Keto Ignite Review: Read These Facts No One Ever Told You!

Keto Ignite

Planning to use Keto Ignite? You must be excited about having found a great keto supplement. If yes, we are sure you have not read any Keto Ignite review that is honest enough to tell you the facts.

Have you at least asked anyone who has had a hands-on experience of using Ignite Keto?

If not, it’s the time you take a step back from your decision to use Keto Ignite. We strongly recommend you to read this Keto Ignite review to learn all facts some of which might be totally unknown to you.

After you have read the facts, it’s up to you if you really want to use it or not!

You may change your decision after we tell you what all goes into this supplement. Let’s begin with checking out what Keto Ignite is.

What is Keto Ignite?

We suppose you already know it’s a ketogenic supplement containing exogenous ketones in the forms of BHB salts. We will discuss more about BHBs later.

As of now, let us tell you BHBs would definitely be great for you if you want to get into ketosis faster.

And this is what Keto Ignite promises to do. Manufactured by Keto Function, this supplement has been formulated to shift your body into ketosis by providing pure and instant ketones.

What’s more?

Keto Ignite is also designed to raise increase your energy, and improve your mental and physical performance. 

BHBs and other ingredients in it would promote the use of fats by your body as fuel and thus, provide all these benefits.(1)

Now, let’s come out of what manufacturers have to say and dive deeper to find the realities. Let’s continue with this Ignite Keto reviews by checking out what it contains.

What does Keto Ignite contain?

While BHBS form the base on which this keto supplement is built, it also contains a few other ingredients to help you achieve better results with your keto diet.

Keto Ignite is available in 3 flavors: Citrus Splash, Caffe Mocha and Wild Berry.

The contents in the 3 flavors differ though all of them provide the same amount of BHBs per serving.

Here is the list of ingredients in these 3 flavors of Keto Ignite:

To assess the effectiveness of Keto Ignite, We will have to focus more on the BHBs. Stevia Leaf Extract also comes with its own health benefits.

The rest of the ingredients are like supporting cast that only enhance the taste and make it more palatable.

We will discuss the action of BHBs and Stevia Leaf Extract in detail so that you know whether Keto Ignite can actually help you derive the results you are expecting.

  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate: 12 gram per serving
  • Stevia Leaf Extract
  • Caffeine in Wild Berry and Caffe Mocha.
  • Organic Coffee Powder in Caffe Mocha.
  • Beet Root Powder in Wild Berry.
  • Citric Acid in Wild Berry and Citrus Splash

How Do BHBs in Keto Ignite Work?

Keto Ignite contains 12 grams of BHBs per serving.

We must confess in this Keto Ignite supplement reviews that we are impressed with this higher content of BHBs.

Keto Ignite offers 3 out of the 4 most common sources of BHBs in the forms of salts of calcium, magnesium, and sodium.

The BHBs, as well as the minerals attached to them, would make Keto Ignite more effective by protecting you against the side effects of a keto diet.

It would also help you get into ketosis faster and stimulate weight loss.


Let us explain the mechanism of action of Keto Ignite that could help you derive all these benefits.

1. How do BHBs help to stimulate ketosis?

BHBs are the common ingredients in most keto supplement, and the reason is their ability to stimulate ketosis.

When you start a keto diet and stop eating foods having carbohydrates, your body starts looking for an alternative source fuel. And this alternative source of fuel is fats.

You need to provide these fats to your body in the form of a diet. Your diet should comprise of healthy fats like monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats so that your body can start using it to meet its energy requirement.

But, all this is not as simple as it sounds!

Your body doesn’t start using fats immediately after you stop eating carbs. It takes its own time to realize it is not receiving carbs and to learn to use fats. And this time can vary from a few days to even weeks.

This is when you need to use BHBs.

BHBs provide a readily usable source of energy. So, your body does not have to hunt for another source of fuel. It would simply start using BHBs from Keto Ignite.

And once BHBs are used up and broken down by your body, there would be a rapid release of ketone bodies in your blood. This is how BHBs stimulate ketosis.

The idea behind all this is to spare your body all the pain and discomfort it has to bear with due to the lack of source of energy!

2. Do BHBs in Keto Ignite help with weight loss?

Yes! BHBs have the potential to support weight loss. Let us reveal various ways by which BHBs support fat loss in this keto Ignite review.(2)

  • The first action is linked to high energy levels. BHBs in Keto Ignite would promote high energy levels by providing a usable source of fuel. This would allow you to exercise for longer. This would help you burn calories easily thereby supporting weight loss. 
  • The second action involves the prevention of side effects. Keto Ignite would prevent side effects of a keto diet like weakness, and lethargy.
  • This will keep you for losing your confidence in the keto diet and ensure you stick to the low-carb diet for a longer duration thus promoting weight loss.
  • The third action is related to its carbohydrate contents. This supplement contains zero carbs. While this has nothing to do with BHBs, it is important to mention it here so that you know how Keto Ignite could help you lose weight.
  • The lack of carbs would reduce your total calorie intake and thus, help you shed the excess fats.

3. How does Ignite Keto reduce weakness caused due to a keto diet?

When you are on a keto diet, you are likely to experience extreme weakness and fatigue. These symptoms occur due to the lack of carbs in your diet.

So far, your body was using only carbohydrates as a source of energy to perform all functions. When you switch to a keto diet and deprive your body of carbs suddenly, it loses its primary source of energy. And this is when you start feeling you have no energy left in your body.

Using BHBs, at this stage, could provide your body with an alternative source of fuel. Let us reveal in this Keto Ignite review that most of the effectiveness of this supplement could be attributed to this effect of BHBs.

It would provide a ready source of fuel to your body thus preventing weakness, lethargy, and loss of energy.

4. What about minerals? How do they help?

An imbalance in the levels of electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, and calcium is another common side effect of a keto diet. It occurs due to the changes in the metabolic processes occurring in your body when you stop eating carbohydrates.

The lack of these minerals can not only worsen weakness and even cause other symptoms like itching, dryness of the skin, lack of sleep, and so on.

Let us reveal in this Keto Ignite review that the minerals attached to BHBs may help to prevent electrolyte imbalance. This means you would be able to avoid dryness and sleep troubles caused due to a keto diet and feel fresh and energetic.

5. What is the role of Stevia Leaf Extract in a keto diet?

We told you earlier Stevia Leaf Extract comes with its own health benefits. It is a natural sweetener, which means it would enhance the taste of Ignite Keto even though it contains no carbs.(3)

Stevia Leaf Extract also contains digestive fibers that would create a sense of fullness in the stomach thus controlling your appetite. It would prevent overeating and help you reduce your intake of calories thus promoting a faster weight loss.(4)

Some other health benefits of Stevia Leaf Extract include its antioxidant, anti-diabetic, and renal protective properties. It would reduce oxidative damage to healthy organs, stabilize blood sugar levels, and restore kidney functions.(5)

We are sure you didn’t know of these health benefits you could derive by using Ignite Keto.

Now that you had a look at the benefits of this supplement, let’s summarize all that you learned before we move ahead with this Keto Ignite review to learn more facts.


  • Supports ketosis
  • Increases energy levels
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Boosts exercise performance
  • Improves mental and physical performance
  • Zero carbs, zero gums, and zero fillers
  • 100% organic coffee used in the Caffe Mocha flavors


  • Does not contain potassium salts of BHBs
  • May cause loose motions and stomach upsets
  • It did not mix well in water

Our Thoughts:

The overall reviews on Keto Ignite are positive. Most users who have tried Keto Ignite have liked the taste and appreciated the results.

However, a closer look revealed several users who have been dissatisfied. The reasons include high sodium content, and the tendency to cause loose motions and stomach upsets. Some users have mentioned it does not mix well in water. 

After having a look at what works, let me continue with this Keto Ignite review to reveal what doesn’t work. Read this section carefully to know whether it is really safe and effective for you as it is made out to be.


Why Keto Ignite may not be the best supplement for you?

Here are some facts about Keto Ignite that may force you to rethink if you should really use it.

Absence of MCTs

MCTs perhaps hold a higher importance than BHBs when it comes to promoting ketosis. While BHBs would be good enough for supporting weight loss and increasing energy levels, I feel MCTs are better at these.

Ignite Keto could have worked more effectively if it had MCTs added to BHBs.  

Lacks potassium

Keto Ignite has 3 out of 4 BHBs salts. What it misses is potassium. The lack of potassium could be a disadvantage for people who suffer from hypertension.

Higher sodium content

Sodium is known to increase the risk of hypertension. The lack of potassium coupled with a higher sodium content doesn’t seem favorable for patients with high blood pressure.(6)

Causes side effects

Reviews for Keto Ignite have revelated this supplement may cause stomach upsets and diarrhea. If you are already suffering from these symptoms due to the effect of a keto diet, using Keto Ignite can only make things worse for you.


The typical dose of Keto Ignite is one scoop of powder mixed in a glass of water. Though it says it can be mixed easily with water, almond milk, coffee, shakes, hemp milk, or any other drink, when you actually try mixing it, you will realize it is not so easy.

It tends to form lumps and an oily texture when mixed in water and other beverages causing inconvenience.

Bitter taste

The Caffe Mocha flavor of keto Ignite has a bitter taste, which you may not like unless you really love the flavors of strong coffee.

Now what? Are you having second thoughts about whether you should use Keto Ignite? It’s up to you.

If you are fine with what is not-so-good about this supplement, you may start using it. Or else, you can read on to check if there are better alternatives available.


Are there any better alternatives for Ignite Keto?

After evaluating the benefits of several other keto supplements, we found Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones to be much better in terms of effectiveness, results, ingredients, taste, and flavors.

What makes it better than Keto Ignite is it contains a higher amount of BHBs per serving that are known to stimulate the process of ketosis.

It is available in 3 delicious flavors: chocolate, coffee, and each. It is easy to mix in any beverage and tastes great!

Some other features that could make Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones superior to Keto Ignite are it contains phosphorous and potassium. These minerals would help to control blood pressure making it a safer choice for patient with hypertension. It is also enriched with monk fruit extract that would enhance the natural flavors and even support weight loss. (78)

These are the clear benefits Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones would provide and Ignite Keto may not!

The Bottom-Line

In our opinion, Ignite Keto seems like a good product. But it’s not the best.

 we explained n this Keto Ignite review it may not be suitable for you if you suffer from hypertension.

In comparison, Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones seems to be more effective and safer. It would offer several additional benefits, thanks to the carefully crafted combination of BHBs, minerals, and other ingredients in it. Learn more about it here.

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