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Keto Body Tone Reviews: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About This Supplement!

Latest updates by: Team KetoaHolics
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Ever since the keto diet became popular, keto supplements were made available and became quite popular. To stand out, manufacturers market the potential benefits of their products by making outrageous claims. 

Look at the Keto Body Tone in particular. The manufacturer claims that this product can help you lose 5 lbs in just a week. That's 20 lbs in a week! 

That's crazy, right? It is. Is it possible? It can be. However, we need to dig deeper into how this product works before we can say for sure if it is effective. 

To know if the Keto Bodytone ketosis diet pill can deliver its astounding claim, we recommend that you check out these ketosis pills reviews!

What is Keto BodyTone? 

As described by the manufacturer, Keto Bodytone Keto Diet Pills has a powerful new formula designed to trigger fat-burning ketosis. 

Another description that they offer is these are keto dieting pills that can skyrocket your body into ketosis. 

That's not all. As mentioned, the manufacturer also claims that taking this supplement can help you lose up to 5 lbs in a week! 

But based on what we have researched, let us share our version of this supplement's description with you. The Keto Bodytone Weight Loss pills are supplements formulated to provide weight loss and energy support to keto dieters by helping their bodies to reach a state of ketosis faster. 

What does this mean for you? Well, let us answer your question in the next few sections of this article.

Who is the Company Behind Keto Bodytone?

When we talk about supplements, whether they are for dieting or just for health purposes, we always check out the product's manufacturer. There are some products that, once you know which company is behind a particular product, will already make you feel confident about the quality of the supplement you are eyeing.

Unfortunately, this may not be the case with Keto Bodytone. Aside from the fact that a well-trusted brand did not manufacture the supplement, we found it difficult to find any information about the company behind it.

There are a few reviews and websites dedicated to providing information about the supplement, but none of them offer any info about its history, mission, and vision. There is even no information about the company's contact number and address.

What are the Keto Bodytone Ingredients?

Can this product deliver its claims? One good way to determine the answer to this is to check out the ingredients that the supplements contain. We discovered that it only has one main ingredient, and this is what the manufacturer described as Patented Custom Formulated Keto BHB. 

To put it simply, the product contains a blend of Beta-hydroxybutyrate salts—Magnesium BHB, Calcium BHB, and Sodium BHB, as its main ingredient. 

BHB salts are made up of two parts—exogenous ketones (BHB) and salts (Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium). When you take this supplement, the exogenous ketones will dissociate from the salt. When these enter the bloodstream, the number of ketones in the blood will be increased. The higher the amount of ketones in your blood, the faster your body will reach ketosis. (1)

Aside from that, BHB is a readily available source of energy, so taking this supplement can also fight fatigue and low energy associated with keto flu. That's not all, BHB is also one of the few substances that can cross the blood-brain barrier. Because of this, it can also help improve cognition and enhance focus and memory. (2,3)

On the other hand, the salts found in this supplement can help replenish electrolyte levels. One of the signs that your ketogenic diet working is frequent urination. While this is a good sign, you should understand that your body also excretes essential minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes during this process. Having electrolytes in your supplement can help replenish lost electrolytes and fight off a few unwanted symptoms. (5)

Aside from the main ingredient, the supplement also contains a few additives or non-essential ingredients. These are as follows:


This is the supplement's carrier vehicle or the substance that carries the active ingredient.

Silicon Dioxide

This functions as an anti-caking agent, which prevents the supplement from becoming a hard and indigestible capsule.

Magnesium Stearate

This is responsible for delaying the absorption of the active ingredients and ensuring that the ingredients will be delivered to the right part of your digestive system.

Rice Flour

It functions as a filler or bulking agent for the supplement.

What Potential Benefits Can You Get When You Take Keto Bodytone Pills?

How can the Keto Bodytone pills help you with your weight loss journey? To answer that, let us take a look at the potential fat burning benefits of this supplement. These are as follows:

Faster descent into the ketosis state

One thing you need to understand about keto is that it would take time before your body reaches ketosis and starts the fat burning process. It would take 2 to 4 days to weeks before you can enter this state. (6)

Exogenous ketones, like BHB salts, can boost the amounts of ketones in your blood. This helps your body to reach the state of ketosis faster.  The sooner you get into ketosis, the quicker you will see the keto diet's weight loss effects. 

Shorter and less severe keto flu symptoms

Once you have burnt all the carbs in your body, your body will switch to fats, an alternative energy source. This may seem like a simple switch, but during this process, your body will undergo a lot of transition, which may cause a few unwanted symptoms. This is collectively known as keto flu, and the following symptoms characterize it:

  • Headaches

  • Hunger

  • Difficulty of sleeping

  • Brain fog

  • Irritability

  • Tremors

  • Gastric distress

  • Muscle cramps

This may be brought about by low carbohydrates level combined with the low level of ketones in the body, which occurs when you're just starting on the ketogenic diet. These symptoms will begin to vanish once the body gets enough ketone levels that it needs.

Since Keto Bodytone supplement can help increase your ketone levels, it can help shorten the duration and reduce the severity of these symptoms. 

Additionally, the salt that this supplement contains are electrolytes that can help address muscle cramps and spasms, which is also common for keto dieters. (7)

Faster fat burning effects

As mentioned, this supplement can help your body reach the state of ketosis faster. The sooner you reach ketosis, the faster you will see fat burning results. 

Higher energy levels

Exogenous ketones are a fast-acting, readily available, and sustainable sources of energy. 

And as we have mentioned, too, this is one of the few substances capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. This means that the energy source that this supplement provides is not just for your muscles. Your central nervous system can also use this energy supply.

What does this mean for you? It means that it can help improve your memory, brain function, concentration, and productivity. 

Less feelings of hunger

When you are on a diet, especially on a restrictive one like the ketogenic diet, hunger would be a common problem. This is one of the reasons why most keto dieters give up. Studies show that BHB supplements can reduce feelings of hunger. 

Advantages of Using It 

  • The supplement is made in a GMP certified facility in the US.

  • It contains electrolytes in addition to exogenous ketones.

  • The capsules are easy to swallow.

  • You can get discounts when you buy in bulk.

  • It comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. 

  • The supplement contains a patented blend of BHB salts. 

Disadvantages of Using It

  • There's no information about the manufacturer. 

  • It is a bit expensive.

  • The supplement contains animal products and byproducts, so it is not recommended for vegetarians or vegans.  

  • There are no studies that can support its claim that you can lose up to 5 lbs in a week when you use keto bodytone. 

Keto Bodytone Vs. Perfect Keto 

We can't claim that this is a comprehensive and reliable review without comparing this supplement with another brand in the market. That's why we decided to do a comparative analysis between this supplement and another famous brand in the market—Perfect Keto. Here is what we discovered:



No. of Capsules per Bottle


Sodium BHB, Magnesium BHB, and Calcium BHB

60 capsules


Sodium BHB, Magnesium BHB, and Calcium BHB

60 capsules


It looks like these two supplements are similar in almost all aspects—the ingredients and the number of capsules inside the bottle. They only differ in their prices. Based on our research, Perfect Keto is sold only for half the price of Keto Bodytone!

Considering that they have the same content, the difference in their prices would be a good deciding factor. After all, why would you buy a more expensive supplement when you can already get the same content from a more affordable one, right?

The Keto Bodytone Keto Pills Reviews You Should Read 

If you want to know the real deal about this supplement, you should not forget to check out its user reviews. We have compiled a few of them below:

" I was never a fan of weight loss pills or supplements as I have not experienced any luck using them before. But because of the stay at home policy due to COVID 19, I gained weight. I decided to use this supplement, and one thing I noticed is that it has helped suppress my unhealthy cravings, mainly for junkfood, which is the main reason I gained weight. For that reason alone, I am thankful for this supplement!" – Felice, Washington

"I have always watched my carbohydrate consumption, so I really didn't notice if this supplement made a difference or not." -Toni, Sta. Barbara

"I just had one bottle of this supplement, and I already feel amazing! I already lost weight. That’s not all.  My energy levels never fluctuated. I tried the ketogenic diet before without this supplement, and I could really feel the difference. This has given me amazing results, so I will definitely keep on taking it." – Jana, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions About Keto Bodytone

Before we give the verdict about this supplement, let's answer other questions you may have first. 

How to take the Keto Bodytone Supplement?

The recommended dosage for using keto body tone is 1 to 2 capsules one to three times per day. Take the supplement with an 8 oz glass of water. 

You may also want to consult your physician about the dosage schedule and amount of the supplement before taking it. 

What are the potential side effects of Keto Body Tone supplements?

This ketogenic diet supplement can indeed help you lose weight faster. But of course, using keto bodytone supplements may come with a few side effects. Some of the reported ones are bloating, diarrhea, and headaches. 

These side effects are due to the BHB salt content of the supplement. To address this issue, you can try reducing the dose to only a capsule per day. You can increase to the recommended dose of two capsules per day after a few weeks or once your body has gotten used to it. 

Where to buy Keto Body Tone supplement?

You can't find this supplement in physical stores. Even though some websites are dedicated to promoting this product, you can buy it from them either.  

However, you can purchase this supplement from Amazon. Just place your order, and they will ship it to you within a specified period. 

How many capsules does one bottle contain?

One bottle contains 60 Keto Bodytone capsules. If you follow the maximum dose, one bottle will only be good for 10 days. 

Does it come with a guarantee?

Yes, the purchase of this supplement is protected by a full 30-day moneyback guarantee. 

What is the safety information I need to know before taking this supplement?

Here are the precautionary measures you need to take with the use of keto bodytone supplement:

  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

  • Stick to the dosage regimen that your doctor prescribed.

  • Store in places that are out of reach of children.

  • Keep this in a cool and dry place. 

  • People with a known medical condition, children under the age of 18, and pregnant or nursing women must first consult with a healthcare professional before taking this supplement. 

Is Keto Body Tone the Right Keto Supplement for You? 

Is using Keto bodytone supplement can help you lose weight? Should you invest in this ketogenic diet supplement?

We will be honest with you. Based on the ingredients of the Keto Body Tone supplement, it can help you alleviate keto flu symptoms, lose weight, and burn fat when you are on a low carb or keto diet. However, there is not enough studies to prove that this supplement can indeed help you burn up to 5 lbs in just a week!

Is the right supplement for you? Considering the lack of information about its manufacturer, we recommend that you look for other keto diet or low-carb supplements made by an established and already well-trusted manufacturer.

For us, the Perfect Keto Diet supplement seems like a better option. It is already a popular brand. That's why we were surprised to discover that it is a lot more affordable than the Keto Body Tone supplement. 

To explore more options, you can check out our exogenous ketones buying guide. And if you're struggling with the effects of the ketogenic diet on your body, you should try to learn more about other possible supplements that you need to take. You can find those here.

Team KetoaHolics

We are here to support, guide and inspire you. We aim to cut through your confusion with well-researched, expert-evaluated, and detailed reviews designed to help you make the right decisions for your health. We hope you can tap into all the resources available on our site and can derive optimum results with your ketogenic diet. Thanks for being here.

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