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Jarrow MCT Oil Review: Read This Before Buying!

Latest updates by: Team KetoaHolics
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The first few days of using Jarrow MCT oil made me wonder whether the name of the brand should be changed to “Harrow” such harrowing was the experience I had!

I never ever expected that my keto diet would take such a worst turn all because of my decision to try out an MCT supplement.

But, as far as I knew, MCTs were supposed to be good for stimulating ketosis? Then, what went wrong? Was it my choice of the brand? Or was it the way I used it? Or was it that I was under a wrong impression that MCTs are healthy options for keto dieters?

I had to find the answers!

And I did find them! And today, I am going to share with you what harrowing things might happen when you use Jarrow MCT oil.


What is Jarrow MCT Oil?

Jarrow MCT Oil, like most other keto supplements, claims to offer a natural source of medium chain triglycerides such as caprylic and capric fatty acids. I checked the ingredients labels, which also mentions lauric acid in small amounts.

I remember I was quite excited to use MCT oil from Jarrow Formulas as it is a reputed brand that offers a range of high quality and "cutting edge" formulations to promote optimal health.

When I dived deeper into the information about the company's ethics and goals, I found it is committed to providing 'Superior Nutrition and Formulation' and has a professional staff that is actively involved in clinical studies to assess the effectiveness and safety of their products.

Now, let me share my personal experience of using Jarrow MCT oil.

What happens when you start using Jarrow MCT oil?

The side effects….

For the first two days, I experienced frequent loose motions and stomach pain. I felt awfully gassy with intense bloating, and nausea. Couldn't even eat anything due to stomach pain.

I was aghast!

This was not what I had expected. I was hoping to see some great results.

Then, I checked the guidelines again and realized I was taking a higher dose. I had taken 2 tablespoons, twice a day instead of the recommended dose of one tablespoon a day.

The symptoms subsided within a day or two once I lowered the dose and started using it as recommended.

I hope you have read this very carefully because most overenthusiastic keto dieters make this mistake of taking MCTs in a higher dose and land up with such a disgusting experience!


I could notice a change in my energy levels after a week or two and other benefits started pouring in slowly. Let me reveal what happened once I managed to overcome the side effects of Jarrow MCT oil.

Can Jarrow MCT oil meet your expectations and provide the desired benefits?

How does it affect your weight loss process?

Weight loss is often the primary goal of most keto dieters. And based on my experience, I can say you would be able to achieve your purpose much faster when you supplement your keto diet with Jarrow MCT oil.

It contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut oil such as caprylic acid and capric acid. Research studies have indicated the possible potential of these fatty acids to promote ketosis and weight loss.   

Is that all Jarrow MCT oil can provide?

No, actually, it also has one more MCT called lauric acid, but in smaller amounts. I checked what research studies have to say about Lauric acid and found out that it can help to promote ketosis further and stimulate a healthy weight loss process.

Can it help you avoid brain fog?

If you are into a keto diet already, you already know this diet can come in your way of performing to the best by affecting your brain functions.

I was aware of this side effect of a keto diet and hence, was not sure if I wanted to continue with it. But then, I came across a few Jarrow MCT Oil reviews in which users mentioned it helped improve their brain functions.

I was not sure if it could actually happen. So, I searched for relevant information. The reviewers were right as their experience has been supported by research studies as well.

Several clinical studies have shown that MCTs have the potential to support brain functions and lower brain fog in keto dieters.

I continued with my keto diet while using Jarrow MCT oil and this is how I kept myself from brain fog through my keto journey!

Will you be able to exercise to lose more weight?

If you are on a keto diet, it might be difficult for you to perform strenuous exercises at least until your body has accustomed to processing fats to meet its energy requirement.

This flipside of keto side, I managed to avoid by using Jarrow MCT oil. Research studies have shown that Lauric acid can supply a constant source of energy to the body.

For you, this would mean an improved ability to exercise and lose more pounds than you would have without using Jarrow MCT oil.

So, overall, I would say, the results have been quite encouraging except for the first few days that brought about a bit of a negative experience.

Now, let me just summarize the pros and cons and Jarrow MCT oil reviews.

Pros of Jarrow MCT Oil

  • Provides quick energy for the brain 
  • Improves exercise performance by fueling muscles
  • Supports the process of ketosis
  • 100% pure and all-natural formula
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Contains no wheat, gluten, soybeans, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, or peanuts
  • Odourless
  • Reasonably priced

Cons of Jarrow MCT oil

  • May cause stomach pain, loose motions
  • May cause bloating

Customer Review:

Most keto dieters have had great results by using this supplement. They have mentioned in their Jarrow MCT oil reviews that it helped them lose weight easily and also improved their energy levels. Some users experienced similar side effects as I had developed including bloating and stomach pains, which, subsided over a period of time.

Do you still have a few more queries? In that case, let’s have a brief look at the common FAQs about Jarrow MCT Oil?

Frequently Asked Questions about Jarrow MCT Oil…

How to use Jarrow MCT Oil?

Jarrow Formulas MCT Oil Nutrition Facts

The recommended dose is 1 tablespoon to be taken once a day. I would advise you to stick to this dose as the higher doses may land you in troubles with your digestive system.

You can add this MCT oil to salads or smoothies or even in your cooking. But, do not use it for frying any food including burgers or fries.

What about allergens?

Don't worry. This MCT oil supplement does not contain any allergens like wheat, gluten, soybeans, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, or peanuts.

Is it suitable for vegans?

It is a pure, natural formula suitable for vegetarians as well as vegans.

Where to buy Jarrow MCT OIL?

I suppose Amazon is a good option as it offers speedy delivery and sometimes, good discounts as well. You can also check at local pharmacies and other online stores to choose the best option suitable for you.

The bottom-line

In my opinion, Jarrow MCT oil is effective to support your keto diet and help you lose weight. As far as safety is concerned, I would strongly advise you to stick to the recommended dose.

With regular use, I am sure, it would take you towards your health goals without any serious side effects.


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Team KetoaHolics

We are here to support, guide and inspire you. We aim to cut through your confusion with well-researched, expert-evaluated, and detailed reviews designed to help you make the right decisions for your health. We hope you can tap into all the resources available on our site and can derive optimum results with your ketogenic diet. Thanks for being here.

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