Quest Bars Keto Friendly Review: Can You Eat Them On Low Carb Ketogenic Diet?

“Are quest bars keto friendly?”

That’s the question most people ask when they learn that a keto diet doesn’t allow the intake of carbs. We are just not used to not eating carbs.

Our body relies on carbohydrates as its primary source of fuel. Hence, it needs time to switch to using fats instead of the regular carbs when you start a keto diet.

However, more than your body’s need for its energy requirement, it is our taste buds too that crave for sugars. It’s hard to resist the temptation to treat your taste buds with some delicious desserts high in carbs!

But since you know that desserts and any other food containing carbs are not allowed when you are trying to get into ketosis, you might start looking for a healthier alternative and that is when you will stumble upon the quest bars!

But do you think you have made the right choice?

Are you sure eating quest bars won’t hamper your keto diet?

Are quest bars keto friendly?

Read this article thoroughly to learn whether quest bars make a healthy addition to keto lifestyle before you decide to include them in your diet.

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What are Quest Bars and What Makes Them Attractive Alternatives for Keto-Dieters?

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Quest bars are basically protein-rich bars that are meant to fulfill the protein requirement of your body. These bars have a low or nil amount of carbs and fats.

However, they taste sweet due to the artificial sweeteners present in them. So, this appears to be a perfect recipe for the keto dieters who are looking for a safe option to control the tantrums of their sweet tooth.

Hence, most keto dieters get naturally gravitated towards these bars as they seem to offer a convenient sweet treat. They believe that eating quest bars won’t kick them out of ketosis as they are high in protein and less in carbs.

However, have you given a deeper thought to are quest bars keto friendly?

Well… It may or may not. Let me explain why keto bars may not be your best companion while on a keto diet.

1. High-Protein Content

As discussed earlier, quest bars are basically protein-rich snacks. This itself means it doesn’t fit well in your keto diet.

A ketogenic diet involves the intake of high amounts of fats and moderate amounts of proteins. So, the rich protein content of quest bars doesn’t exactly make it keto friendly.

Hence, you can say that they are not made with keto dieters in mind. If you want a clear answer to are quest bars keto friendly with respect to its protein content; I would say, it’s neither a friend, nor a foe.

The high protein content may not hamper your efforts to get into ketosis drastically. However, they wouldn’t support you for the same either.

2.  Low-Fat Content

The idea of getting into ketosis is to deprive your body of its primary source of fuel, which is carbohydrates.

A keto diet also involves tricking your body into using fats in place of carbs to stimulate the mobilization of fats stored in different parts of the body such as your belly region, thighs, arms and so on.

It is this concept that makes a keto diet work when you are trying to lose weight. However, to let your body use fats instead of carbs, you must supply it with a high amount of fatty foods.

That is why; a keto diet involves a high amount of fats. This criterion is not fulfilled by the quest bars. They are low in fats!

This may seem like an advantage to the people who want to achieve weight loss by reducing their fat as well as carb intake.

But, not for you! You are on a keto diet and your special diet requires you to consume a high amount of fats.

Otherwise, all your efforts will fail as your body will not be able to produce ketone bodies and use them to fuel its functions. Hence, I wouldn’t advise you to eat quest bars if you want to get into ketosis faster.

3. Low-Carb Content

Most quest bars are low in carbs. But low in carbs is not what you are looking for to get into ketosis, right? What you are aiming at is no carbs at all! Not even low, or very low!

Your diet should not contain the slightest hint of carbohydrate if you want to achieve ketosis faster.

If you consume carbs in any form such as those present in quest bars, you will lose the benefits you have achieved through your keto diet. Hence, the low-carb content makes quest bar not-so-friendly for keto dieters.

Some keto bars have too many ingredients that can raise your blood sugar. This can prompt your body to use the readily available glucose as its fuel instead of using fats that need to pass through a number of processes before they can be used up.

The carbs in quest bars are often in the forms of natural ingredients. I mean the label of the bar may not actually have sugars written on them. However, the other ingredients in quest bars such as Choco powder may provide a small amount of carbs that can harm your purpose.

Additionally, the low amount of carbs in these bars may leave you feeling unsatisfied and craving for more. These facts should make you rethink are quest bars keto friendly.

So, does it mean that you should keep quest bars out of your keto diet?

Well… Not exactly!

Quest bars can fit in your ketogenic diet provided you follow certain recommendations given below:

How Can Quest Bars Fit in Your Keto Diet?

1. Have Quest Bar after intense workouts and strenuous exercises.

Lifting weights or other strenuous activities can result in the depletion of muscle glycogen and help you stay focused on your keto goal.

The small amount of carbs in quest bars would be neutralized by the glycogen deficit created by your exercises. Additionally, it will also help you build strong muscles.

2. Opt for quest bars that are specially meant for keto dieters.

Yes, there are quest bars that are aimed at promoting ketosis. These bars won’t harm your diet and help you get into ketosis faster.

If you are worried thinking are quest bars keto friendly, the answer lies within you. It all depends on how and when you consume them. Make sure you choose the right quest bars that can promote ketosis and always have them after a workout session to get the most out of your keto diet.

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