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Are Lemons Keto Friendly? Everything You NEED TO KNOW!

What do you imagine when we say citrus? Most likely lemons, and when you have lemons in your life you can make lemonade. 

But that’s not all!

There is so much more to lemons than lemonade, especially if you follow the ketogenic diet.

We know how much confusion is cast around this fruit since it’s similar to oranges which aren’t that great for the keto. 

You must be wondering:

Are lemons keto friendly and how can they be included in this diet?

Short Answer: 

Lemons can be a great addition to a ketogenic diet because of their stimulating taste, but especially for their health benefits!

Let’s find out more!

What Do Lemons Have To Offer?

The summer season with warmth and sunlight is beautifully complemented by the sour-tasting citrusy lemon. 

1. What Are Some Health Benefits Of Lemons?

Lemons don’t just have a pretty yellow face but are also filled to the brim with many healthy compounds. 

Among these compounds we include:

  • vitamin C
  • vitamin B6
  • potassium
  • diosmin

Promoting the proper functioning of the immune system, vitamin C is one of the most popular. (*)

Potassium is a great component to help with lowering blood pressure, while vitamin B6 turns food into energy.  (*,*)

Diosmin is an antioxidant that works with the circulatory system to improve muscular tone and decrease blood vessel inflammation. (*)

2. Are Lemon Carbs Keto Friendly

The best way to know whether lemons are in fact keto friendly, we must look at their nutritional value. (*)

Per 100 grams lemons have: 

  • calories 29
  • fats 0.3 grams 
  • carbohydrates 9.3 grams
  • protein 1.1 grams 
  • potassium 138 grams 
  • fiber 2.8 grams

Lemons don’t have a lot of fat or protein but are highly rich in vitamins and nutrients. 

Besides that: Are lemons keto friendly?

Low in fat but also low in carbs, lemons are easily introduced into the keto diet. Carbs are usually derived from fibers and simple sugars in lemons. 

3. Why Lemons Are So Popular For The Keto Diet?

After looking at what lemons contain we can understand more clearly why they are so good for the keto diet. 

  • lemons have a low caloric count but still manage to help with promoting satiety because of the high content of water. 
  • the large content of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and most importantly vitamin C. 
  • lemons are fairly easy to integrate within the keto diet as they can simply be used as lemon water to great effect. 
  • protection against cardiovascular diseases and cancer makes lemons even more attractive.

The humble lemon adds a nice zing to the keto diet and its dishes. 

4. Lack Of Processing

Lemons come from the store as they would from the trees they were harvested from. This means that little to no processing has been done to them. 

With no added sugars, additives, or refined oils, lemons are great for the keto diet. 

5. How To Consume Lemons While On Keto?

The most obvious idea to use lemon is to make lemonade. 


Since the keto diet frowns upon using sugar you may run into this issue with lemonade. We recommend you use some low card sweetener like stevia. 

Or better yet!

  • just spice up some water with lemon juice and you’re good to go. Lemon water is fairly easy to make and brings that tangy taste we know and love. 
  • you can sprinkle some lemon juice on your favorite salad, greek yogurt, or even in some green tea. 
  • dried lemon slices or peels are perfect to make lemon tea with. 
  • use lemon on your next fish dish. 

Using lemons in dishes or on their own, can bring that needed sour taste which can replace vinegar or other sour ingredients. 

Do You Need To Balance Ph On The Keto?

Starting the keto diet will alter certain aspects of your diet and you need to look into balancing Ph levels. Maintaining the alkalinity of the body is necessary for the keto diet regime. (*)

But you’re in luck! 

Lemons have Ph balancing properties and can more than efficiently counteract any negative Ph effects. 

1. High Uric Acid Concentration Risks:

  • the kidney is responsible for eliminating any poisonous substances from the body through urination. Too much uric acid will damage this important organ and lead to kidney failure. (*)
  • gout is a possible disease that can develop due to uric acid. (*)

Specific protein from some foods we eat produces uric acid and causes painful gout. 

2. Metabolic Acidosis:

  • if the blood becomes too acidic, it can turn into a condition called metabolic acidosis. (*)  
  • consuming higher quantities of protein will lead to a greater accumulation of uric acid in the body, depending on what sort of keto diet you follow. 
  • uric acid results from purine which is derived from many notable keto friendly meals that include specific types of meat like liver, turkey, sardines, and organ meats. (*)

Being used to eliminate poisons and help the kidney, lemons are highly effective with the keto diet.

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  1. Can You Use Limes Instead Of Lemon? 

You can absolutely use limes instead of lemons, as they are quite similar and both go well with the keto diet. 

You can even use the two together if you are so inclined, although limes can be a little higher in carbs than lemons, not by a lot but it’s good to keep track. 

  1. Is Lemon Zest Keto?

Much of the carb content in lemons is not to be found in the zest so it can definitely be used in the keto diet. 

Besides, lemon zest is richly flavored and contains much of its essential oils. 

  1. Does Lemon Water Break Ketosis?

It is highly unlikely that lemon infused water will have negative effects on your ketosis. As a matter of fact, studies around fasting have granted positive results. 

A number of subjects have undergone a series of test to test lemon water’s effectiveness to fasting regimes and they have remained in ketosis. (*)

  1. Can I Drink Lemon Water While On Keto?

You can and you most definitely should drink lemon water on your keto diet. If not for its taste then at least for the many positive effects it grants. 

In a nutshell

Are lemons keto friendly? Adding lemons to your keto diet is not only ok, but encouraged as well. The many benefits that lemons have will bring great advantages to the keto diet in the long run. 

So give it a go:

Spice up your meals and regulate your Ph while you maintain ketosis and improve your health. 

Life with lemons is not only about lemonade as we enjoy the sourness just as much, especially when paired with meals and drinks. 

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