Hi-Ball Energy Drink Review and Rating In 2021 – Is It Keto?

There are many beverage options on the market these days, allowing us to choose the drink that best fits our lifestyle and taste buds.

For years, coffee has been our main source for that extra boost we need to jump-start our day. Several years ago, energy drinks became a great alternative to the traditional coffee fix.

Energy drink lovers – this is specifically designed for you.

We want to introduce you to HiBall Energy Drink.

These drinks, which come in four flavors, are made up of sparkling water rather than the tons of sugar and calories in most other energy drinks.

Continue reading to find out if these delicious, healthy energy waters are right for you!

2021’s Reviews of Hi-Ball Energy Drink  

Key Features

  • Completely natural ingredients
  • No calories
  • Provides a natural boost of energy
  • The base of sparkling water

Things We Liked:

  • Organic
  • Provides a boost of natural caffeine
  • Zero calories
  • Zero sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • It contains ginseng and guarana for natural energy
  • Available in several flavors

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Some customers find that this drink leaves a strange aftertaste.
  • Some people don’t like the fact that this energy water is unsweetened.


HiBall is an effective, organic energy supplement that is one of the fastest-growing on the market today.

Who is this product for?

HiBall is for anyone who wants a boost of energy in their day. This energy water is for everyone, no matter what their activity and fitness levels.

  • Whether you’re a hardcore athlete or just an average person, HiBall can give you the edge you need to be at your peak performance level.
  • Many people like to use HiBall to give them a pick-me-up during their workday or as an energy boost during a night out on the town.
  • Fitness-conscious individuals and athletes use the product to enhance their workouts.

Is HiBall Energy Drink energy drink healthy?

HiBall is a completely organic energy drink that appears to offer quite high levels of energy.

Made with organic extracts such as guarana, the natural energy that these drinks provide you with a jitter-free energy boost that leaves you with no anxiety, jitters, or crash.

HiBall uses only very high-quality ingredients and upholds a high level of standards for their products. The company is committed to using fair trade and organic ingredients as much as they can in their products.

Customer Reviews on HiBall Energy Drink

Nicole says,

“These taste even better than more expensive brands. The Vanilla happens to be my favorite of the flavors because it tastes like cream soda. I also like that it has no weird curd or anything artificial. I have replaced my morning coffee with this drink. Although they are a little pricey, it’s not really any different than buying a Monster or Rockstar energy drink. I buy then in a 12 pack it seems to be more cost effective for me that way!”

Peter says,

“They are a bit pricey but very delicious! They’re totally worth it for having zero calories. I really that it’s organic because you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t exposed to any of the risks of fake sugar. It is way better for you than Red Bull or Monster.”

Sammy says,

“Typically, I can’t drink energy drinks without side effects such as shakiness and anxiety, but these energy waters are awesome. They’re the only energy drinks I can drink without any negative effects. They are very smooth and clean tasting. I definitely recommend them.”

Joyce says,

“I think these are over-carbonated. I was unable to drink a full one. I ended up tossing the rest out; with I will not buy these drinks again. I gave them two stars because they are water based which I do like.”

Alternatives and Comparisons

It’s no secret that there are plenty of energy drink options on the market today. Finding the one that is right for you is simple enough if you follow the below chart that shows the features of some of the most popular energy beverages. One of the best features about HiBall is that it is calorie (and guilt) free!

Below is a chart comparing HiBall Energy Water to similar products on the market and amazon:

Brand Product Calories Amount of caffeine Organic
HiBall Energy Water 0 160mg Yes
Hydrive Energy Water 0 160mg No
Mt. Dew Kickstart Energy Drink 80 per 16oz 92mg No
Red Bull Energy Drink 168 per 12oz 111mg No
Monster Energy Drink 210 per 16oz 86mg No

FAQ’s and Additional Info

Q: What flavors are available?

A: These all-natural energy drinks are available in Vanilla, Wild Berry, Grapefruit, and Lemon Lime.

Q: Besides water, what other ingredients do these drinks contain?

A: Certified organic caffeine, ginseng, and guarana are the only ingredients other than water in this beverage.

It’s also important to note that the water used in HiBall Energy drinks is purified water.

Q: What vitamins does this drink contain, and is this drink healthy?

A: HiBall Energy drinks are a great source of the essential B vitamins, specifically vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12. so it is healthy

Q: How much caffeine is in each can of high-ball energy?

A: There is 160mg of caffeine in each 16oz can. How does this compare to coffee? Well, your typical cup of coffee contains around 95mg of caffeine. So, you’re getting an even better energy boost, but without the crash and jitters that coffee tends to leave many people with.

Q: Are there really zero calories and artificial sweeteners in this?

A: Yes! HiBall takes pride in the fact that their products are all-natural and contain zero calories.

Q: Is this energy drink vegan?

A: Yes, HiBall Energy waters are vegan. However, not all of HiBall’s products are vegan-friendly. For example, they also make a protein shake made with milk protein and a coffee drink that contains milk.

Q: Is there sodium in HiBall Energy drinks?

A: No! Choosing a sodium-free beverage is a good idea since excess sodium in the diet contributes to high blood pressure. Switching from a high-sodium beverage such as diet pop to a sodium-free choice such as these energy waters can make a huge difference in bloating!

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a low-sodium diet, you can check out the information here.

Q: Where can I purchase HiBall Energy water?

A: You can find HiBall Energy water at most major retailers.

You can also order them online from Amazon here.

Q: Does HiBall energy-water contain any fat?

A: No, there is no fat in HiBall energy water. The beverage is completely free of all fat, saturated fat, and trans fat. This means you can enjoy your HiBall beverage with no guilt!

Q: Is HiBall energy-water carbonated?

A: Yes, the energy-water is lightly carbonated. The sparkling, unsweetened water is a unique way for consumers to get the energy fix they seek.

Final Verdict

HiBall energy drinks seem to be a great alternative for those wishing to replace their typical beverage choice with a healthier option.

These drinks have an Amazon rating of around 4 out of 5 stars. Though HiBall Energy drinks can bit a bit on the expensive side, costing approximately 3 dollars per drink, most find that it’s well worth the money!

Customers tend to have mixed feelings about the tas because the beverage is unsweetened, but most reviews are positive.

They offer plenty of healthy vitamins with zero sugar or carbs. They contain no artificial flavors or sugars at all.

Providing you with a completely natural boost of energy, these drinks are a great option for anyone looking for calorie-free, delicious refreshments.

After researching product specs, reading customer reviews, and trying the drinks ourselves, we highly recommend them to anyone!

You can check out the HiBall Energy Drink Variety Pack here.

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