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Ketond Supplement Reviews: Is It Worth Buying?

The facts were shocking, to say the least!

The product, Ketond, claimed to stimulate ketosis by supplying exogenous ketones to the body. It seemed so simple! The all I needed to do was use Ketond and voila! The state of ketosis would be there to welcome me!

This is what I thought! This is what I believed!

But it was not to be.

I felt cheated!

Using supplement without checking

Did I make a mistake by trusting Ketond? Should I have at least checked the Ketond review?

Well… I admit it was a mistake on my part to use a supplement without checking out the facts, without even reading any Ketond reviews.

And the results were disastrous!

But now, I have become more alert. I have found out everything about Ketond and decided to share all the facts with you so that you can achieve your health goals.

Ready to go?

Ok…. So, now what you are going to read next is rather complicated information made simple for you to understand and comprehend.

The first step now is to check what are exogenous ketones because this is what Ketond claims to provide your body with.


Product Ketond Perfect keto


Stimulates ketosis

Stimulates ketosis much faster

Weight loss

Help to promote a healthy weight loss

Supports the weight loss more effectively

Side effects

Provides relief from side effects such as constipation, sluggishness, and indigestion  

Provides relief from weakness, and fatigue


Available in 3 flavors   

Available in 5 flavors


What Are Exogenous Ketones?

Let me begin with the most common concerns of keto dieters…

“Should I use any exogenous ketones whole on a keto diet?” “If yes, is Ketond a safe and effective exogenous ketones supplement?”


The answers to these questions are not so simple. As I told earlier, the entire process of stimulating ketosis itself is complicated and when you add to it exogenous ketones like Ketond, it gets even more complicated to understand.

So, to start with, what exactly Exogenous Ketones are?

I was made to believe that exogenous ketones are the latest supplements to have entered our life. They are marketed as innovative products that have come up only in the past few years to help people stay fit and healthy and lose weight.

However, let me tell you a fact. Scientists all over the world have been working on the concept of ketosis and synthesizing ketone bodies in laboratories since the mid-20th century.

These were primarily studies conducted to check the use of ketones in the management of specific diseases, most notably seizure disorders.

Later, the continued clinical and laboratory findings paved the way for the use of exogenous ketones for the management of other diseases, particularly obesity.

So, what do these ketone bodies do?

Let me reveal a bit of scientific background of ketones, also called ketone bodies, first. Ketone bodies are molecules synthesized from fats in the liver. These molecules are later used as a source of energy, though only in the absence of the body’s primary source of fuel, which is glucose.

A regular diet of a person that contains carbohydrates allows the body to use glucose as its main form of energy. It is only when you switch to a no-carb, keto diet, or when you stop consuming carbs, the body switches to using fats for fuel.

The term ‘ketosis’ that you have often heard refers to a state of your body of converting fats to ketones to be used for energy. However, these are not exogenous ketones because these ketones are produced by your own body. The ketone bodies produced in the liver are, in fact, endogenous ketones.

The production of endogenous ketones takes several days because your body needs time to switch from using carbs to fats as fuel. It also requires you to put in more efforts to control your diet and avoid the intake of carbs.

This is why; keto experts advise the use of Exogenous ketones! Exogenous ketones are synthesized for you in a laboratory or made available to you in the form of a supplement.

Exogenous ketones work the same way the endogenous ketones do while offering you the benefit of entering into ketosis faster and with less efforts.

That’s the beauty of exogenous ketones!

Now, the next step of this Ketond reviews is to understand whether or not Ketond is a good exogenous ketone supplement. Will it help your body enter into ketosis faster? Will it help you lose any weight? And above all, is it safe to use or will it cause any side effects?

Let me continue with this Ketond review to, now, check what Ketond is and find answers to all your questions.

What is Ketond?

Ketond is an exogenous ketone supplement formulated to support your efforts to enter into the state of ketosis to help you lose weight. It is believed to work by promoting the synthesis of ketone bodies.

Hence, it is usually recommended for keto dieters who would like to gain faster results by stimulating the process of ketosis.

As you must already be aware, the keto diet involves eating plenty of healthy fats with a moderate amount of proteins sans any carbohydrates.

The primary purpose of avoiding carbohydrate consumption while on a keto diet is to deprive the body of its main source of fuel so that it is forced to burn fats to fuel its energy requirements.

This purpose of a keto diet would be supported by Ketond! At least, this is what the manufacturers have claimed.

But, how does Ketond achieve this?

The manufacturers claim that Ketond offers a perfect combination of the best keto-friendly ingredients.

It has been formulated keeping in mind the changing needs of the body when you switch from a moderate or high-carbohydrate diet to a no-carb, keto diet.

The ingredients are chosen carefully and added to this supplement in required amounts only to support the process of ketosis and promote a safe and faster weight loss.

Ketond is also enriched with a few nutritional compounds so that you do not have to bear with the unpleasant adverse effects of a keto diet like weakness, low energy levels, reduced focus, sluggishness, and so on.

WOW! Isn’t that great?

This is what even I thought initially only to find out later with my hands-on experience that not all of these claims were based on facts.

Based on my own experience, as well as Ketond reviews of other users, I can tell you for sure in which cases this supplement would help you and when it wouldn’t. It has some positive attributes that must be applauded and some not-so-good features that you must be aware of.

I am sure all this information might have brought you to the edge! I can understand.

If you are curious to know more about whether you should be using this supplement and if it can help you achieve your health goals, keep reading this Ketond review further.

But, before that, let me summarize what I liked and what I didn’t like about Ketond with a list of pros and cons. And yes, I will also share with you what other customers have experienced by using Ketond.

The Good:

  • Controls appetite
  • Supports a sustained weight loss
  • Prevents weakness and sluggishness
  • Promotes brain functions including cognitive abilities
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves overall health
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • Available in three delicious flavors: Citrus Mango, Caramel Macchiato, and Tiger’s Blood
  • Provides relief from the side effects of a keto diet like constipation, sluggishness, and indigestion

The Bad:

  • You may not like the taste of Tiger’s Blood
  • May fall short of expectations for preventing a drastic dip in your energy levels

Consumer review of Ketond:

Customers seem to be divided over their opinion about Ketond. Most of them have been able to achieve a steady weight loss and could avoid the side effects of a keto diet including constipation, and weakness.

However, it is the Tiger’s Blood flavour of this supplement that has drawn maximum flak. Most users did not savor the unpleasant taste and later, switched to the other flavors. Some users have also complained of feeling sluggish in spite of using this supplement

Now, that you have got a rough idea of the benefits and pitfalls associated with the use of this supplement, I suppose I can move further with the Ketond reviews to learn more about what does it contain and how does it help achieve the benefits.

What does Ketond contain?

Ketond takes pride in itself for the transparency and openness with which it has shared facts with the users. That is why; the ingredient label of the contents of this supplement is available openly on its website along with the dosages of each ingredient. Let me share with you the details of what Ketond contains.

Each serving of Ketond contains 27 calories, and hold your breath… none of these comes from fats. The manufacturers have refrained from adding any dietary fiber, and sugars to the supplement. Ketond does not provide any proteins and is devoid of any calories from cholesterol.

So, what does it contains then?

The important ingredients of Ketond are:

  • 200 mg of Calcium derived from Calcium BHB Salt
  • 8900 mg of Magnesium derived from Magnesium BHB Salt
  • 1400 mg of Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (goBHB)
  • 1400 mg of Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (goBHB)
  • 1400 mg of Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (goBHB)

The latter three compounds, Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, and Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, are available as Advanced Ketone Fuel Matrix, and I believe this is what makes this supplement so special.

Hey… Hold!


Now, what is BHB? I had read a lot about the keto diet and always believed I had all the knowledge about this special diet, ketosis, and keto supplements.

But, this BHB thing was new even for me.

So, I decided to continue further research for this Ketond Reviews by learning more about BHB. And what I found out is not something to be missed….


What Exactly are BHBs?

Understanding of BHBs is very, very important as it is these ingredients that can be credited for the benefits of Ketond and held responsible for all the side effects you may develop.

BHB or Beta-hydroxybutyrate, also called beta-hydroxybutyric acid and 3-hydroxybutyrate, is an organic chemical compound.

It is considered one of the three “physiologically produced” ketone bodies that are released in the body during various metabolic processes and burned in the cells.

I also found out that the chemical structure of BHB is such that it doesn’t fit into the technical formula or structure of ketones. Yet, it is considered a form of ketone bodies due to the close association of this group of metabolites to the ketones.

The levels of BHB in your body can increase in tissues such as the brain, muscle, liver, and heart when you are on a calorie-restricted diet, such as a ketogenic diet, or are fasting.

Do you know what helps BHB grab a more prominent role in your keto diet than the other 2 groups of ketone bodies namely Acetate (Acetone) and Acetoacetate (AcAc)?

Let me explain…

Acetone is produced in the body in much smaller amounts. It is the least abundant form of ketones that is usually exhaled from the body through the lungs during the process of breathing instead of being used as fuel.

Acetoacetate, on the other hand, tends to be released into the blood during metabolism in a much lower amount than BHB.

On the contrary, the BHB levels tend to be higher and can be used by the body as a fuel. This is why; the manufacturers of Ketond decided to make good use of these ketone bodies to help keto dieters with their health goals.

So, they formulated a supplement, named it Ketond, so that the same BHBs your body is able to produce internally is also supplied to it externally in a higher amount.

Now, do you understand the link between Ketond and exogenous ketones? Ketond is nothing but an external supply of ketone bodies or exogenous ketones that your body can use as a fuel to enter into a state of ketosis.

So, the whole idea of starting this Ketond reviews with understanding what exogenous ketones mean was to help you relate the use of this supplement for stimulating ketosis.

It would provide your body with an external, readily available supply of ketone bodies. This means less efforts and less time to kickstart ketosis as Keytond would make the ketone bodies directly available to your body to be used as a source of fuel.

But this much of information is not enough. After I found out all these basics about Ketond and read the reviews, I felt I needed to recheck the facts.

The only way to do this was to check what the research studies had to say about BHBs and its role in the process of ketosis. Based on the findings of several research studies, I got a better understanding of how does Ketond work and help to stimulate ketosis.

The research studies also provided information about the various health benefits of BHBs. And this is what I am going to discuss the next in my Ketond reviews.

What are the benefits BHBs in Ketond can help you achieve?

Continuing with this Ketond reviews, let me reveal how do the BHBs work. I will also address the common concerns of keto dieters and whether or not they can be resolved by using Ketond.

1. Can Ketond help promote weight loss?

If there is one thing common in nearly all keto dieters, then it is the desire to lose weight. In fact, most keto dieters follow this diet with a primary purpose to shed excess pounds. 

I came across a few research studies that have indicated that BHBs have the potential to promote weight loss. And they seem to work in a much similar way your keto diet works.

The BHBs provide a readily available source of ketones to your body that the later can use to meet its energy requirements. This would help you enter into ketosis faster, which is what the purpose of your keto diet is.

Once you enter into ketosis, your body would burn fats faster and thus, help you lose weight.

2. What about appetite?

If your larger appetite is coming in your way towards a leaner frame, you may try Ketond. Several users have mentioned in their Ketond reviews that this supplement helped them control their appetite.

Now, let me tell you how Ketond works towards controlling your food intake.

When you are on a keto diet, and avoiding the intake of carbs, you would experience a sharp dip in the energy levels.

Carbohydrates have always been the primary source of energy for your body. And when you deprive your body of carbs, it loses this source of fuel.

This is when the body sends signals to your brain to inform you need to eat something, specifically high-carb foods, quickly so that your body can get some fuel. These signals could be blamed for why most keto dieters experience hunger pangs more often than ever.

With BHBs from Ketond, you would be able to avoid this chain of events. The BHBs, which are nothing but exogenous ketones, would provide your body with an alternative source of energy and thus, your body would no longer have to send signals to the brain to eat more food.

Isn’t that amazing?

Well… not so much!

Ketond would, of course, help to control appetite. But, based on my research, I can tell you for sure that this supplement would have worked better if it was added with dietary fibers.

Research studies have shown that fibers can help to reduce appetite by creating a sense of fullness in the stomach. Since Ketond does not contain any dietary fibers, I feel the effectiveness of this supplement is slightly reduced.  

3. Does Ketond help with declining energy levels during a keto diet?

Well… The whole idea of using Ketond is to make sure your body is not deprived of a readily available source of energy.

Hence, it becomes but obvious that when you use Ketond, the exogenous ketone bodies present in it, I mean the BHBs, would help you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day by supplying fuel to your body.

4. What is the effect of Ketond on Brain?

The effect is quite positive, I must say.

It contains BHBs, which according to research studies, have the ability to improve the cognitive functions of the brain.

This means you would be able to stay alert throughout the day, maintain focus for a longer period and have an improved memory.

Theoretically, all this sounds too good.

And let me reveal it is actually a good thing to have your brain functions enhanced simply by using exogenous ketones like Ketond.

However, what most Ketond reviews will not reveal is this benefit takes time to come into the picture. You would need to use Ketond for a longer duration, say for 3 to 6 months, to be able to notice an improvement in the brain functions.

But, as they say… better late than never, I would definitely consider it one of the best benefits of Ketond.

5. Why BHBs?

BHBs, as discussed earlier, are better at stimulating ketosis than other forms of ketone bodies as they can be easily used by the body as fuel.

But, that’s not all.

BHBs offer one more advantage. These ketone bodies have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier more easily thus offering an easily accessible energy source for the brain.

It may also provide a superior source of fuel once it enters the mitochondria of the cells where it would be converted to Acetyl-CoA, and later, into ATP.

These steps of conversion occur as part of the Krebs cycle, a process that carbohydrates normally go through to release energy or ATPs to be used by the body.

The higher supply of energy would ultimately offer several other direct benefits, such as:

  • Reducing hunger pangs
  • Improved mental performance
  • Enhanced stamina, endurance, and physical performance
  • Faster ketosis
  • Relief from “keto-flu” symptoms

These are some ways by which Ketond would help you get closer to and then, achieve your weight loss and other fitness goals. I am sure you must be having more queries about Ketond.

Below is the FAQ section of this Ketond reviews where you would find answers to your questions about the use of this supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the recommended dose of Ketond?

The recommended dose of Ketond is one scoop mixed in 12 to 16 oz of water or any beverage of your choice. You can also mix it with unsweetened almond milk, or any low-carb drink.

Just shake vigorously to allow the contents to mix well and drink.

According to Ketond reviews, this supplement mixes easily with most beverages. This does offer the ease of usage and would save you of the frustration of consuming a lumpy, improperly-mixed liquid.

2. How many flavors of Ketond are available?

Ketond is available in 3 flavors: Citrus Mango, Caramel Macchiato, and Tiger’s Blood. While the first 2 flavors have struck a chord with most users, I have noticed a few reviews that have complained of the unpleasant taste of Tiger’s Blood flavor.

I would advise you to try the flavor of your choice to determine which one works for your taste buds.

3. When should I take Ketond?

Practically speaking, you can take the doses of Ketond at any time you feel low on energy levels.

However, it is best to use it in the morning as it would help raise the ketone levels at a time when your body has been starving overnight and is in need of a source of energy.

This reminds me of a few other occasions when you may need an instant source of energy like before a gym session and workouts.

You may take the doses of Ketond 30 minutes before exercises or any form of workouts so that you can perform strenuous physical activities without feeling tired.

Some users have noted in their Ketond reviews that taking the doses between meals helped them avoid mid-meal snacks. This, I feel, would be a great way to control your food intake.

Also, there is really no need to take Ketond doses before the mealtime as this is when you would be already supplying your body with a source of energy.

4. Does Ketond contain caffeine?

Ketond is free of caffeine. For keto dieters, this might mean the stimulant effect of this supplement, or the high energy levels that they experience would come purely from the exogenous ketones.

This offers an advantage to those who would prefer to avoid caffeinated beverages for reasons like lack of sleep, and migraine.

5. Where To Buy Ketond?

I usually purchase Ketond from Amazon. Most often, there is a Ketond promo code that helps me save a few bucks.

Ketond is available on other online sites as well. However, I prefer Amazon as it provides a user-friendly platform and offers a Ketond coupon for discounts. The verified reviews on Amazon also help me make an informed decision.

Are there any better alternatives to exogenous ketones?

I was quite satisfied with the results I could achieve with Ketond. I had understood the whole process of getting into ketosis and how exogenous ketones like Ketond could promote it.

Yet, a thought kept hovering in my mind as to whether there are any better alternatives to Ketond. After some more research, I found Perfect Keto was quite close to Ketond as far as results and benefits were concerned.

I probed further to finally decide which one was better: Ketond or Perfect keto. The comparison of these two products revealed some interesting facts.

I found out that Perfect Keto, quite like Ketond, could provide exogenous ketones that had the potential to boost the blood ketone levels. It also has the ability to improve your energy levels thus allowing you to work out for a longer duration.

Perfect Keto would also enhance your brain functions such as memory and focus in a way much similar to how Keytoned works.

This led to a dilemma as to which supplement was better. Both of them seemed to be good and provided similar benefits. So, I decided to check the other aspects of these supplements. 

After comparing customer reviews, I found users seemed to be more satisfied with the results they could achieve with Perfect Keto. Weight loss and brain functions were the two benefits that could be achieved faster and more effectively by users who tried Perfect Keto.

Finally, one more factor that helped Perfect Keto find a higher place is the taste. Perfect Keto is easier on the taste buds compared to Ketond. It is available in 5 flavors: chocolate, peach, Coffee, Vanilla and Salted Caramel.

So, if you plan to stick to your keto diet for several months, you would definitely need a good back up of a tastier alternative like Perfect keto. It would prevent you from giving in to your cravings and help you stay on track towards a healthier weight loss.

After giving it a thought, I decided to switch to using Perfect Keto!

The transition was smoother as both the supplements had similar ingredients. And I must admit making the switch was a good decision.

I have been using it for several months and the great taste of Perfect Keto’s chocolate flavor has helped me stay away from high-carb foods. I have lost considerable weight easily and am on my way towards a leaner frame and a healthier life.

The Bottom-Line

Ketond definitely helped me lose a few pounds. Several Ketond reviews have also mentioned how this supplement helped users to lose weight easily.

But, I was not sure how long I would be able to control my craving for sugars and carbs. I feared, sooner or later, I would give in to the demands of the taste buds and start eating sugary foods again.

Thankfully, I found a better alternative in Perfect Keto. I would recommend it to help you attain faster and better results with your keto diet.

It would not just provide a ‘Perfect’ (it’s in the name itself!) combination of BHBs, but also satisfy your taste buds and keep the cravings under control.

This would help you lose weight by allowing you to stick to a healthy keto lifestyle for a longer duration.



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