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The Best Keto-friendly Restaurants in Dallas, TX (UPDATED)

When you think about Dallas, the first few things that would surely come to mind are grilled meats— barbecue ribs, perfectly grilled steaks, fajita meats.

These are keto-friendly and low carb, so you won’t have any problems looking for a place to eat in. But in addition to these grilled meats, what other low-carb dishes can you enjoy in these restaurants?

Also, what if you’re craving other cuisines?

What can restaurants in Dallas help satisfy your craving without the carbs?

We’ve compiled some of the best Dallas keto-friendly restaurants on this list. Check it out if you want to enjoy a low-carb yet delicious meal in Dallas!

Where Can You Eat Keto in Dallas, Texas? (Plus the Low Carb Meals You Can Order!)

Whether you’re a social butterfly who loves eating out or you just simply want to enjoy good food with your family and friends, but you want to stay on keto, here are some of the best Dallas restaurants to eat keto:

Origin Kitchen + Bar

image of Origin Kitchen + Bar Keto Diet Texas Restaurant near me

Address: 4438 McKinley Ave Ste. Dallas, Texas

Contact Number: 214- 484-3970

Website/ Facebook:

If you’re looking for a chic, stylish, and modern restaurant with great nutritious breakfast and dinner meals, you should check out the Origin + Kitchen Bar.

How to Order Keto:

They have the most amazing brunch and dinner menu that you can take advantage of.

For brunch, we suggest going for their omelets and shy away from their pancakes and tacos.

If you’re going to order for dinner, go with their steaks, chicken, and fishes, but avoid their fried dishes and nachos.

What to Order:

  • Creative Bowls: You have the option to build your bowl, and you can choose from a wide range of steaks, meats, chickens, fishes, and seafoods and a few fiber-rich but low-carb add-ons.
  • Thai Salmon: The salad features seared salmon, sliced jalapeno, tomatoes, arugula, and spinach. Make this keto by getting it without the soy reduction and soy sauce.

Snappy Salads

image of Snappy Salads Keto Diet Food Texas near me

Address: 5941 Greenville Avenue, Dallas Texas

Website/ Facebook:

Get your daily dose of much-needed fiber in this keto-friendly salad spot. In addition to their wide range of salad offerings, you also have the option to enjoy a chef-crafted customized salad that will fit your macros.

How to Order Keto:

This salad spot has the widest range of salads in Dallas, but please take note that not all of their salads are keto-friendly.

To eat keto, avoid the salads that contain strawberries (Strawberry Summer), Tortilla Chips (Texas Taco), and peaches (Tender Peach).  Additionally, shy away from their warm bowls, except for

What to Order:

  • Cobb Salad: Grilled chicken, fresh avocadoes, bacon, egg, tomatoes, gorgonzola, green onions are arranged over a bed of romaine and iceberg lettuce. Everything is drizzled with their original Brown Derby Cobb Dressing. If you’re on strict keto, ask them to hold the sauce.
  • Yellowfin Tuna: Enjoy the taste of the sea with their yellowfin tuna salad which contains rare seared tuna, cucumber, fresh avocadoes, red onions, and celery. These are mixed with purple cabbage and spring mix and drizzled with wasabi cream and sesame ginger vinaigrette. Ask them to serve this without carrots, crispy wontons, wasabi peas, and chestnuts.
  • Warm “Riced” Cauliflower: This is a keto-friendly version of rice toppings as it features sautéed cauliflower rice, topped with arugula, broccoli, grilled chicken, red onions, Gogo sauce, and Cobb dressing. To keep this keto, ditch the sweet potatoes and dressings.

Village Burger Bar

image of Village Burger Bar Keto Diet Food near me

Address: 957 Garden Park Drive, Dallas, Texas

Contact Number: 469-854-6616

Website/ Facebook:

The Village Burger Bar is the place to go if you’re in the mood for burgers. Just remove the bun, and you can order just about everything they have on the menu. Aside from burgers, they offer salads and paninis too!

How to Order Keto:

All you need to do is ask them to make the burgers skinny, and they will serve the burger bun-free with a house salad on the side.

What to Order:

  • Swiss: Its name may be short, but mind you, this burger is packed with keto-approved fillings. This burger contains a beef patty, baby spinach, swiss cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms, and artichoke aioli.
  • Blue: Another cheesy delight is the Blue burger which comes with beef patty, bacon, avocado, blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, baby greens, and blue cheese dressing.

Kostas Café

image of Kostas Café Keto Diet Food near me

Address: 4914 Greenville Ave, Dallas, Texas

Contact Number:

Website/ Facebook:

Visit Kosta Café to enjoy great coffee and sumptuous Greek dishes in a cozy setting.

How to Order Keto:

Almost every dish in this restaurant can be considered keto. Just make sure to ask them to hold the pita bread and rice.

 What to Order:

  • Kostas Favorite: Greek salad with broiled scampi and lamb chops.
  • Greek Veal: Veal served with sautéed onions and mushrooms.
  • Lamb chops: Lamb chops, a great source of protein, grilled to perfection.
  • Broiled Shrimp: Shrimps are marinated in their special sauce then grilled to perfection.

Royal China

image of Royal China Keto Diet Food near me

Address: 6025 Royal Ln. Ste. 201, Dallas, Texas

Contact Number: 214-361-1771

Website/ Facebook:

For low-carb Chinese cuisines, head to Royal China. We know that it’s difficult to satisfy your Chinese cravings when on keto, but we’re happy to tell you that Royal China offers a few dishes that can fit your keto diet.

How to Order Keto:

To be honest, finding a Chinese dish that’s low carb is not easy. Despite that, you can still order low carb at Royal China by avoiding marinated meats, deep-fried meats with breading, and asking the server to hold the sauces and rice.

What to Order:

  • Dong-Po Pork Belly: This slow-cooked five-spice pork belly served on top of a bed of bok choy is rich in fats, protein, and fiber, which is perfect for keto.
  • Pan-seared Pork Jowl: The dish uses the best cut of pork meat—perfectly pan-seared. It’s served with green beans, red bell pepper, and browned onions. Skip the green beans to make this keto.

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Velvet Taco

image of Velvet Taco Keto Diet Food near me
image courtesy of Velvet Taco

Address: 3012 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, Texas

Contact Number: 214-823- 8358

Website/ Facebook:

Of course, we need to put a taco place on the list! So, if you want an excellent Tex-Mex fix, this is the place to go in Dallas.

How to Order Keto:

Most of their dishes come with tortillas, so make sure to ask the server to hold them. Additionally, avoid dishes with crispy and breaded meats, potato salads, apple slaw, and rice.

What to Order:

  • Grilled Flank Steak: This has thinly sliced steak served with grilled red onions and queso Blanco.
  • Mexi-Cali Shrimp: This Californian and Mexican fusion features blackened shrimp, citrus lime crema, napa slaw, sriracha, and micro cilantro.

The Woolworth

image of image of the woolworth Tx

Address: 1520 Elm St. #201

Contact Number: 214-814-0588

Website/ Facebook:

With their amazing handcrafted cocktails, great food, and lively ambiance, this is the best place for a night out in town!

How to Order Keto:

Unfortunately, you can’t drink cocktails on keto. Fortunately, they have plenty of ketogenic dishes to choose from.

Ask the servers to hold the buns and tortilla wraps if you wish to order their burgers and wraps.

And while salads are a sure bet, please be warned that all their greens come with dried fruits, fruit salsas, or fresh fruits, so you should ask the waiters to hold those too.

What to Order:

  • Fresh Catch: This delectable dish is packed with ketogenic ingredients like zucchini, Brussel sprouts, pearl onion, apple-cider fumet, and bacon lardon.
  • Caprese Lollipops: A dish that will perfectly jumpstart your meal, their Caprese lollipops are comprised of heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, balsamic reduction, and basil.

HG Sply Co.

image of HG SPLY CO TX

Address: 2008 Greenville Ave.

Contact Number: 469-334-0896

Website/ Facebook:

Dedicated to helping people eat healthily, this new American restaurant delivers plenty of low-carb dishes that are nutritious and delicious.

How to Order Keto:

Their dinner entrees are mostly ketogenic, but watch out for the sides. Some of the side dishes you should avoid are rice, refried beans, green beans, and fries.

What to Order:

  • Delmonico: The coffee-crusted rib eye is served with crispy brussels sprouts and over-easy eggs and horseradish-shallot coconut butter on the side.
  • NY Strip: Grilled 14 oz Angus striploin served with green peppercorn demi and shallot “butter’ and cauliflower mash. Ask them to hold the green beans.

Nick and Sam’s

image of Nick and Sam’s TX DL

Address: 3008 Maple Ave

Contact Number: 214-871-7444

Website/ Facebook:

Many people head to Nick and Sam’s for their delicious cakes, but keto dieters hit this spot because of their wide range of meat and seafood offerings.

How to Order Keto:

Since their menu is packed with seafood and meat dishes, it’s easy to find a dish that will fit your diet. However, you should be wary about the sides that come with those. You must avoid the side dishes: King Crab Elote, Haricots Verts, Peking Duck Fried Rice, Shrimp, Crab Hush Puppies, Four Cheese and Mac, and other carb-rich sides.

And just a reminder, don’t get their sushi rolls no matter how tempting those can be.

What to Order:

  • Ohmi, Shiga Prefecture: A tenderloin steak with sweet smooth flavors and distinct marbling was exclusive to Japanese emperors.
  • Oysters Rockefeller: If you’re craving shellfish, their delicious oysters are topped with bacon, hollandaise, and Pernod. Since this dish contains only a small amount of Pernod, it can suit a non-strict keto diet.


image of Sachet DL TX

Address: 4270 Oak Lawn Ave

Contact Number: 214- 613-6425

Website/ Facebook:

Head to Sachet Dallas to enjoy a light Mediterranean fare with an emphasis on vegetables and lamb.

How to Order Keto:

To be honest, Sachet has one of the most straightforward menus among the restaurants on the list. Their appetizers may not be your best bet when on keto, but their entrees are almost all pure ketogenic haven! Just avoid the high-carb sides like potatoes and beans.

What to Order:

  • Ribeye: Their perfectly cooked Ribeye steak is served with arugula and shaved parmesan.
  • Iberico Pork Chop: Here’s another meaty dish that will certainly satisfy both your fat requirements and cravings. It’s served with mojo Verde and pimento sauce. Just ask them to hold the patatas bravas side dish.

Slow Bone BB

image of Slow Bone BBQ DL TX

Address: 2234 Irving Blvd

Contact Number: 214- 377-7727

Website/ Facebook:

Get your brisket fix at this casual BBQ joint that’s known for its amazing smoked meat offerings and wide range of ketogenic sides.

How to Order Keto:

Almost all the items in their menu are keto, especially the main dishes. You just need to steer clear of some of their side dishes that are high in carbs, including brisket beans, mac and cheese, chili mac, and potato salad.

What to Order:

  • Smoked Meats: Their smoked meat selection includes brisket, pork ribs, turkey breast, sausage, and pulled pork. They also have smoked chicken which is sold by the portion. We recommend going for the smoked chicken and avoid the fried chicken.
  • Sides: Some of the ketogenic sides to choose from are squash casserole, roasted squash, Brussel flower au gratin, fried okra, and mustard slaw.

In Summary

Thanks to the wide range of Dallas Keto-Friendly restaurants, eating out will no longer be a problem for you. It’s nice to know that keto dieters living or visiting Dallas can enjoy all cuisines imaginable – from Asian to Western to European!

With these options, you can easily find a place where you certainly satisfy your craving without worrying about getting kicked out of ketosis. So visit any of these places so that you can enjoy the benefits of your keto diet in the most delicious way possible!

image of Top Dallas Restaurants Low Carb Keto Friendly

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