Bojangle Low Carb Menu

Bojangles Low Carb Menu: Enjoy Keto-Friendly Options in 2023

Editor’s Recommendation: Keto-Friendly Delight – Grilled Chicken Salad at Bojangles

Craving keto-friendly deliciousness that never sacrifices taste? Look to Bojangles’ Grilled Chicken Salad – a masterpiece of flavors and textures. Tender grilled chicken meets crisp lettuce, lively red cabbage, and vibrant veggies like sliced cucumbers, grated carrots, and grape tomatoes. A blend of Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese adds the perfect richness.

This salad’s a winner for low-carb lifestyles, offering balanced fats, protein, and fiber:

  • Calories: 270
  • Fat: 14g
  • Protein: 31g
  • Net Carbs: 3g
  • Fiber: 1g

Order sans croutons and dressings to keep carbs in check. Or, if you’re a dressing lover, pick a low-carb option from our list. Embrace the joy of keto without limits – savor the Grilled Chicken Salad at Bojangles and stay true to your health journey.

Hungry for more keto-friendly options and smart dining strategies at Bojangles?

Keep reading our in-depth article to unlock a treasure trove of insights and tips for navigating the Bojangles menu while keeping your keto journey on track. Dive deeper into the world of Bojangles Keto and embark on a flavorful adventure that caters to both your palate and your health aspirations.

The famous Chicken n Biscuits from Bojangles is life’s biggest blessing for chicken and biscuit lovers!

The crunch of their chicken is incomparable.

Not only that, their Cajun-spiced fried chicken is made with the perfect blend of spices that will surely tickle your tastebuds and make you crave for more.

On the other hand, their flavorful and chewy buttermilk biscuits perfectly complement their chicken bites.

Are you drooling yet?

Sadly, you’re not allowed to eat these two dishes on a keto diet.

But what if we tell you that there’s a simple hack that will allow you to eat at Bojangles while on keto?

Read this article to know what the trick is…

Understanding the Basics of Keto Diet

Before diving into the world of Bojangles Keto, let’s revisit the basics. The ketogenic diet, or keto for short, is a high-fat, low-carb eating plan designed to shift your body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis occurs when your body burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. By drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing fat consumption, the body enters a metabolic state that can lead to impressive weight loss and improved overall health.

Bojangles and Fast Food Challenges on Keto

Navigating Fast Food While on a Keto Diet

Eating out while on keto can be a challenging feat. Fast food joints are often synonymous with carb-heavy options, leaving keto enthusiasts feeling left out. However, with some strategic planning and menu knowledge, it’s possible to find keto-friendly gems even in the world of fast food.

Analyzing Bojangles’ Menu for Keto-Friendly Options

Bojangles, known for its savory fried chicken and Southern-inspired sides, might not scream “keto paradise” at first glance. But don’t let appearances fool you – there are hidden treasures within their menu that can align with your keto goals.

How to Enjoy Bojangles on Low Carb

Bojangles would be the last restaurant that would come to mind when you’re on keto because their famous chicken n biscuits are a big no-no for your diet.

But same like other restaurants we’ve tackled on our site, you can also eat keto and low carb at Bojangles by following these simple tips:

1. Say no to wraps and chips and yes to lettuce!

Just like most fast-food restaurants, Bojangles also offer sandwiches. Unfortunately, these aren’t keto-friendly.

But don’t be disheartened! We have fantastic news for you.

You can still get the chance to eat these delicious sandwiches and still stick to your keto diet.

All that you need to do is ask the server to hold the wrap or bread. Instead, you can ask them to wrap the fillings in lettuce leaves. This is one keto trick that you can use in any favourite burger places too.

2. Avoid sauces and other condiments.

As much as we love condiments and sauces because, let’s face it—these make any dish more delicious, you should try to avoid them as much as you can.

This is because most of these sauces contain high amounts of sugar, so just a small amount of these would kick you out of ketosis.

If you’re not used to not having condiments in your food, make sure to go for ones that are low carbs, such as mayonnaise, ranch sauce, and many more. (1)

3. Hold the croutons when ordering a salad.

One of the best dishes that would be suitable for your keto diet is a salad.

This is because they have little to no net carbs. However, there’s still one salad ingredient that you should avoid if you wish to stick to your low-carb diet. This is no other than croutons.

Unfortunately, all Bojangles salads come with this problematic ingredient.

That’s why it’s recommended that you ask the server to leave the croutons when you order a salad to avoid being kicked out of ketosis.

4. Check the dish’s nutritional content.

When it comes to maintaining a ketogenic diet, a dish’s net carbs shouldn’t be your only concern.

This is because other macronutrients would play an essential role in ensuring that you’ll get the most out of your diet.

Besides, keeping your net carbs consumption to a minimum, you also need to make sure that your diet is made of 70% fats and 25% protein. (2)

Fortunately, Bojangles provide complete information on their dishes’ nutritional content. You can check out this information by heading to their site and clicking on their online menu.

5. No matter how hard it is, say no to breading!

Most keto dieters shy away from Bojangles because it’s the home to the famous chicken n biscuits. Without a doubt, their famous dishes are crispy and delicious. 

The sad thing is the thing that makes their dishes crispy is the very reason why they aren’t suitable for your diet—breading!

This is because breading is rich in carbs, so you should avoid it as much as you can.

Here’s the Bojangles Keto Hack You Should Know About!

However, if you’re badly craving for it, there’s one hack that we would like to share with you.

If you can’t resist the temptation, go ahead and order their breaded chicken.

But here’s the hack.

Pull out the breading from the chicken and eat it only in moderation. In this way, you can satisfy your cravings without exceeding the minimum net carbs.

There’s no harm in giving in to your cravings from time to time. It may be a good idea to give in from time to time. (3)

Unveiling the Best Keto-Friendly Choices at Bojangles

DishCaloriesMacronutrients (g)
Grilled Chicken Salad270Fat: 14g, Protein: 31g, Net Carbs: 3g
Garden Salad120Fat: 9g, Protein: 7g, Net Carbs: 3g
Roasted Chicken Bites Salad470Fat: 23g, Protein: 51g, Net Carbs: 11g
Roasted Chicken Bites350Fat: 14g, Protein: 44g, Net Carbs: 8g
Chicken Leg100Fat: 5g, Protein: 9g, Net Carbs: 5g
Chicken Wing150Fat: 8g, Protein: 10g, Net Carbs: 7g

Now that you already know the best way to enjoy Bojangles chicken, even on keto.

Let us now start exploring the low-carb menu items that they offer. Most of these dishes are already keto-friendly—minimum to no tweaks needed.

These are as follows

Editor’s Recommendation: Keto-Friendly Delight – Grilled Chicken Salad

If you’re on the lookout for a delectable keto-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on taste, look no further than Bojangles’ Grilled Chicken Salad.

This culinary masterpiece brings together the savory goodness of a tender grilled chicken breast with the refreshing crispness of iceberg and romaine lettuce, elevated by the vibrant addition of red cabbage.

The satisfying crunch of sliced cucumbers, grated carrots, and grape tomatoes adds layers of texture and flavor. To top it all off, a blend of shredded Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese contributes a perfect balance of richness.

With a keen eye on your carb intake, you’ll be pleased to know that this delightful salad checks all the boxes. It delivers a well-rounded composition of fats, protein, and fiber, making it an excellent choice for anyone following a low-carb lifestyle.

Nutrition-wise, you’re looking at:

  • Calories: 270
  • Fat: 14g
  • Protein: 31g
  • Net Carbs: 3g
  • Fiber: 1g

When placing your order for the Grilled Chicken Salad at Bojangles, make sure to request it without croutons and dressings if you’re keeping an eye on your carb intake. However, if you’re a dressing enthusiast, you can opt for a low-carb dressing from our recommended list.

In a world where it’s easy to feel limited by dietary restrictions, this dish stands as a testament to the fact that you can enjoy delicious and satisfying meals while staying true to your keto goals.

So, whether you’re a seasoned keto enthusiast or just exploring the realm of low-carb dining, the Grilled Chicken Salad at Bojangles is a must-try that promises to delight your taste buds and keep you on track with your health journey.

Garden Salad

The Garden is the most basic salad you can find in the Bojangles menu, but don’t let its simplicity fool you as it’s packed with all the right ingredients that make it healthy, delicious, and above all—keto compliant.

The fresh and filling Garden Salad features some of the best greens for keto—iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, red cabbage, cucumber slices, grated carrots, grape tomatoes, and a shredded Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese mix.

Keto Tip: Again, get this without the dressing and the croutons. But if you must have dressing, please make sure that it’s low carb!

Nutrition Facts: In one order of the salad (without the croutons and dressing), you can get 120 calories, 9g fat, 7g protein, 1g fiber, and 3g net carbs.

Roasted Chicken Bites Salad

If you want a more flavorful salad meal, the Roasted Chicken Bites salad is one salad that you should order. This one’s different from the grilled chicken salad because it has a more distinct flavor.

Same with the grilled chicken salad, this one also has the usuals—iceberg and romaine lettuce, sliced cucumbers, grated carrots, red cabbage, grape tomatoes, and Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese blend.

Keto Tip: Make sure to choose a low-carb dressing to keep the net carbs minimum. While Bojangles offers tantalizing keto options, be cautious of hidden carbs and sugars. Sauces, dressings, and unexpected additions can add up. Stay vigilant and inquire about ingredients to make informed choices.

Nutrition Facts: The salad, alone with no croutons and dressings, contain 470 calories, 23g fat, 51g protein, 2g fiber, and 11g net carbs.

Roasted Chicken Bites

The closest meal to their famous chicken n biscuit you can get at Bojangles is their roasted chicken bites. The bites don’t have any breading, which is a big plus.

However, the chicken breast pieces are marinated, so they still contain higher amounts of calories than only grilled chicken.

The good news is these give off a distinct and delicious flavor which makes the added calories worth it.

If you’re not on strict keto, you can eat these in moderation.

Keto Tip: Their Roasted Chicken Bites come with biscuits. Order this without the biscuits if you wish to stick to your keto diet. You can replace it with green beans side dish to boost your fiber intake.

Nutrition Facts: In order of Roasted Chicken Bites, you can get 350 calories, 14g fat, 44g protein, 1g fiber, and 8g net carbs.

Chicken Leg

Since you already know the keto hack for eating at Bojangles, you already know the logic behind eating a breaded chicken leg while on keto.

The good news is their chicken leg is probably one of the healthiest meals you can eat at Bojangles. This is because it has low sodium content—only 250 mg.

Keto Tip: You can only eat one piece of chicken leg if you wish to stay on keto. Also, don’t forget to pull off the chicken’s bread so you can limit your net carbs consumption. Again, you can order this with a green beans side dish to complete your fiber intake.

Nutrition Facts: From one chicken leg, you can get 100 calories, 5g fat, 9g protein, and 5g net carbs.

Chicken Wing

Same with the concept of eating chicken legs while on keto, you’re free to partake in a breaded chicken wing on keto as long as you will limit your net carbs for the rest of the day.

Keto Tip: Bojangles offers a 3-piece chicken wing meal. We suggest that you split it with your friends because you’re allowed to eat only one piece of a chicken wing. Instead of ordering this with a biscuit, get it with green beans for a fiber-rich and keto-friendly side dish.

Nutrition Facts: A piece of the chicken wing will give you 150 calories, 8g fat, 10g protein, and 7g net carbs.

Low Carb Salad Dressings

As much as you can, avoid dressing when ordering salads, these will increase your net carbs and caloric intake.

But if you must have dressings in your salad, the least that you can do is to opt for keto-friendly ones. Here are our recommendations:

  • Ken’s Blue Cheese Dressing (2g net carbs)
  • Ken’s Buttermilk Ranch Dressing (2g net carbs)
  • Ken’s Fat-Free Italian Dressing (5g net carbs)

Among all the dressing options at Bojangles, the honey Dijon dressing should be your last option as it contains around 14g net carbs.

Keto Friendly Dips at Bojangles

We also advise that you shy away from using condiments. But if you can’t eat without it, our next best advice is to make sure that you go for the ones with the least amount of net carbs. Here are two of them:

  • Ranch Sauce (4g net carbs)
  • Bo’s Special Sauce (6g net carbs)

The ranch sauce is the most keto-friendly dipping choice at Bojangles. But if you’re not on strict keto, you can still have a taste of their special sauce.

However, you should avoid their honey mustard sauce (13g net carbs) and BBQ Sauce (25g net carbs) at all costs.

Low Carb Add-ons and Sides at Bojangles

In Bojangles, there’s what they call fixins or side dishes that will complement your meal or make your meals well-rounded.

Unfortunately, there’s only one keto-friendly side dish option at Bojangles. It’s no other than green beans. One serving contains 20 calories, 0 fats, 1g protein, and 3g net carbs.

On the other hand, you have a few add-on options to choose from—egg, American cheese, and pimiento cheese.

Personalizing Your Keto Journey: Takeaways and Action Steps

Incorporate the lessons learned from the Bojangles Keto adventure into your broader keto journey. Stay adaptable, make informed choices, and savor the satisfaction of enjoying your favorite meals while staying true to your health goals.

What are the Food Items to Avoid at Bojangles?

Here are the menu items you should never eat when on keto:

  • Mashed Potatoes N Gravy (65g net carbs)
  • Bojangles Cajun Pintos (81g net carbs)
  • Seasoned Fries (73g net carbs)
  • Dirty Rice (74g net carbs)
  • Country Ham and Egg Biscuit (37g net carbs)
  • Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit (38g net carbs)
  • Cajun Filet Biscuit (56g net carbs)
  • Gravy Biscuit (48g net carbs)
  • Steak Biscuit (47g net carbs)

Final Words

Even though Bojangles is a fast food restaurant that’s home to the famous chicken n biscuit, there’s more to their menu than what they’re famous for.

Even if their popular meals are not suitable for the keto diet, their menu is packed with meals that you can consume on keto.

If you’re a salad lover, you’ll surely take delight in the wide range of salads that they have. Not only that, but chicken lovers also have few options.

Plus, try the Bojangles keto hack we’ve shared with you if you wish to taste their chicken n biscuit without breaking your keto diet!

Addressing Common Concerns and Myths About Bojangles Keto

Is It Possible to Follow Keto Strictly at a Fast Food Joint? Absolutely! By researching menus, customizing orders, and making informed choices, you can stick to your keto principles even while enjoying fast food convenience.

Are Bojangles’ Keto-Friendly Choices Actually Tasty? Indeed, they are! Bojangles has put thought into creating flavorful options that align with keto guidelines, ensuring you savor every bite.

Does Keto at Bojangles Break the Bank? Contrary to misconceptions, eating keto at Bojangles doesn’t have to break the bank. With smart choices and a bit of planning, you can enjoy a satisfying meal without a hefty price tag.

Can You Really Achieve Weight Loss Goals with Bojangles Keto? Bojangles Keto is more than a fleeting trend; it’s a strategic approach to enjoying fast food while supporting weight loss goals. With proper choices and portion control, success is within reach.

Is Bojangles Keto a Passing Fad? Bojangles Keto isn’t just a fad – it’s a reflection of the evolving dietary landscape. As health-conscious consumers seek adaptable options, Bojangles’ commitment to keto-friendly choices is likely here to stay.

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