Keto Electrolytes: How to Avoid Imbalances and Dehydration

A ketogenic diet can offer numerous benefits among which a rapid weight lost is the most lucrative one.

This diet works and how?

You can start losing weight from the first week itself!

But there’s a flipside!

Like everything else in life, a keto diet too comes as a package of lots of goods with some bad!

And this ‘bad’ can be linked to the electrolyte imbalance that can occur due to the low-carb nature of this diet.

Don’t worry though, it’s any easy fix!

This article is focused on providing information about the electrolyte imbalances that can occur while on a keto diet and some simple strategies to prevent them.

We will also discuss the role played by electrolytes in maintaining health and why it is important to take Electrolyte Supplements Keto to maintain their balance.

The tips given here are of utmost importance if you want to sail smoothly towards a healthier life without any unpleasant symptoms caused due to the electrolyte imbalances while on the Ketogenic Diet.

Let’s begin…

Now, let us begin with what could be your best strategy for preventing the unpleasant experience during a keto diet!

We mean the electrolyte imbalances and the resulting keto flu symptoms!

Electrolytes? What Are They?

Electrolytes refer to the specific nutrients your body needed for performing crucial functions such as:

  • Regulating heartbeats
  • Muscle contractions
  • Controlling body temperature
  • Production and release of energy
  • Bladder control
  • Neurological functions

Your body needs several electrolytes of which 4 are of higher importance.

Let have a look at the electrolytes that perform certain vital functions in your body and hence, need to be replenished with electrolyte supplements keto.

Which Are The 4 Most Essential Electrolyte For Your Body?

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1.     Sodium

Though Sodium has earned a bad reputation for being the reason for increasing the risk of hypertension, it is also the most essential electrolyte for maintaining your health. (1)

It is only when you consume an excessive amount of Sodium in the forms of table salt sprinkled on your food, chips, or fries that it begins to affect your health.

But, when consumed in the recommended amounts, it performs the vital function of retaining the required amount of water in your body. (2)

Sodium helps in the contractions of muscles and enables efficient nerves functions. It also helps to maintain the balance of other electrolytes.

2.     Potassium

Potassium is another important electrolyte for maintaining a healthy blood pressure level, regulating the heart rate, and ensuring optimum fluid balance in your body.

It is also needed for muscles and nerve functions.(3) You can find and add more of this substance in a few sports drinks, our favourite choice is Propel Sports Drink.

3.     Calcium

Calcium is a very important electrolyte, which plays a role in numerous body functions including: (4)

  • Building strong bones
  • Blood clotting
  • Ensuring muscle contractions
  • Regulating nerve functions

4.     Magnesium

Magnesium is needed for maintaining the health and efficient working of your immune system. It also regulates the heart rhythm and supports nerve and muscle functions.(5)

It is also involved in several biochemical reactions occurring in the body. It is also required for building strong and healthy bones.

In short, without electrolytes, present in the right balance, your body will not be able to perform these functions efficiently.

As a result, your health could deteriorate!

Your body must have enough of these electrolytes in your body. A deficiency or increased levels of any of these electrolytes can result in the development of some symptoms

And believe me, these symptoms are not pleasant!

Before we take a look at what might happen if you skip the electrolyte supplements keto, let us first have a brief discussion about how a keto diet can interfere with the electrolyte balance in your body.

Why Do Your Electrolyte Levels Go Awry On a Ketogenic Diet?

When you make a switch to the ketogenic diet, it involves drastically cutting back on the carbs.

As a result, your body need not produce as much of insulin to metabolizing carbs as it used to. Hence, the amount of insulin secreted by the pancreas goes down.

Also, since your body is deprived of its steady source of carbs, it rapidly uses up all the carbs stored in the forms of glycogen.

As a result, the glycogen stores in your body are depleted!

You might think what glycogens have to do with sodium, potassium, and other electrolytes.

Let me explain…

For each gram of glycogen stored in your body, about 3 grams of water is retained and stored.

So, when the glycogen stores are used up, your kidneys go from storing water to excreting it in a higher amount. (6)

This is the reason for why, when you begin your keto diet, you may notice a “whoosh” quite early on and feel less bloated.

This is the effect of losing lots of weight due to the increased excretion of water.

What’s the upside?

Of course, looking better. And feeling lighter!

The downside?

When your kidneys flush out more water from your body, some important minerals, the electrolytes, are also excreted.

Now, do you understand why it is so important to use electrolyte supplements keto?

If you do not use these supplements, you are at a risk of developing some symptoms due to the imbalances in the electrolyte levels.

Let me reveal what might be in store for you when these changes in the electrolyte levels are not attended to.

What Are The Symptoms of Electrolyte Imbalances?

The symptoms caused due to the imbalances in the electrolyte levels are referred to as keto flu.

Some of the symptoms associated with it include:

  • Feeling dizzy, shaky, or weak as if you are going to pass out
  • Heart palpitations and a racing heart
  • Frequent, persistent headaches and even recurring attacks of migraines
  • Cramps in the muscles of legs
  • Constipation, abdominal discomfort, and bloating

These symptoms also indicate that your body is trying to switch from using carbs for its fuel requirement to using fats.

The development of these symptoms can be a positive sign that your diet is working and soon, it will be using up all the fats to help you lose weight.

But, that doesn’t mean you ignore these symptoms or welcome them!

You can enjoy these weight loss benefits without having to bear with the unpleasant symptoms that come up when the body switches to using fats and, in the quest, loses essential electrolytes.

In fact, you have to take steps to ensure your body is supplied with enough of these electrolytes so that you can enter ketosis successfully without having to suffer any complications due to the electrolyte imbalances.

Let’s have a look at the electrolyte supplements keto that could help you avoid the discomfort associated with the rapid elimination of essential electrolytes and maximize the benefits of this diet.

What’s the Bottom-Line?

An electrolyte balance forms one of the important pillars for a successful keto regimen. If you want to enter into ketosis and lose several pounds in a short duration, you must ensure your body is supplied with the essential minerals.

A regular use of electrolyte supplements keto can prevent the symptoms that can occur due to the imbalance of essential minerals and help you stay on the right track toward successful results with your special diet.

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