Keto Chow Reviews: Ingredients and Side Effects!

If you are on a keto diet, one thing we can tell about you quite confidently.

And you want to stay into ketosis all the time.

Is it right?

Ok, now let’s guess one more thing about you!

You are finding it difficult to stay into ketosis

If that’s the case, we have something exciting to share with you.

Read this Keto Chow review and you might just find out the best way to stay in ketosis for longer, and perhaps forever!

What is Keto Chow?

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Keto Chow is what keto dieters like you and us need to stay into ketosis. Busy keto fanatics are always looking for the best meal replacements that can keep them in the state of ketosis. You know, like when you are at work, home, school, or life, in general!

Your busy lifestyle is quite likely to get in the way of your keto lifestyle.

We have also gone through such instances when our busy schedule stood as an obstacle in our way towards a healthy mind and body.

This is exactly where Keto Chow could help you.

It has been formulated with an intention to provide a perfect meal replacement for keto dieters. It also claims to offer complete nutrition that can replace your regular keto meals.

Keto Chow is basically a powdered drink mix, which, when combined with heavy cream, MCT oil, and water, would create a nutritionally rich keto meal replacement. This powder is made of flavored proteins, fibers, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, and much more.

Sounds great?

It seems like you can live off it all day without having to bother yourself to cook special meals that suit the needs of the keto diet.

If this has got you excited, let’s not waste any more time. Let me get going with this Keto Chow review by giving you a glimpse of its pros and cons.

Pros of Keto Chow:

  • Each serving provides 1/3rd of the daily requires nutrition
  • Designed to support your keto diet
  • Stimulates ketosis
  • Packed with electrolytes
  • Rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins
  • Available in numerous flavors that taste good

Cons of Keto Chow:

  • Contains no fats
  • You may not like the smell of some flavors

Customers Review: 

“For me, Keto Chow makes my keto diet sustainable. Other than providing the minerals and vitamins, you also need to avoid ‘keto flu’. It’s also perfectly balanced nutritionally so that you’re hitting your macros and never getting too much of any one thing.”

“When I received the product, it smelled like perfume! It’s definitely not appetizing.”

We understand you are looking for a meal replacement option because you are too busy to prepare one for yourself.

So, let’s come to the main point now and continue with this Keto Chow review by checking out its ingredients.


What are the ingredients in Keto Chow?

If you are into the keto lifestyle, you know your goal is to consume a high amount of fat, a moderate amount of proteins, and a low amount of carbs.

What makes Keto Chow your best meal replacement is it would deliver a perfect balance of carbs and proteins (6.5 grams of carbs and 25.8 grams of proteins).

We also liked the fact that it has been designed to provide 1/3rd of your daily requirement of electrolytes and vitamins per serving.

So, when you use Keto Chow as a replacement for all 3 meals of a day, you would get the complete nutrition your body needs.

The only thing we feel Keto Chow lacks is it doesn’t provide enough fats that a keto diet demands.

But on second thought, we realized it could actually be a plus point.

We mean having meal replacements containing no fats might just offer a few additional benefits. We will come to that in the latter section of this Keto Chow review.

For now, let’s focus on the ingredients that are present and look at what the label reveals about the who’s who of the nutrients in Keto Chow:


When it comes to proteins, Keto Chow Nutrition has scored a goal! It is beefy on proteins. And this is exactly what your keto diet asks for, right?

The rich protein content of this meal replacement would ensure your body receives the nutrients needed to repair and heal itself after workout sessions.

So, if your plan is to combine your keto diet with regular exercises so that you can lose weight faster or build muscle mass, you have got the right thing here!

Additionally, proteins would also help you avoid some common side effects of a keto diet like weakness, and lethargy.


When you are on a keto diet, electrolytes hold a special place. Because a keto diet can completely change the way your body metabolizes nutrients.

In its quest to replace carbs as a source of energy by fats, it makes various changes in the body functions due to which you are likely to lose essential electrolytes like sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Other than these, it also contains selenium, vanadium, zinc, and magnesium.

You can also call them minerals.

The deficiency of these minerals created by your keto diet can cause such intense symptoms that it may just force you to put a stop to your efforts to lose weight. But not when you have Keto Chow!

Let us reveal in this Keto Chow review that the high amount of minerals in this meal replacement would ensure you never experience symptoms cased due to their deficiency. It would give you an extra dose of energy throughout the day and also help to fight keto flu.


Vitamins are as essential as the minerals for optimum functioning of your body. If you have now chosen to make healthier choices, you will have to make sure your body is not deprived of essential vitamins.

If yes, Keto Chow could be what you need right now. It contains vitamins A, B, C and D making it a nutritionally dense and balanced meal replacement you can rely on during a keto diet. It also contains vitamin D and K in smaller amounts.

Ok… Ok… You remember we told you we will discuss the fat content later. We know you are concerned about how a no-fat meal replacement can help your keto diet. lets.

Move to the next section of this Keto Chow review to find answers to all the queries you have about this supplement.

Keto Chow’s FAQ and Bonus Tips!

Why ‘no-fat’ is good?

We know what you are thinking: a keto supplement and no fats?

Your concerns are fully justified. After all, what makes a keto diet so special is the high-fat consumption it recommends. But, let’s try to think of it in a different way.

Not everyone has the same caloric intake. And not everyone can adhere to the standard food plan.

Most keto supplements do not take into consideration the varying needs of fats and other nutrients of different keto dieters.

This is one of the reasons why they limit your weight loss results.

But Keto Chow has been designed to allow you to consume it based on your specific requirements. It is meant to be mixed with a fat source of your choice.

While heavy cream is usually recommended for keto dieters to help them get into ketosis faster, you can also choose other sources like MCT oils.

So, depending on what you want to achieve, you can change the way you use Keto Chow. If you want to control your calories, you can add heavy cream to it. And if your goal is to go the Arnold way and add more calories, you can use MCTs or other fatty foods like avocado oil.

See, it all depends on you. This is what makes Keto Chow a better meal replacement option for you. It is up to you how much fat content you would like to be in your meals and add ingredients containing healthy fats accordingly.

How many calories are in Keto Chow?

Each serving or one scoop of Keto Chow contains just 128 calories. Add it to half a cup of heavy cream and the fat content would go up to 535 calories.

If you want to take your fat intake to a higher level, add one-fourth cup of avocado oil to one serving. It will total up the calorie content to 610.

The ingredient label of keto Chow provides information about the nutritional content when avocado oil or heavy cream is added to it.

You can simply have a look at the label and decide what to add to each serving based on the total fat and calorie content you would prefer your meals to have. 

What about carbs?

The Keto Chow does contain carbs, but in so small amount that it wouldn’t affect your keto diet.

Each serving contains 8.27 grams of total carbs of which 6.73 grams are dietary fibers leaving just 1.53 grams of net carbs.

The higher amount of dietary fibers would help to ease digestive troubles like constipation and bloating and also control your cravings and appetite.

The higher ratio of total carbs to net carbs in Keto Chow is hard to find any other keto supplement.

It somewhat indicates this supplement would ensure your body does not receive much sugars in order to allow your body to start using fats as a source of energy at a faster rate.

And this is one of the ways Keto Chow would work to stimulate ketosis!

How does keto Chow taste like?

We really can’t tell you how Keto Chow tastes like in one word because it is available in many flavors.

We have already tried banana, chocolate, Mocha, orange cream, raspberry, and cheesecakes flavors and there are still many others left to be tried. One thing We can tell you for sure is the flavors We have tried so far are all good.

We am using the same 6 flavors in rotation for almost 6 months and until now, I haven’t felt the need to switch them for others.

If you want, you can definitely try other flavors and We don’t think you would be disappointed. We can say this after having a look at the Keto Chow taste review.


How to use keto Chow?

This is an important point of this Keto Chow review that we don’t want you to miss. Though Keto Chow is a meal replacement option, it is not like a packaged meal that you can simply open and eat.

You need to plan in advance! 

For example; for your morning breakfast, you will have to add your preferred high-fat source to one scoop of Keto Chow powder the earlier night. You can use a blender to mix the contents. You may add a little water to help the contents blend well.

If you like your keto meal to be chilled, you can store it in the refrigerator and consume it for your breakfast the next day morning. I have found its taste gets better with time. You would also find it getting thicker like a milkshake when you drink it later.

Similarly, for your lunch and dinner, you can prepare the blend beforehand and store it in the refrigerator for later consumption. You can also prepare your lunch the earlier night and carry it to the office.

Does Keto Chow really work?

After trying it, We strongly feel, “Yes, Keto Chow works and that it works in multiple ways.” 

First, it stands true to its promise of delivering a convenient meal replacement option. It would help busy keto dieters like you to stay in ketosis and receive balanced nutrition without putting in much of efforts.

Second, it offers you a choice of how many calories and fats your meals should contain. So, you can always change the ingredient you can add to its servings depending on your goals.

And third, it offers a rich source of several essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients that would support bodily functions while preventing the side effects of a keto diet.


image of keto chow review
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Packed with energy-giving proteins, electrolytes, and vitamins while being stocked with the correct balance of nutrients, we suppose Keto Chow does offer a balanced meal replacement that fits into your keto lifestyle.

It can prevent your busy schedule from interfering with your keto diet by allowing you to quickly and easily form a complete food plan.

What’s more interesting is the range of flavors in which it is made available to you. This just shows you would never get bored of it as you will always have different flavors to try out.

We hope this honest Keto Chow review has helped you find the best way to stay into ketosis forever. If you are seriously looking for a delicious keto supplement that can provide well-balanced meals on the go and make your life a lot easier, Keto Chow would definitely be worth a try.

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