Bio Mct Oil Review: Read This Before You Buy!

Planning to buy Bio Keto MCT oil? I am sure you must be pretty excited and even dreaming of losing many pounds in the first week itself.

Well… Sorry to disappoint you!

I only fear your dream shouldn’t come crashing down, as it happened in my case.

I can understand what exactly you are feeling right now because I have passed through the same phase when I had started using this MCT oil. But, what happened later was just too unexpected.

If you want to go safe and avoid any side effects, do not make a mistake of buying Bio Keto MCT oil before you read this. I want to reveal what exactly is packed within this product and what all it can do to your health.

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What is Bio Keto MCT oil?

Bio Keto MCT Powder

I was instantly attracted to Bio Keto MCT oil as it promised me a safe and faster weight loss while promoting my energy levels and brain functions.

It is basically an MCT oil supplement from the brand, BioKeto, a reputable company with more than 30 years of expertise as far as manufacturing dietary supplements are concerned.

After confirming that MCT oil supplements from BioKeto had some of the most effective medium chain triglycerides, I decided to try it. And then, this is what happened to me….

Read carefully….

What happens when you start using BioKeto MCT oil?

How did Bio Keto MCT oil affect my physical performance and energy levels?

This supplement contains 2 MCTs, caprylic acid and caproic acid, both of which seemed to work well to help me avoid fatigue and tiredness while I was on a low-carb keto diet.

I was actually puzzled why I felt so energetic and could even perform exercises like never before. However, later I came across a research study that had revealed MCTs like caprylic acid and caproic acid are absorbed and can enter directly into the cellular mitochondria readily.

As a result, they are able to promote the primary functions of mitochondria, which is to create a usable source of energy for the body.

This was, I must admit, a pleasant surprise for me as I had never expected to feel so fresh and always on-the-go while following a keto diet.

Did BioKeto MCT oil had any effect on my emotional health and intellectual abilities?

Yes, Bio Keto MCT oil did affect my emotional health and even intellectual functions like memory, attention span, and decision-making skills.

The effect was positive and good enough to be noticed by me as well as others!

Thanks to the MCTs in this supplement, my brain functions had improved considerably as these triglycerides have the ability to protect the brain tissues particularly astrocytes and neurons by acting as a direct source of energy.

What about weight loss?

Oh yes… My primary purpose of using Bio Keto MCT oil was to lose weight. I learned that the perfect combination of caprylic acid and caproic acid in BioKeto MCT oil was far superior to other forms of MCTs for enhancing the body’s metabolic functions, and ketone body production.

I tried to check the truth in these claims by using keto strips. They were right!

It did help promote ketone body production as was evident from the results shown by the urine and blood tests I performed using keto strips.

However, in the first week, I lost only 2 pounds. It was only later when I continued using this supplement that I could notice better results. By the end of the first month, I had lost nearly 12 pounds!

Did it help me avoid keto diet side effects?

Before starting the keto diet, I was worried about the side effects it can cause like weakness, fatigue, constipation, nausea, indigestion and so on. Weakness and fatigue were already taken care of by this supplement by promoting mitochondrial functions.

However, in the second week, I started experiencing digestive problems. To be honest, I suppose it was all my mistake. After not having lost as many pounds as I had expected in the first week, I had taken a risk of increasing the dose.

Luckily, I realized my mistake and reduced the dose again. And the side effects subsided spontaneously without the need to take any medications.

One more factor that helped me recover faster was prebiotic fibers from Acacia present in BioKeto MCT oil. Acacia fibers are known to act as a fertilizer for the healthy, gut-friendly microbes in your intestine and as a “pesticide” for the harmful microbes.

This combination of action promoted a natural healthy flora in my gut and restored my digestive functions. And yes, it helped me avoid the digestive side effects of a keto diet even thereafter by maintaining a healthy gut flora.

After an initial roller-coaster ride, I felt stabilized 2 weeks into the keto diet and from there on, the results improved steadily.

Let me just summarize the pros and cons of Bio Keto MCT oil so that you get a clear picture of what happens when you use this supplement:

Pros of Bio Keto MCT oil

  • Contains no carbs
  • Devoid of fillers and food dyes
  • Contains Acacia fiber that promotes a healthy gut flora and digestive functions
  • Boosts physical stamina and exercise performance
  • Improves brain functions like focus, and memory
  • Reasonably priced at around $30 per 30 servings

Cons of Bio Keto MCT oil

  • No options for flavors to try
  • May cause mild indigestion if used in a higher dose

How to use

Bio Keto MCT oil has a neutral taste. It readily dissolves in cold and hot liquids. You can add it to your morning cup of coffee, or smoothies or shakes for an added energy boost.

Simply mix one scoop of BioKeto MCT oil in your favorite beverage. And make sure you do not exceed 3 scoops per day. I have already revealed to you what might happen if you exceed the dose. Instead, stick to the recommended dose, have patience, and let the results pour in.

You can also consume BioKeto MCT oil before a workout for instant energy production and improved stamina and endurance. If you feel hungry between meals, you can add one scoop of this supplement in coffee or any other beverage to suppress appetite and promote fat burning.


Bio Keto MCT oil is good and effective enough to help you lose weight without feeling tired or experiencing digestive side effects.

But, if you expecting to lose too many pounds in the first week itself, you would be disappointed and may even make the same mistake of increasing the dose as I did.

I would advise you to continue using Bio Keto MCT oil to avoid the side effects and allow the supplement enough time to support fat burning. When used in the right way, it could provide you with some great results you are looking for. 



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