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La Croix Flavours and Nutrition Facts: Is It Keto-Friendly?

The seltzers have boomed. (*)

Let’s face it. Plain water is just plain boring, right?

It’s not just another seltzer. It’s La Croix!

You think you’re doing everything right when it comes to keto, but you can’t seem to go into ketosis. Have you ever wondered why?

Being on the keto diet, we understand the frustrations of accidentally consuming carbs. With many products out in the market right now claiming to be sugar-free, how can we know which one’s truly are keto-friendly?

Guess what? This is where sparkling water comes into play, in the form of La Croix.

Traditionally, sparkling water tasted horrible to most of us as children, but now that we’re older and on the keto diet, we simply can’t get enough!

La Croix has changed the game, allowing us to enjoy fresh, fruity, carbonated water without the guilt of knocking ourselves out of ketosis.

Want to join us? Keep reading on and we shall tell you how to incorporate La Croix into your ketogenic diet!

What Is La Croix?

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Seltzer, or sparkling water, has been around for centuries! Sparkling water is simply water that has been processed through a gas such as carbon dioxide in order to give it a carbonated effect.

The gas is usually artificially injected into the water under pressure.

Did you know that sparkling water can occur naturally as a result of a phenomenon during geological and geothermic processes?

As of recently, brands have tried to develop alternative ways to flavor the water and sell it to the public. Some of these sparkling waters provide us with energy, caffeine, and more!

La Croix is an American company that has produced quite possibly one of the best keto-friendly, low-carb sparkling waters! La Croix is a name that translates to ‘enjoy’ in french.

No, La Croix sparkling water is not one of those created naturally from mother Earth. The ingredients, however, are completely natural which can help us maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

La Croix also comes in a variety of flavors, such as mango, lemon, and coconut, which can really give you an option no matter the occasion!

La Croix Nutritional Information

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First of all, why don’t we look at the nutritional value of La Croix beverages and see if you need even more convincing to start adding this to your keto diet!

La Croix is a zero-calorie, fruit-flavored, zero carbs carbonated soda!

Let’s take one of their most popular flavors, the beach plum, for example:

  • 0 g of total fat
  • 0 g of total carbs
  • 0 g of sodium
  • 0 calorie

We THINK it just about fits the criteria to make it keto-friendly.

Just kidding, it’s basically perfect for the keto diet. But how keto-friendly is it?

We all know by now that most of these diet sodas out in the markets fool us, making us think that they are keto-friendly when in fact, they are absolutely loaded with artificial sweeteners. So how about La Croix?

Is flavored sparkling water keto-friendly? Why don’t we take a look at ingredients used in La Croix and how they fit into the keto diet.

Ingredients Used In La Croix Sparkling Water

With over 20 different flavors of La Croix out there, you are going to wonder how many ingredients are used in a can of La Croix?

Want to know the truth?

Only two.

  • Carbonated Water
  • Natural Flavorings

Crazy right?

A study was conducted in 2014 to try and prove the people wrong and show that these natural flavorings in La Croix were actually bad for you. (*)

However, BPA experts have tested the theories and deemed La Croix safe to use. The natural flavorings used are simply oils and essences of fruit.

La Croix takes pride in its natural flavors and confirms that they are naturally sourced and not genetically modified.

Is Sparkling Water Healthy?

Sometimes, mineral water just doesn’t cut it. So we try carbonated water and let our subconscious convince us that it is unhealthy.

Many dieters opt for seltzer or sparkling water as opposed to a soda. Sparkling water is considered one of the most refreshing options for weight loss.

Sparkling water is also sometimes fortified with salt and other minerals. This not only improves its taste but also allows for a boost in electrolytes after a workout.

But, does the addition of fizz actually make this healthy?


Certain studies have tried to prove that the addition of carbonation to drinks may cause decay in tooth enamel. (*)

However, the American Dental Association has carried out its own research and concluded that sparkling water is generally fine for our teeth. We just need to be wary about the ingredients used in certain flavored and sparkling waters. (*)

This is where La Croix comes into play. With its minimal ingredients, La Croix is fine for our teeth.


Why are we concerned about acidity?

Acidity can lead to dental erosion. Unfortunately for us, carbonated water, especially when flavored with essences of citrus fruits, can carry a higher degree of acidity.

Let’s put it this way. Natural water has a pH level of 7, neutral.

Normal sugary sodas have a pH level of around 2-3. La Croix and other carbonated waters have a pH level of 5-6.

This means that La Croix can be minimally erosive, but the American Dental Association still labels them as a far better alternative than sugary sodas for your teeth!

Is Sparkling Water OK on Keto?

The keto diet is all about minimizing the number of carbs we take in and make sure that the majority of our daily calories come in the forms of fat and protein. When it comes to carbonated drinks, we are always skeptical.

Diet sodas, although claim to be sugar-free and contain no carbs, actually fall into the ‘dirty keto’ category. Dirty keto is a group of foods that are ketogenic in terms of a macronutrient level but will cause detrimental damage to your health over the long term due to the additives and artificial sweeteners used.

La Croix is a natural product. This means that La Croix uses absolutely no artificial sweeteners in their drinks, only natural flavorings.

La Croix also contains zero calories, no net carbs, and packs a fruity punch, and therefore is perfect for the keto diet.

Better yet, La Croix can be defined as clean food, in the sense that it contains no additives and artificial sweeteners that can cause negative side effects to your body.

Does La Croix Make You Gain Weight?

You won’t believe this, but it’s backed by research!

Research has shown that consuming carbonated beverages can help suppress your appetite. This is because carbon dioxide can give you that feeling of fullness. (*)

On that note, do remember that excessive drinking of carbonated drinks, regardless of their lack of carbs, can lead to bloating and gas build-up which may be rather painful!

So, Is La Croix good for you?

Yes. La Croix is keto-friendly and can definitely be added to your daily healthy eating plan.

When compared to other carbonated beverages and alternative brands of sparkling water, La Croix comes out as a pretty clean number one contender.

How many drinks can you name that are clean and contain zero carbs?

If you choose to drink La Croix, then do so responsibly. Yes, it is clean and beneficial, but remember to keep everything in moderation and limit yourself to 2-3 cans a day max.

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