Keto Mojo Review: Is It The Best Ketone Meter?

Hello fellow ketonians out there!

Don’t you feel that maintaining motivation when you reach the middle phase of Keto diet becomes a task?

The dreaded keto-adaptation phase when you know not whether your body is producing the targeted level of ketones or not?

I mean, yeah, there is a tonne of options like urine dipsticks and breathalyzers that can tell you about your ketone level.

But whom can you fearlessly trust to take you to your perfect keto-state and keep you wary of any kind of deviation?

It has been unanimously agreed in the keto-verse that nothing can beat the gold standard of a blood meter to check the count of blood ketone in your body! They are especially handy during the keto-adaptation stage with their near-accurate result.

But frankly, the market right now is already saturated with blood meter biggies!

There are many companies who claim their product to be accurate and efficient. Is it so?

Are they keeping something from us? Like the hidden costs that come with your onetime purchase?

Did You Know?

Most companies will hype up the onetime cost concealing the fact that their testing strips are priced ridiculously and which needs to be bought separately.

End result: Either the tests will become way more expensive than they were planned initially or you have to curb your urge of frequent testing to save up on those strips!

I agree not a good trip there at all.

So, considering all these facts I had to really delve deep into the world of current blood meters to come up with something that is both accurate and affordable.

And then the entry (drum roll)…

A new player is here in the blood-meter battlefield – who promised to understand ‘just’ this!

They have come up with a blood meter which will not only makes ketone testing super affordable, convenient and error-free but which brings healthy living to every individual.

Who is it? It is a blood ketone and glucose testing meter called Keto Mojo.

Okay, I can see a lot of eyebrows rise. Blood meters are, after all, an expensive way of conducting a ketone test. And any new machine will have millions of questions around it.

  • Question A: How accurate is it?
  • Question B: How affordable is it?
  • Question C: How easy to procure is it?
  • Question D: How user-friendly is it?
  • Question E: How will the ketone reading from a blood meter help me keep up my keto diet?

Rest your eyebrows ketoaholics, because we will address all your worries in this article by reviewing the Keto Mojo meter for you!

If you want to know whether you should kiss your doubts goodbye or bubble with apprehension for another new faulty gadget, please read on till the end.

In this Keto Mojo review, we have tackled every question that arises with watching your blood ketone level, reading and understanding its nuances and character (fluctuating or steady) and how Keto Mojo aids you into doing just that.

Check this out: Keto practitioners who have reached the keto-adaptation stage, this keto mojo review will be extremely helpful for them.

What’s Keto Mojo?

Keto Mojo is a machine with multiple functions and it monitors both the ketone and blood glucose present in your body while you are practicing a ketogenic lifestyle. It also has a surplus function of identifying HCT level and hemoglobin count of your blood as well.

Keto Mojo Story:

Keto Mojo is developed by a hardcore ketonian, Aka Dorian and his wife, Gemma.

And guess what? Their story is no different than us, except they chose to go the extra mile.

While living an active keto lifestyle, they realized how imperative it is to make ketone testing accessible to every people who want to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Initially, blood meters will be manufactured only by a handful of biotech giants and therefore will be completely unaffordable to the masses.

Here where Dorian intervened and created a machine which promised to help people adhere to their health goals while not compromising on quality at all.

The intention behind the work is pretty impressive, but does Keto Mojo meter keeps our trust?

We will find that out in a short while. But first, let’s understand what it brings to the table.

How does Keto Mojo work?

A Keto Mojo pack is comprised of the following things:

  • Measuring monitor
  • Lancing device
  • Multiple lancets
  • Testing strips (only keto)
  • A comfy carrier case to put all that in

If testing your blood in your home is giving you chills, then fret not.

The procedure is very simple:

  • After receiving the kit, check out the how-to videos on Keto Mojo website
  • Put the code key in and calibrate the machine (this you have to do with every new box of strips which comes with their respective code keys)
  • Prepare the lancet device according to your skin thickness (there are multiple settings on the device body) and place a fresh lancet on its top – twist the top off to open it
  • Place the keto strip on top of the monitor device and adjust its tube capillary with the blood drop you have drawn from your finger
  • Keto readings take an average of 14 seconds to show and glucose readings all of 5 seconds

The Keto Mojo website has also covered a myriad of errors that their device can throw up and what do they actually mean. Before you go berserk and lose more strips getting a solid reading, do check out their instructions and videos in detail.


If we go by what people are talking about in the Keto Mojo Amazon customer feedback section it is pretty evident that, contrary to the idea that blood meters are only best for the advanced ketonians, many beginners who are doubly conscious about their carb intake have decided to embrace it.

It will be interesting to find out the benefits you will be harvesting while using the Keto Mojo meter.

Why Should I Use Keto Mojo?

Keto Mojo meter should feature in your Keto arsenal if you are one of the many as follows:

  1. You are mindful of your keto diet. Especially after your body has adapted to the diet regime and other tests like keto urine strips can detect no more ketone in your urine, you need to switch to a better device to measure your blood ketone.
  2. If you are someone who has a specific ketone goal in your mind for a targeted performance enhancement or wellness plan, then Keto Mojo reading will help you with that.
  3. You have someone in your family who is suffering from diabetes? This machine will keep both your ketone count and their glucose reading. You don’t have to invest twice. In fact, there are customers who have shared their experience of getting Keto Mojo to replace their other glucose meter.
  4. If you want to catch the food thief who slinks in with hidden carbs. Not every detail is demonstrated on the labels. And even if they are, you don’t know how your body will react to it. So it is advisable to do a test before it can topple the greatness of your keto diet.
  5. Often times we do cheat. But what happens when we pick up keto where we left? We got to see if we are back producing the number of ketones from where we left off. A Keto Mojo reading will help you with that because it stores data up to a month or more.
  6. If you are a budget conscious keto practitioner.

Let Us Check The Keto Mojo Cost!

The pleasing point here is that if you purchase from Keto Mojo website today, you will get a tonne of discount. Specifically, it comes in three bundles with varying strip quantity (hence the price difference):

Today’s Price:

  • The Ketonian Special, Founders Club Kit @ $59.99 (to know detail, click here)
  • The Ketonian Pro, Founders Club Kit @ 109.49 (to know detail, click here)
  • The Ketonian Pro Plus, Founders Club Kit @ $121.99 (to know detail, click here)

Bundle purchase will make you a member of Founder Club automatically and will let you purchase each ketone strip in future for $.99 only…. for life!

Now that is a neat saving! Because what we don’t understand is that the most expensive element in a blood meter is not the device but the strip.

And here practically the usage cost comes only to $.99 with a onetime cost of max $ 121.99.

Key Features of Keto Mojo

Keto Mojo comes with a plethora of settings:

4 daily alarmsIn case you want to do a daily reading post exercise or food intake like at a consistent timing of the day then you can do that.
Before/after meal settingCheck how your diet dictates the ketone change
Storing multi-day dataBest way to analyze whether you are progressing to your health goal or digressing.
Large LCD screen with backlightMakes reading easier in low light condition: Bathroom to bedside, reading won’t depend on the light condition of the room.
Calibration by code stripEnsures machine is coded with every new packet of strips you use.
Hygienic strip ejectorPrevents contamination.

But All Said and Done Is It Easy to Use?

We have done vast research on customers’ first interaction with the machine and king’s share of accolades has been reserved for the fact that this machine is extremely convenient to use.

Customer buzz:

Charles said:

“I am a blood-meter first timer and was anxious about how to test blood without any expert’s supervision. Using Keto Mojo was pretty easy’.

Colleen said:

“Initially, to assemble all the component was a bit tricky but then I got the hang of it. I have already used it before from a friend and found the reading from my device absolutely accurate’.

What about accuracy?

Keto Mojo readings have been found to be consistent and accurate. A quick glance at a few Keto Mojo Amazon reviews will give you an idea.

Bill said:

“The reading from my recently purchased Keto Mojo which by the way is my first ever blood meter has been fairly consistent with the last readings I got from the lab”.

Charlotte said:

“Keto Mojo gives me a laboratory-quality result and I have been using glucose meters for last twenty years!”

While people are going gaga over the accurate readings, kindly keep in mind that readings might fluctuate under many circumstances like these:

  • Finger contamination (if it is not cleaned properly before drawing the blood)
  • The first drop of blood might have alcohol in it from the alcohol swab though it has dried by then
  • Multiple tests from one single drop of blood might result in coagulation and hence throw the result awry
  • Sometimes the amount of exercise you are doing can also affect the reading

The important thing is you have to keep in mind that unlike glucose which shows a spike in 2-3 hours, ketones take time to show up in your blood. So it is better to check it the next day.

Or if you eat a particular food, check after a similar time interval every day.


  • Cost effective
  • Proven accuracy
  • FDA approved
  • Easy to use
  • Super friendly customer service
  • Prompt delivery
  • Video guides
  • Meets ISO standards


  • Better packaging
  • Reader needs to be calibrated with every new bottle
  • Strip waste risk is there if the user is not cautious about aligning the blood bead with the strip capillary properly

Now that you know how Keto Mojo functions and what is the market discussing about it, you should also amp up your ketone knowledge.

Why Is Understanding Ketone Critical In a Ketogenic Diet?

To begin with, ketosis is a natural metabolism process of ketone production in your body.

Ketosis happens when your blood is deprived of carbohydrates and thus your body is unable to break it down into glucose and absorb it to produce energy.

So your body switches metabolism! Instead, it uses fat to fuel up.

Your liver breaks down the fatty acids and ketones are produced in your bloodstream as a by-product of this process. So the presence of ketone in your blood indicates that your body is on a fat burning mode.

Tra…la…la… (Think of it as happy music!!) And therefore, the weight loss happens. But now let’s get a bit scienc-y!

Now, ketones are basically of three types:

  • Acetoacetate
  • Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid
  • Acetone

Among the above, it is the BHB or Beta-Hydroxybutyric acid is the key ketone which acts as the primary energy source and helps with all the brain and bodily functions.

A blood meter like Keto Mojo measures the number of BHB present in your blood at one given point of time. In short, it tells you about your real ketones (which should matter) and not acetoacetate which is the ketone refused by our body.

But did you know this?

There can be countless factors determining your blood ketone level apart from your low carb high fat ketogenic diet.

Presence of ketones in your body can be seen under these circumstances:

  • After a prolonged workout session
  • During pregnancy
  • Uncontrolled diabetic situation

Though the presence of ketone in your body can ring your merry bells about losing weight (if you are on a keto diet for that reason), you have to practice extreme caution when it comes to the level of ketones present in your blood.

High ketone will result in disruption of the chemical balance of your body and can cause dehydration and breathlessness and in diabetics, it can be even fatal in the form of excess ketoacidosis.

So let’s not forget, we have to be cautious of our blood ketone level during keto diet, not only because we are practicing it solely for weight loss or our fitness goal but also because our basic health can go for a toss if we are not aware.

You need to keep a check!

So don’t worry. Keto Mojo will help you in doing just that.

Keep it handy and make it your constant companion to check your blood ketone content while you are following your keto diet.

But before we conclude, we will cast a quick glance at other popular blood-meters available in the market, so that we know exactly where we stand with respect to each of them!

Brand Name:Pros & Cons:
Precision XtraPros:

Accurate Reading

Excellent customer service

–          User friendly


–          Expensive strips

–          Needles are too large and painful

Bruno Pharm MD6Pros:

–          Superb customer service

–          Kit has glucose strips included

–          Convenient to use

–          50 lancets in the kit


–          Expensive strips

Nova Max PLUSPros:

–          Cheap

–          User friendly


–          Gives erratic readings

Keto MojoPros:

–          Reading accuracy great

–          Customer service commendable

–          Easy to use

–          Inexpensive strips


–          Needs calibration with every new box of strips

So if you are not looking to loot a bank to fund your tests or simply can’t give up the urge on frequent testing, then Keto Mojo is the way to go!

Final Word:

If you are serious about your ketogenic journey then Keto Mojo is a right companion to keep. Measuring ketones is the only way to keep yourself motivated.

And if it becomes a truly expensive affair, people just lose their heart and give up their hard work midway.

Keto Mojo gives an affordable twist to this and with its accurate reading will egg you on to achieving your ultimate keto goals!

So avail. the steal deal here.

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