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Bang Coffee & Energy Drinks Review: Are They Keto-Friendly?

You’re not alone.

My friend and I are just like you. Our day won’t be complete without these energy drinks.

However, we were forced to give up on these beloved beverages when we went on the keto diet, as these are laden with sugar.

I was quite fortunate since my body easily adapted to the caffeine-free lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it was a different story for my friend Robert. He struggled with severe withdrawal symptoms until he can no longer go to work because of his tremors and headache.

It sucks, right?

That’s why we need to find a way to get his caffeine fix without getting kicked out of ketosis.

Initially, that mission wasn’t a walk in the park, but we strived hard and tried almost all of the sugar-free and low-carb energy drinks and coffee we could find in the market.

To be honest, it’s a hit and miss.

Some are amazing, but some are just downright disappointing.

To spare you from the horror that he went through, we decided to put our research to good use. In this article, we’ll help you determine if Bang Drinks are an excellent fit for keto or not.

Read on to find out!

What are Bang Drinks?

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Bang Energy Drinks are the new trend for caffeinated drinks as these can deliver the caffeine kick. Because of their unique formulation, these drinks are considered “healthier” than regular energy drinks.

The Company Behind Bang Drinks

The company behind these drinks is no other than VPX Sports Nutrition. Bang Energy is a product line focusing on creating performance drinks and nutritional supplements that are healthier than most products you can find in the market.

To carry on with their mission, they make sure that each formulation they create is backed by scientific research. The company claims that they have conducted more placebo-controlled and double-blinded studies than any other company in their field.

Two Bang Drink Product Lines (and What Makes Them Stand Out)

We’ll focus on two of the most popular Bang Drinks—Bang Keto Coffee and Bang Energy Drinks for this review. As you may have guessed, these were formulated to keep athletes and physically active people stay energized throughout the day.

According to the company, these drinks are more effective and nutritionally better than other energy drinks in the market. Their content goes beyond just a bunch of sugar. These drinks are formulated with a mix of the following stimulants and supplements:


Studies show that 75mg of caffeine can help boost alertness. In contrast, 160 to 600 mg doses can help sharpen one’s memory, mental alertness, and speed reasoning. (*) Not only that, but this is also associated with better physical performance.

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BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

Nowadays, more and more energy drinks are being formulated with BCAAs, and Bang Energy Drinks is one. This may be because it has a vital role in protein synthesis and can improve recovery post-exercise.

That’s not all. The substance’s connection with psychomotor function, focus, and cognition is also being studied. (*

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The body naturally produces this substance, but it can also be derived from specific food sources. Its role is to supply energy to the muscles, making it one of the most popular ingredients in energy drinks marketed for bodybuilders.

It’s also said to have ergogenic benefits, which means that it can help enhance physical performance. (*)

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Bang Drinks Comparison Table


Bang Energy Drink

Bang Keto Coffee

Calories per serving

o grams

120 to 130 kcal

Fats per serving

0 grams

2 grams

Protein per serving

0 grams

20 grams

Net Carbs per serving

0 grams

4-5 grams

Price $

Check here

Check here

Are you one of those people who can’t survive the day without drinking coffee or any energy drinks?

As you may have noticed, the nutritional facts we shared with the Bang Keto Coffee range. This is because the drink’s nutritional content varies depending on the drink’s flavor. Because of this, you must check out the label of the drink flavor that you want before consuming it.

An In-Depth Review of Bang Drinks

Based on the nutritional content table we’ve provided, the macronutrients you’ll get from the drinks are different. Well, there’s more information that you need to know before we can determine if these drinks are keto or not.

This section will share the drinks’ ingredients, flavors, and uses with you. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Bang Energy Drink

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Bang Energy Drink offers a zero-calorie, carb, and sugar formulation. These drinks are sweetened using sucralose and acesulfame potassium—both of which are artificial sweeteners commonly used in sugar-free food items and beverages.

Sucralose is a type of sweetener that isn’t metabolized by the body. This means that it can go through your body unabsorbed and unprocessed so that it won’t increase your calorie or carbohydrate consumption. (*)

On the other hand, acesulfame potassium is an artificial sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. While this is considered to be safe for consumption, some people reported experiencing sugar cravings upon consuming food items that contain this sweetener. (*)

Bang Energy Drink comes in a wide range of flavors, including:

  • Peach Mango,
  • Birthday Cake Bash,
  • Black Cherry Vanilla,
  • Miami Cola, Champagne,
  • Cherry Blade Lemonade (Energy Drink), 
  • Bang Energy Drink Blue Razz,
  • Cotton Candy,
  • Citrus Twist, Frose Rose,
  • Lemon Drop, Bangster Berry,
  • Pina Colada (Bang Energy Drink),
  • Rainbow Unicorn,
  • Power Crunch,
  • Purple Guava Pear,
  • Purple Haze,
  • Root Beer,
  • Sour Heads (Bang Energy Drink),
  • and Star Blast. 

Bang Keto Coffee

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Bang Keto Coffee is a great-tasting coffee that’s specially formulated for the keto diet. Same with Bang Energy Drinks, the coffee is sweetened with sucralose, so it won’t affect your calorie and carbohydrate consumption.

However, different coffee flavors come with different ingredients—some of which may increase the net carbs content of the drinks.

Additionally, the drinks have a slightly higher calorie content than the Bang energy drinks as these contain Straight 8. This term refers to caprylic acid (also known as octanoic acid), a medium-chain triglyceride or MCT.

MCTs offer plenty of benefits, especially for people on the keto diet. These fatty acids can be a great energy source to help prevent the fatigue associated with the keto diet. It’s also said to provide energy to your brain cells.

Additionally, these can be converted into ketones which can help people on a keto diet to stay in ketosis. (*)

You can enjoy the Bang Keto Coffee flavors:

  • Birthday Cake Bash, 
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Blast,
  • Mocha Madness,
  • Cookies and Cream,
  • and Heavenly Hazelnut. 


Based on the information provided, we can say that the nutritional content of Bang Keto Coffee and Bang Energy Drinks are quite different. So the keto recommendations for the drinks will vary.

Let’s start with Bang Energy Drinks. 

Is Bang Energy Drink Keto-Friendly?

Bang Energy Drinks can be considered as keto-friendly as they have zero carbs and zero sugar. But, it contains acesulfame potassium which is not recommended for people prone to having sugar cravings, so if you’re one of them, you should avoid Bang Energy Drink on the keto diet.

On the other hand, Bang Keto Coffee doesn’t contain Acesulfame Potassium which is a good thing. Additionally, it contains MCTs, which can help with ketosis and manage specific symptoms of keto flu.

However, it contains sugar and has carbohydrates (and the amount varies depending on the flavor). 

Is Bang Coffee Drink Keto-Friendly?

With these in mind, our recommendation is to consume the Bang Keto coffee while on the keto diet, but only in moderation.

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