Chipotle Low Carb Options: 14 Dishes To Eat and Avoid on Keto Diet!

If you’re on keto, eating in fast-food restaurants is not recommended.

But here’s one thing you need to understand: Chipotle is not just any other fast-food restaurant.

What makes them different from the rest is they focus on using real and fresh ingredients. They use only 51 ingredients in all of their dishes.

Here’s the surprising thing: all of these ingredients are listed on their site.

Since they don’t keep their ingredients a secret, it’s easier to order something keto at Chipotle.

But of course, you may still encounter a few challenges when ordering keto at Chipotle. That’s why we’ve prepared this simple guide for you.

How to Order Keto at Chipotle in 5 Easy Steps

Are you ready to make your keto Chipotle dreams come true? Here are the steps that you need to know:

Step 1. Choose your base.

You have two options here—the cauliflower rice and their super green Romaine lettuce blend.

The cauliflower rice is a filling option, and it contains fewer carbs too. On the other hand, the lettuce blend is recommended if you’re looking for something light.

However, please take note that the salad comes with a vinaigrette dressing that contains lots of carbs, so you may want to ask the server to hold the dressing when ordering the salad base.

The option that you should avoid is tacos.

Step 2. Decide on your protein source.

We love the most about the keto Chipotle menu because it has a wide range of protein source selections. These include chicken, steak, carnitas, chorizo, barbacoa, and sofritas.

Among these, it’s the sofritas that contain the highest amount of carbs (6g net carbs), so you should consume this only in moderation.

Step 3. Say no to rice and beans.

No matter what type of rice or beans the dish has, you should never try them.

White rice has 39 net carbs, while brown rice contains 34g net carbs. On the other hand, black beans have 15g net carbs, and the pinto beans will give you 13g net carbs.

Step 4. Select your toppings.

The toppings will make a difference not just on the macronutrient content of your dish but also will have an impact on its taste. If you have no idea which low carb toppings will suit your dish, we’ll provide you with some recommendations below.

Step 5. Choose your salsa.  

All of the salsas at Chipotle is suitable for the keto diet—fresh tomato salsa, tomatillo green chili salsa, and tomatillo red chili salsa. The only salsa that you should avoid is roasted chili-corn salsa.

What are the Best Chipotle Keto Options?

If you don’t believe that Chipotle is one of the most keto-friendly fast food restaurants out there, then you may want to check out our recommended dishes for your low carb Chipotle menu below:

Chipotle Keto Salads

Among the low-carb Chipotle dishes that we’ve come across, their keto salads are our favorite. This is because their salads contain a good balance of the macronutrients that you need—fats, protein, and most of all, fiber!

Not only that, but you also have the option to customize your salad so you can tweak the ingredients according to your needs. Below are some of the customized Chipotle keto s

Double Carnitas Salad

If you love meat, then you’ll love this one! Let’s start with the base, which is the Supergreen Lettuce Blend. Afterward, you can ask for the Carnitas fillings—double the serving!

To make the salad more filling and delicious, ask the server to top it off with your choice of low-carb toppings. We recommend going for guacamole—always the winner, and Monterey Jack Cheese.

Nutrition Facts: This customized salad will give you 775 calories, 54g fat, 55g protein, 8g fiber, and 4g net carbs.

Double Chicken Salad

If you’re more of a chicken type of person, the Double Chicken Salad is what we suggest. Same with the carnitas salad, you’ll get it with a Supergreens and Lettuce blend base and your choice of low carb topping.

The only difference is you’ll get a double serving of their juicy grilled chicken thigh.

Nutrition Facts: If you get this with guacamole, Monterey Jack cheese, and Fajita vegetable toppings, you will get only 735 calories, 44g fat, 74g protein, 9g fiber, and 8g net carbs.

Double Steak Salad

Now, here’s a more hardcore salad dish as it contains one of the best meat that you can ever eat on keto—steak. (1)

To match your double steak serving perfectly, we suggest going for these low carb toppings– sour cream, Monterey Jack Cheese, and low carbs fresh tomato salsa.

Nutrition Facts: When you order the salad with the keto toppings that we’ve mentioned, you’ll get only 560 calories, 29g fat, 51g protein, 5g fiber, and 7g net carbs.

Double Barbacoa Salad

For those who want to have a taste of authentic Mexican dishes, barbacoa is what you should order. (2)

With that said, the perfect toppings for this meat dish are no other than sour cream, Monterey jack cheese, and guacamole.

Nutrition Facts: Including the toppings we’ve mentioned, a serving of double barbacoa salad will yield 805 calories, 53g fat, 59g protein, 10g fiber, and 8g net carbs.

Sofritas Salad

Since sofritas is made of tofu, it may seem as if this is the healthiest choice on the list. But if we’re honest, it’s actually not the best option if you’re on keto.

This is because this shredded and chopped tofu dish is submerged in sofrito sauce, a thick sauce made of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, onions, and garlic. We don’t recommend it as it contains high amounts of sugars.

But if you want to taste this sauce, you can do so, but you need to cut back on carbs on your meals for the rest of the day. You will also have to skip the toppings.

Nutrition Facts: With only the lettuce blend and the sofritas, you’ll already get 165 calories, 10g fat, 9g protein, 5g fiber, and 7g net carbs.

Vegetarian Salad

For those who are looking for a vegan and low-carb meal at Chipotle, you’ll be happy to know that they have an option for you on their menu.

It’s no other than their Vegetarian Salad, made up of the super greens with lettuce blend, and sofritas.

You can also opt for their vegan toppings like guacamole and tomatillo red-chili salsa. These toppings will give your salad the flavor it needs while keeping your carbohydrate consumption to a minimum.

Nutrition Facts: This vegan option will give you 350 calories, 27g fat, 7g protein, 10.5g fiber, and 9g net carbs.

Chipotle Keto Bowls

In addition to salads, you also have plenty of Chipotle Keto Bowl options to choose from. We’ll share some of the best choices that you have below:

Keto Salad Bowl

The Keto Salad Bowl is called as such as it contains meat (carnitas or chicken), greens (Romaine Lettuce), and high fat and low carb ingredients. These include guacamole, Monterey Jack, and red chili salsa.

Nutrition Facts: One serving of a keto salad bowl yields 590 calories, 42g fat, 32g protein, 8g of fiber, and 7g net carbs.

Steak Burrito Bowl

When choosing meat filling at Chipotle, we recommend going for fillings that don’t contain sauce. Our best picks are either chicken or steak.

For the Steak Salad bowl, you should forego the burrito shell. Instead, order the bowl with fresh tomato salsa, romaine lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, and, of course, your steak strips.

As mentioned, skip the beans and rice too.

Nutrition Facts: This salad bowl contains 520 calories, 37g fat, 25g protein, 9g fiber, and 16g net carbs.

Paleo Salad Bowl

We love Chipotle’s Paleo Salad Bowl because it’s not just a great low-carb option. It’s an excellent dairy-free pick as well. If you’re lactose intolerant or you’re minimizing your dairy consumption, this may be the salad bowl for you.

To order the Paleo Salad Bowl, choose the superfood lettuce blend, then go for the chicken filling and top it off with green chili salsa, fajita vegetables, and guacamole.

Nutrition Facts: Without the rice and beans, this salad bowl will give you 445 calories, 29g of fat, 28g of protein, 9g of fiber, and 12g of net carbs.

Whole30 Salad Bowl

Whole30 and keto diet are indeed two different types of diet. (3) However, the Chipotle Whole30 Salad Bowl can also be considered keto-friendly. Additionally, this one’s an excellent option for people who can’t consume dairy.

The Whole30 Salad Bowl is made up of chicken and a few low-carb veggies like bell peppers, onions, fresh tomato salsa, and lettuce. It has guacamole as its topping.

Nutrition Facts: A serving of this low-carb salad will give you 495 calories, 34g fat, 27g protein, 9g fiber, and 10g net carbs.

Beanless Burrito Bowl

Burrito on a keto diet? We’re kidding, right? No, we don’t! Chipotle has made it possible for you to make burrito low carb and keto-friendly!

How did they do it? Well, they offer their burrito bowl without the shell, so you’ll be left with only the content of their burrito. These include chicken, fajita vegetables, and salsa cheese. As always, ask the server to hold both the beans and rice.

Nutrition Facts: This salad bowl contains only 325 calories which also makes it perfect for losing weight. It also has 15g fat, 39g protein, 2.5g fiber, and 7.5g net carbs.

Chicken and Steak Burrito Bowl

While it’s true that you can’t have rice and beans in your burrito when eating keto at Chipotle, you can still make your Chipotle meals more filling by adding more meat! For this, we recommend going for a combination of steak and chicken as these meats go well together.

You can top these off with fresh tomato salsa, romaine lettuce, and guacamole. It’s filling, delicious, and above all—keto-friendly!

Nutrition Facts:  This taco salad has 590 calories, 35g fat, 55g protein, 9g fiber, and 5g net carbs.

Steak and Chorizo Burrito Bowl

This is one of the meatiest options at Chipotle keto menu. It’s undoubtedly the best option for keto lovers who wish to add more flavor to their standard double steak bowl order. The combination of steak and chorizo delivers a blend of meaty flavor that you can’t find in any other salad bowl.

As usual, this has a romaine lettuce blend base, but for the toppings, we dare you to go full dairy toppings on this one as it’s the best move you can make with this duo. Our recommended toppings are sour cream and salsa cheese.

You can add a fruity twist to it by topping it with a tomatillo red chili salsa or a tomatillo green chili salsa to balance the flavors.

Nutrition Facts: Per serving of this salad bowl, you’ll get 705 calories, 41g fat, 61g protein, 4g fiber, and 7g net carbs.

Keto Chipotle Rice

In addition to making their burritos and salad bowls customizable, Chipotle also has one item in their keto menu that’s made especially for people on the keto diet. Here it is:

Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

If you’ve been missing Chipotle’s cilantro lime rice ever since you went keto or you’re looking for a way to bulk up keto Chipotle bowls and salads, their cilantro lime cauliflower rice is one add-on that you should consider.

This one has almost the same taste as their cilantro lime rice, but there’s a small difference in their texture, of course! But the good news is, this will provide you with added fiber too!

Nutrition Facts: A cup of their cilantro lime cauliflower rice will give you 40 calories 0g fat, 3g protein, 3g fiber, and 4g net carbs.

What are the Worst Dishes When Eating Keto at Chipotle

In addition to knowing which dishes to order at Chipotle on the keto diet, you should know which food items you should also avoid. These are as follows:

  • Pinto Beans
  • Black Beans
  • White Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Flour Tortillas
  • Corn Tortillas
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Genuine Queso

In Summary

Thanks to their salads and burrito bowls, eating keto at Chipotle is made possible!

All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the meals you should avoid and the food items with the lowest amount of carbs.

Once you’re well versed with these options, you’re free to mix and match the toppings and fillings in any way you wish. When you do that, the keto possibilities at Chipotle will be endless!

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