Keto Drive Reviews: Best Exogenous Ketones Product for Weight Loss?

We will not recommend reading this honest Keto Drive review if you are not ready to accept harsh facts.

We have written this review to help our fellow keto dieters know what this exogenous ketone supplement, Keto Drive, containing BHBs is all about.

BHBs… We was tired of all keto supplements that said they contained BHBs. It appeared as if without BHBs We would never be able to get any good results with our keto diet.

The manufacturers made it seem like we would never lose any weight if we didn’t use BHBs. Believing them, we used some keto supplements that had BHBs. The results didn’t get any better than what we were already achieving with our efforts without any supplement.

Even Keto Drive boasts of similar claims. And we strongly felt it would turn out to be a lot like any other BHB keto supplement.

Was it?

Read this honest Keto Drive reviews to find out if it is just another supplement that doesn’t deliver what it promises or has something special in it.

Do not miss this Keto Drive review and read it very carefully. We will also reveal what BHBs means and whether there is any truth in the claims that they can help support ketosis.

Ready to learn some shocking truths? If yes, then read on…

2021’s Review of Keto Drive BHB Product for Weight Loss

What’s Keto Drive?

The brand, ZHOU Nutrition manufacture keto Drive, that is well-known in the health and supplement industry. It has a good reputation and offers a wide range of health supplements that are quite popular.

Yet… We are a bit disappointed to mention that Keto Drive seems like any other keto supplement that contains BHBs. Does it DRIVE anything, particularly your efforts to get into ketosis? Let’s move ahead to check.

As far as the claims by the manufacturers go, it does. It has been marketed as a ketosis-stimulating product aimed at c supporting keto dieters to enter into ketosis and lose weight dependably and healthily.

And now is the time for me and you to find out whether these promises can turn into reality.

Let us begin with the basics of ketosis and how exogenous ketones like BHBs are related to the process.

What Is ketosis?

Ketosis is a natural process having the results of several scientific research studies to back it up. It is a physiological state of the body that occurs when ketone bodies are released due to the rapid metabolism of fats.

This metabolism of fats primarily occurs to release energy in ATPs that your body needs to perform various functions.

However, while ketosis is a normal physiological process, it occurs at a very subtle level.


Because your body doesn’t need to metabolize fats continuously as its primary source of energy is carbohydrates.

So, your body would turn to fats only when it doesn’t receive a carbohydrate supply, like when you are following a no-carb diet like a keto diet.

This also explains why the keto diet has become so popular in the last few decades. Research studies have shown that by depriving your body of carbohydrates, you can force it to use fats to meet its fuel requirement. And this would be an effective way to burn fats and lose weight.

The state your body enters into when it uses fats and releases Ketone bodies during metabolism is called ketosis.

The more fats your body burns, the higher would be the production of ketone bodies. And higher the production of ketone bodies, the faster would be the weight loss as it would enable your body to use fats rapidly.

This is why; entering into ketosis has become so crucial for keto dieters.

So, how do the BHBs or exogenous ketones come into the picture? Let me explain that as well.


What are exogenous ketones?

If you want to understand why does or why doesn’t Keto Drive work, read this section thoroughly to understand the role played by exogenous ketones in the process of ketosis.

I already told you how ketones are produced from fats and used as fuel in the absence of carbs. This ketosis process occurs primarily in your liver. Hence, the ketone bodies, thus produced, are called endogenous ketones, indicating they are made in your body.

This whole process of forming ketone bodies takes a lot of time. Your body is accustomed to using carbohydrates as fuel. And then, when you start avoiding carbs in your diet, it takes time for your body to realize it needs to look for an alternative.

It may take a few days to weeks for your body to start burning fats as its alternative fuel source. And this is the reason why most keto dieters do not notice any weight loss initially.

Suppose you are eager to kickstart ketosis so that your body can start burning fats at the earliest once you stop eating carbs. In that case, you need to supply it with readily available ketones it can use.

And these readily available ketones are called exogenous ketones. They are called ‘exogenous’ because they are not produced in your body but are supplied from external sources.

BHB or Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is a form of exogenous ketones that is synthesized in a laboratory and made available to you so that you can enter into ketosis rapidly.

To be honest in this Keto Drive reviews, let me mention that this is still a theory that explains how exogenous ketones may help you achieve better results with your keto diet.

Coming back to Keto Drive, this supplement has been formulated by ZHOU Nutrition with an intention to provide you the benefits of ketosis.

The manufacturers claim that this supplement can enhance the results of your keto diet without having to commit yourself to strict changes in your food habits simply by supplying exogenous ketones to your body.

BHB or Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

This supplement is designed to trick the body into mimicking the state of ketosis so that it can start burning fats within a short period of time of taking the doses.

When used regularly, these short periods of time could be strung together to achieve a sustained weight loss.

Does it actually happen that way?

Let me continue with this Keto Drive reviews to explain whether this supplement can allow you to make optimum utilization of scientifically backed BHBs.

Before I move ahead, let me also reveal some pros and cons of this supplement as well as the Keto Drive reviews so that you get an idea of what this supplement offers in a nutshell.

Pros of Keto Drive

  • Supports fat loss
  • Provides minerals like magnesium, calcium, and sodium
  • Increases energy levels
  • Boosts the nutritional supply by providing vitamin A and C
  • Promotes endurance and stamina
  • Improves mental performance
  • Available in 3 flavors with an option of a decaffeinated flavor
  • Contains no carbs
  • Mixes easily with most beverages

Cons of Keto Drive

  • Priced higher
  • May cause intestinal discomfort

Customer reviews

The Keto Drive reviews by users seem to be mixed. Some users have mentioned it helped them lose as many as 14 pounds within a month while some users have expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of results. Some users have even appreciated the taste. There are a few reviews in which users mentioned it caused a few side effects like nausea and stomach pain.

Now that you have got a rough idea of what this supplement can help you with, let me continue with this Keto Drive reviews to list the ingredients present in it and their benefits.

What Are The Ingredients In Keto Drive?

The ingredient list of Keto Drive is remarkable for 2 reasons:

1.    It includes a well-formulated combination of BHB salts for stimulating the state of ketosis.

2.    It contains no carbs, fats, or cholesterol.

Also, unlike most other keto supplements, Keto Drive does not contain caffeine. This means the energy boost you would feel will be quite genuine and caused due to the higher amount of energy released from the fat burning process.

Nutritions In Keto Drive

The ingredient list of Keto Drive including BHB salts is as follows:

  • Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Vitamin A
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Sodium

This impressive list of ingredients in Keto Drive does spark a lot of hopes. I already explained in this Keto Drive reviews how BHBs, in general, can stimulate ketosis and help you lose weight.

Now, let me continue and explain if the BHBs in Keto Drive, in particular, can provide the benefits you are looking for. 

What Are The Benefits Of Keto Drive?

In this section, I will explain whether the physiological processes involved in triggering the state of ketosis are supported by Keto Drive.

I will also let you know if this supplement can actually help you derive the health benefits of a keto diet.


Does Keto Drive speed up ketosis?

I would say, keto drive may help to speed up the process of ketosis to some extent. I checked the ingredient label of this supplement and noticed that the exogenous ketones present in it are bound to salts.

BHB in the form of salts could be absorbed into the body much faster and offer greater stability to the process of ketosis.

This means you would enter into ketosis in a shorter duration and have sustained levels of ketone bodies in your blood for a longer duration.

Does Keto Drive worsen the side effects of a keto diet?

Most keto dieters are concerned about the side effects that often occur when the body is deprived of carbohydrates. It is true that when you stop eating carbs, you may experience extreme weakness, fever, sluggishness, brain fog, and even body ache. All these symptoms are covered under an umbrella term, Keto Flu. The symptoms of Keto Flu primarily occur because of loss of energy.

The lack of carbs in your body can create a void for a source of energy due to which it cannot perform its functions properly. This is why; you may develop weakness and other symptoms. These Keto Flu symptoms are particularly more marked in the initial period of starting a keto diet when your body is yet to discover fat as its alternative source of fuel.

However, you need not worry about whether Keto Drive can worsen these symptoms of ketosis. In fact, it may relieve the symptoms.

Keto Drive is designed to provide your body with an alternative source of energy almost instantly. So, all these symptoms of keto flu that occur only because of loss of energy could be avoided easily by using this supplement.

Let me mention in this Keto Drive reviews that this is one of the best benefits of using this supplement.

It would give you bursts of energy every now and then by keeping your body into a state of ketosis thereby allowing you to feel energetic.

The readily available ketone bodies provided by Keto Drive would also keep the fat burning processes at their optimum. This may lead to a constant release of energy in your body thereby enhancing your stamina and endurance.

It may also support your workout sessions and thus, stimulate fat burning processes further by increasing the utilization of calories by your body during exercises.

Will Keto Drive affect my digestion?

Yes, Keto Drive may affect the process of digestion, but in a positive way. I must mention in my Keto Drive reviews that this supplement offers BHBs in the form of salts of sodium, magnesium, and calcium, which is why they are also called BHB Salts.

When you consume Keto Drive BHB salts, they are absorbed into your body easily and at a faster rate. It would reduce the overload on your digestive system that is already forced to do a lot of extra work when you eating plenty of fatty foods.

Yes, since the keto diet requires you to eat lots of fatty foods, it can create an immense strain on the stomach and intestine because the breakdown of fats takes a longer time and needs more efforts.

This is why; keto dieters often experience digestive side effects like stomach upset, nausea, constipation, bloating, and so on.

But, since Keto Drive provides BHBs in the forms of salts, it would definitely help ease the excess strain on your stomach and intestine.

These salts are absorbed easily thereby reducing the time and efforts needed by your digestive system to break them down.

On second thought, this may also mean a significant relief from the common symptoms of digestive disturbances that keto dieters often develop. Using Keto Drive may help you avoid the gastrointestinal side effects like bloating, nausea, stomach upset, and so on.

This is one of the best benefits you would be able to enjoy when you use Keto Drive on a regular basis.

Does Keto Drive support weight loss?

This is, in fact, the primary purpose for why people want to try Keto Drive. Research studies have indicated that BHB salts have the potential to promote a healthy weight loss by stimulating fat burning processes.

However, if you think this is the only way by which ZHOU Keto Drive would help you, read below to find more.

If you are on a keto diet for long, you know how difficult it is to control your cravings, especially for sugars. Every now and then, you will get an urge to eat something sugary to satisfy your cravings.

Add to this the low energy levels caused due to the lack of fuel supply to your body. The desire to eat sugary foods will also occur due to the sharp dip in your blood sugar levels occurring as a result of the lower consumption of carbs.

When you do not eat carbs, your blood sugar levels drop due to which your body is forced to send signals in the forms of cravings and appetite to suggest you that you need to eat something.

This is the way your body works in the absence of carbohydrate intake and increases your appetite and craving for sugars.

In such a situation, it is too common for any keto dieter to lose control over his cravings and eat foods rich in carbs.

This is where using Keto Drive could help you.

Research studies have shown that BHBs could help to suppress appetite and thus, prevent you from consuming carbohydrate-rich foods. It is believed to work by regulating the secretion of hunger control hormones like ghrelin, and leptin.

At the same time, BHBs in Keto Drive may also help to rebalance the blood sugar levels. This way, the strong urge to eat sugary foods caused due to the slump in the blood sugar levels could be avoided. 

However, if you think exogenous ketones are miracle weight loss supplements, then let me reveal in this honest Keto Drive reviews that they are not!

You may have a misconception that Keto Drive is some kind of fat burning pill. However, the fact is it is no magic pill!

It may only support weight loss by stimulating the process of ketosis. However, you must bear in mind that Keto Drive has to be used in combination with a strict keto diet.

If you do not control your intake of carbs, your body would not be tricked into using the ketone bodies you are supplying it externally. And eventually, the whole idea of using exogenous ketones would lose its meaning.

So, the fact is Keto Drive is NOT something that can melt the fat magically.  However, it could be a great supporting player in your weight loss journey when the rest of the players are in place.

What Keto Drive could help you with is allow you to avoid the long time taken by your body to start using ketones, suppress your appetite, and control your cravings by regulating hormonal levels and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

You must make optimum use of these changes occurring due to the use of Keto Drive to be able to lose weight.

So, it is still your own efforts that count a lot without which weight loss may remain a difficult goal to achieve!

I heard the Keto Diet hampers brain functions…Can Keto Drive help avoid it?

Your concerns are justified. You are bound to experience brain fog, reduced memory, and an inability to focus or concentrate while on a keto diet. These symptoms occur because of a lack of supply of energy to your brain due to the reduced intake of carbs.

Let me reveal in the Keto Drive reviews that research studies have shown that the brain uses up a large percentage of energy produced in the body.

Usually, this energy is derived from glucose in the food. However, when you are following a keto diet, your body does not receive glucose due to which the supply of energy to the brain is affected. This is why; the brain functions are hampered in keto dieters.

If you want to avoid these symptoms, you may try Keto Drive. I would like to mention in this Keto Drive reviews that exogenous ketones in this supplement would provide a readily available source of energy to your brain and thus, allow this vital organ to function optimally.

Exogenous ketones in Keto Drive would work similarly to the nootropic group of drugs that are often prescribed to patients to enhance the brain functions and improve their cognitive functions.

Just like nootropics, Keto Drive would optimize your focus, and memory creation, and support your cognitive performance.

I must admit in this Keto Drive reviews that this benefit would enhance your ability to come up with innovative ideas and even your workflow throughout the day would be more efficient.

In a nutshell, I can say, Keto Drive would be an effective supplement you can try to support your keto efforts. However, if you think that it will do all the work for you while you enjoy unhealthy snacks and junk foods, then it would be like expecting too much.

What are other benefits of Keto Drive?

According to different studies, exogenous ketones may also provide other benefits and improve your general health and longevity.

Results of studies have indicated that BHBs possess anti-carcinogenic properties. It is revealed that cancer cells cannot use ketone bodies as fuel. As a result, these abnormal cells are unable to survive in the absence of glucose and hence, die. This suggests the use of Keto Drive may help to reduce the risk of cancer.

Additionally, BHB ketones also act as natural anti-inflammatory agents and block inflammasomes, a form of proteins known to trigger inflammation and damage healthy tissues.

Let me mention in this Keto Drive reviews that exogenous ketones also seem to slow down the decline in mental functions thereby reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

This indicates that keto Drive could also promote your general health by avoiding the risk of diseases and improve your longevity. 

I hope this information has helped you with your decision about whether or not to use Keto Drive. But, some of you must have a few more concerns.

If you are health conscious and do not want to take any risks, read on to learn more about keto Drive. In the next section of this Keto Drive reviews, I will reveal some lesser-known facts about this supplement. I am sure it would help you decide for sure if you want to use it or not.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keto Drive

1. Does Keto Drive have caffeine?

Most keto dieters are wary of the presence of caffeine in the supplements they want to use. What makes caffeine a risky addition to any keto supplement is it can mimic the energy-boosting effect of BHBs.

Caffeine, according to research studies, is a stimulant. It can allow you to feel fresh and energetic by supporting the brain functions and increasing the level of alertness.

You may start feeling energetic by using a supplement due to the caffeine content in it and not due to the production of ketone bodies as you would expect it to occur.

Feeling energetic may fool you into believing both your keto diet and the supplement are working well. You may not even realize that the high energy levels are due to caffeine. It might mask the fact that your supplement is not taking you anywhere closer to your health goals.

You can avoid this confusion by using Matcha Lemonade and Orange Mango flavors of Keto Drive because these 2 flavors do not contain caffeine.

This way, when you feel energetic while using Keto Drive, you could feel rest assured it is actually because of the state of ketosis stimulated by exogenous ketones and not due to caffeine.

However, if you would like to enjoy a higher mental and physical performance that comes from the use of a stimulant, you may try the black cherry flavor of Keto Drive that has caffeine added to it.

It may be suitable for you if your professional commitments demand a high level of creativity and create constant mental stress. The stimulant effect of caffeine would promote your creativity and mental performance.

I would also recommend the black cherry flavor if you perform strenuous physical exercises on a regular basis. The stimulant effect would boost your exercise performance by supporting higher stamina and endurance.

At the same time, it would not hamper the results of your keto diet as exercises are known to support fat burning and weight loss by allowing you to burn more calories.

So, you can choose the caffeinated or the decaffeinated flavors of this supplement depending on your preferences.

2. How does Keto Drive taste?

If you have tried exogenous ketones like BHB salts, you know they taste horrible. However, I must admit in this Keto Drive reviews that ZHOU Nutrition has done a decent job by providing great flavors.

Keto Drive is available in three flavors: Matcha lemonade, black cherry, and orange mango. Personally, orange mango is my favorite because it does not contain caffeine and tastes awesome!

3. How to use Keto Drive?

When I used Keto Drive the first time, what I instantly liked about it was it mixed with liquids easily. It is compatible with even cold beverages including fruit juices and shakes.

To use, stir or shake vigorously one serving of Keto Drive into 16 oz. of water, cold or warm. I would advise you to start with a lower dose of half a scoop as it will allow your body some time to adjust to the effect of this supplement.

It will also allow you to assess your tolerance to Keto Drive. You may increase the dose gradually over a few days.

The doses of Keto Drive may be consumed on an empty stomach, before breakfast, between meals, or whenever you desire an increased physical and mental performance. However, the manufacturers advise limiting the intake to not more than three level scoops a day.

4. Does Keto Drive cause any side effects?

Yes, users have mentioned they experienced mild side effects such as nausea, stomach upsets, and constipation when they started using Keto Drive.

However, I personally did not experience any side effect perhaps because I had started using it in a lower dose and then, increased the dose slowly as my body developed tolerance to it.

You can also try a similar way to enjoy the health benefits of Keto Drive without developing any side effects.

5. Are there any better alternatives to Keto Drive?

In my opinion, Keto Drive is more effective than most other exogenous ketone supplements I tried earlier.

It helped me lose weight easily and also allowed me to control my appetite and cravings.

It stood perfectly on the grounds of my expectations. However, it was only later that I found another supplement that seemed to be better than Keto Drive.

It was not as if I wasn’t happy with Keto drive. But the other supplement, Perfect Keto, was better in some aspects.

When I used Perfect Keto, I experienced higher energy levels and a much faster weight loss compared to the results I achieved with Keto Drive.

Another reason why I prefer Perfect Keto is it is more easily available. You can purchase it from Amazon or directly from the official website of Perfect Keto.

Also, Perfect Keto is available in 5 tasty flavors including chocolate, peach, vanilla, coffee, and salted caramel. This gives you wider options to choose from.

Perfect Keto does not contain any artificial sweeteners, soy, gluten, and binding agents that may harm your health. It is also suitable for people having lactose intolerance as it does not contain any dairy products.

There is no information available about Keto Drive in this regard. So, I am really not sure about the presence of any harmful ingredients in it and hence, would not advise you to take any risks.

Keto Drive Reviews: Final Thoughts!

keto drive review exogenous ketones supplements

Keto Drive, I feel, is an effective exogenous keto supplement you can try. I mentioned in this Keto Drive reviews that this supplement has all the ingredients you need to kickstart ketosis and lose weight.

However, Perfect Keto offers the same benefits with higher effectiveness. And the factor that makes Perfect Keto a superior supplement is it does not contain any harmful additives and preservatives.

This means Perfect Keto would definitely be more ‘perfect’ for you if you want to enter into ketosis faster, burns fats, and lose weight without the risk of serious side effects.

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