Jay Robb Protein Powder Review: Does It Really Work?

I have seen many people who focus too much on fats and carbs when they are following a keto diet. They are always looking for supplements that contain large amounts of fats. They also cut down on their carbohydrate intake, at least to some extent.

But, they simply ignore the proteins!

This is why; I am writing this Jay Robb Protein Powder review today to let you know if it’s really OK to ignore proteins. I will also let you know whether this protein supplement actually works.

The results of your keto diet can be pretty disastrous if you ignore your body’s protein requirements. It is like peddling a bicycle that has no chain!

You will simply keep on peddling, but the cycle will not take you anywhere. If you do not want your keto diet to end up like a cycle without a chain, read this Jay Robb Protein Powder review carefully.


What’s Jay Robb Protein Powder?

It is a protein supplement derived from whey isolate. It is formulated keeping in mind the increased need of the body for proteins to build a strong muscle mass.

The proteins, being the building blocks of the body, would support the healing and repair processes and nourish your body.

Sounds great!

So basically, it’s a protein supplement. And how is it related to a keto diet?

Exactly! This is THE MISTAKE most keto dieters do. As I told you earlier, they focus only on increasing their intake of fats and reducing their intake of carbs.

But, if you want to get faster and better results and do not wish to experience the annoying side effects of a keto diet, you may also need to use a protein supplement.

So, let me make one thing clear in this Jay Robb Protein Powder review that this supplement is meant not just for people who work out and want to build muscles. It is also meant for keto dieters to help them lose weight and improve health. 

Let me continue with this Jay Robb Protein Powder review by describing whether or how this supplement could work to improve the results of the keto diet.


  • Provides a rich source of proteins
  • Low-calorie, low-carb powder that can promote ketosis in a shorter duration
  • Contains minerals like calcium, sodium, and potassium
  • Nourishes your body
  • Supports your immune system
  • Easily mixes with milk and juices


  • Zero fat content; hence, must be coupled with an increased intake of healthy fats

Customer review:

Erin has mentioned that she prefers this supplement as it provides a rich dose of proteins and tastes great. Users have also mentioned that this supplement is a good choice for those looking for a clean-eat without

any harmful additives.

Does Jay Robb Protein Powder work?

If you want to know for sure whether Jay Robb Protein Powder works or not, you need to look at its nutritional content. So, let’s continue with this Jay Robb Protein Powder review by checking out its ingredients.

The nutritional profile of Jay Robb Protein Powder

One scoop of this powder provides about 110 calories with a whopping 25 grams of proteins. Now that is what you may call an impressive protein-per-carb ratio.

It is completely devoid of fats and contains only one gram of carbs. The low carbohydrate content would help you get into ketosis faster by ensuring your body does not receive its primary source of fuel.

Additionally, this supplement also contains minerals like calcium, sodium, and potassium.

As far as the nutritional content of Jay Robb Protein Powder is concerned, it does indicate it is formulated keeping in mind the needs of a keto diet.

How does whey protein work?

I checked several research studies that were conducted to assess the health benefits of whey protein isolate.

I found that whey protein could actually help to promote the state of ketosis. Whey protein would also stimulate the faster burning of fats thereby accelerating weight loss.(1)

At the same time, it would also increase your muscle mass, especially if you combine your keto diet with a regular workout regimen. The increased muscle mass will raise the body’s requirement for energy to support strenuous muscle movements and thus, promote the calorie utilization by the body.(2)

Additionally, whey protein may also reduce the side effects of a keto diet like weakness, fatigue, and decreased focus and attention span.

Supports faster recovery

Without an adequate supply of proteins to your body, you might find it very difficult to stretch your keto diet for long.

Within just a week or so, you may start feeling sluggish, both mentally and physically. You will experience severe body aches, frequent headaches, and a sharp dip in your energy levels.

These effects of a keto diet could have an adverse impact on your ability to perform routine activities. Eventually, these side effects could force you to quit the diet.

This is the reason why you need to supplement your keto diet with Protein Powder Jay Robb!

It is formulated to provide you with sustained energy, unlike the energy provided by carbohydrates that is used up by the body quickly.

Let me reveal in this Jay Robb Protein Powder review that using this supplement would also minimize body aches, headaches, and fatigue. The rich protein content would enhance the brain functions and improve your memory, attention span, and focus.

It is these benefits of Jay Robb Protein Powder that would help you follow your keto diet for longer without any risks or side effects.

What about other side effects? Will Jay Robb Protein Powder help me avoid them?

Minerals in Jay Robb Protein Powder such as sodium would minimize the loss of water from the body and thus, help you avoid dehydration and constipation.

Similarly, the calcium content of this supplement would support bone health and improve your exercise performance.

Is Jay Robb Protein Powder suitable for patients with diabetes and hypertension?

Yes, potassium in this supplement would neutralize the effect of sodium and inhibit a rise in blood pressure thus making it safe for patients with hypertension.

Similarly, the extremely low amount of carbohydrates in this protein powder would ensure optimum control over blood sugar levels. It would help patients with diabetes and hypertension to lose weight and avoid the complications of these diseases.

Jay Robb Protein Powder: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of protein powder?

Jay Robb is one of the most popular brands of supplements including protein powders. Consumers trust this brand for the pure and high-quality ingredients used in the supplements it offers.

Is Jay Robb whey protein healthy?

I have found that Jay Robb Whey Protein could be healthier than most other protein supplements. It is free of artificial sweeteners and GMOs. It is also suitable for people with gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance.

Are there any negative effects of protein powder?

Generally, protein powders are safe to use when consumed in the recommended doses. In rare cases, patients may experience mild nausea and vomiting.

Does protein powder give you cancer?

Some research studies have suggested that an extremely high intake of proteins may increase the risk of some forms of cancers.

However, there is no conclusive evidence to prove it.

On the other hand, some studies have linked a protein-rich diet with a reduced risk of cancer. Proteins can support the body’s repair processes and heal the cells damaged due to cancer thereby enhancing the patient’s chances of recovery.

Some research studies have also revealed that whey protein isolate may reduce the cancer mass and minimize the side effects of chemotherapy.(3)

Hence, let me reiterate in this Jay Robb Whey Protein review that using this supplement would not just be safe but also beneficial for patients with cancer.

Where can I buy Jay Robb protein powder?

I usually prefer to buy Jay Robb Whey Protein from a trusted website like Amazon. There are several other online options for where to buy Jay Robb protein powder. However, I find Amazon to be more reliable as it ensures timely delivery and good packaging.

How does Jay Robb Protein Powder taste?

Jay Robb Whey Protein is available in vanilla flavor. It has a distinctly creamy texture, possibly due to the whey protein isolate present in it. I would not call this powder delicious; though it tastes just fine.

How to use Jay Robb Protein Powder?

Add one scoop of Jay Robb Protein Powder to milk or juices and drink it once daily. It mixes easily in most liquids.


Jay Robb Protein Powder is one of the best protein powders you can try while on a keto diet. The high protein content of this supplement without any fats and low amount of carbs would be just perfect for your keto diet.

Let me reveal in this Jay Robb Protein Powder review that I feel using this supplement might be just what you need to speed up the results of your keto diet.

Whether you are stuck at the beginning of your diet, or experiencing severe side effects, or have reached a plateau; using Jay Robb Protein Powder would help you achieve the desired results more easily.

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