ghost often adds flavors to keep customers interested. Today, you can purchase one of 10 flavors with zero sugar. We really like the Sour Patch Kids selection. Yet the Cherry Limeade and Faze Pop are perfect for the summer.

Every option is a great choice. They are perfect if you are looking for an energy drink that is keto friendly and full of flavor.

Ghost Energy Drinks Ingredients

So what is in Ghost Energy drinks that offer up so much energy? Many drinks increase your energy with sugar and caffeine. This is why most of us crash throughout the day. While Ghost does have caffeine in it, it also offers various other energizing ingredients. 

  • 7 daily B vitamins (B6, B3, B12, and C) 
  • 200mg of natural caffeine (from coffee beans) 
  • 150mg of alpha-GPC 
  • 100mg of Neurofactor coffee fruit extract
  • 1000mg of acetyl-L-carnitine HCl

So the next time you reach for a Ghost, rest assured your state of ketosis is protected.


Are Ghost Energy Drinks Keto Friendly?

Yes. You can have a Ghost Energy drink while following the keto diet. This drink does not contain any ingredients that will affect your state of ketosis. The key is drinking the beverage in moderation.

How Many Ghost Energy Drinks Can You Have Per Day on Keto?

Many professionals will advise you to limit your energy drink intake to one per day. Aside from staying in ketosis, you should limit your sucralose intake. 

What Are the Best Flavors of Ghost Energy Drinks For the Keto Diet?

Any of the ten options offered by Ghost is perfect for keto. Most of their products are flavored with popular candy in mind. You can try Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, WarHeads, and others. 

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