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Wawas Keto Options: What to Order and Avoid!

Did you know that Wawa started out as a convenience store? (*)

That sounds surprising, right?


We know that if you are on a keto diet, you must have always been searching for many options of low carbs meals.

And a fast-food restaurant like Wawa will have nothing that’s keto-compliant? 

Here is something more unbelievable.

Wawa is different! 

This is a fast-food restaurant that serves the right keto food.

We understand if you don’t believe us.

Therefore, keep on reading and you will learn some new ways to spice things up on your keto menu!

About Wawa’s Nutrition:

As a keto lover with unique nutritional needs, getting enough required nutritional needs in a meal at a fast-food restaurant is relieving and a big motivator.

In these recent years, most fast-food chains are starting to consider the keto diet as an important part of their food listing. As a result, they are modifying some food recipes to offer keto diets like in low-carb meals. 

Not only because it is the right step to take, but also because the eating lifestyle is constantly changing these days.

More people are paying attention to their health and, by extension, what they consume. Therefore, it’s only sensible to include keto options like low-carb on their menu list.

Here is our secret.

It’s not just about asking whether what they have in store that’s keto-friendly, it’s about knowing what to include in your meal.

Here comes the big question.

What options do you have when it comes to low-carb meals at a fast-food restaurant?


Does Wawa Serve Keto Options?

The short answer is “yes”.

Although partly a convenience store, there are a lot of meals available at the Deli. 

While keto-friendly foods are less in number than the total number of other fast food available, there are still some keto foods you can order. 

This can be done by customizing your meal or by ordering keto-friendly food options.

But if you do not want to read this until the end, chicken salad is the easiest option for you thanks to the lowest net carbs and fat constituents when compared to other foods.

Fact: Does Wawa sell keto ice cream?

Wawa does not currently sell keto ice cream, but they may in the future. Keto ice cream is made with erythritol and other keto-friendly sweeteners, and it is lower in carbs than traditional ice cream. It has a similar texture to regular ice cream, but it is slightly more difficult to find. Some stores that carry keto ice cream include Walmart, Kroger, and Safeway.

How To Order Order Keto at Wawa

To put it simply, the type of order you place always depends on your time and food preferences.

There are built-to-order and ready-to-go meals available at all times the store is open. 


Most of the food available has built-to-order options through the touch screen.

If you want it fresh, or maybe you want some extra toppings or the exclusion of certain options from your order, built-to-order is your best option.

That is, of course, if you have the time. The ingredients are fresh and ready to go.


Following the traditional fast food culture, the ready-to-go option can be the solution for you.

However, If you are the picky type, there are many other healthy options for you to manually choose from.

How to Customize Your Low Carb Order at Wawa

You can always customize a low order to suit your desired option.

This becomes necessary when you are not fully convinced on what to pick from the available low net carbs recipes. This can also apply if you want a healthier version of the standard orders available.

So how do you customize?

1. Consider the Low Carb Alternatives

The answer is quite easy. 

  • You can start by first considering the healthier, low-carb alternatives. 
  • Then, if that’s what you have in mind, check the nutritional information to ensure they go along with your dietary requirements.

How do you do this? By searching and checking for hidden sources of carbohydrates. 

  • While customizing your order, ensure that the components of the meal have known and clear information. In short, make sure that nothing is hidden. 

2. Reduce the Number of Condiments

Another way you can avoid hidden carbs is by reducing the number of condiments you use. You can also totally do away with them to be safer.

3. Reduce toppings, dressings etc.

Toppings and dressings have carbohydrate contents different from the whole meal.

For example, salad has many toppings. And you do not want to know how these small add-on carbs can ruin your diet that you work hard for months.

Is There Anything Low-Carb in Wawa?

Yes, there are low net carbs options for you to choose from at Wawa. 

While these low net carbs options are available, you can also make your order healthier through the built-to-order screen.

So, what can you order?

Starting from the almost zero-carb to the highly delicious and famed chicken salad, you can order anything. Let us tell you some of the dishes you can order while on keto.

Top 7 Low Carb Options at Wawa Menu

Having proven to you now that despite being a fast-food Deli, there are keto-friendly low net carbs orders you can get at Wawa.

Now, it has become imperative to curate the list of meals you can order for yourself.

By taking a look at this list, you can decide what works best for you. Yes, we’re talking in terms of carbs content and other nutritional composition. 

This list, although in no particular order, has some common meals that you heard every keto expert talk about. And some would undoubtedly go on top of the list like the famous salads – the chicken salad and the vegetable salad.

Keto Wawa Breakfast Options

image of Keto Wawa Breakfast Options

1. Egg Bowls:

This is one of the healthiest fast food keto orders based on nutritional composition on the breakfast menu. It is also one of the most popular breakfast options. It has an average calorie content through fat. (*)

Not to mention, the fact that it is a very customizable order has made it one of the best keto diets in every outlet.

2. Egg Omelets:

The different omelets all have low net carb below 5g each and less than 250g net calories, making them good keto breakfast ideas. (*)

Lunch/Dinner Options

3. Chicken Salad Bowls

The salads undoubtedly have some of the lowest carbohydrate content of any meal choice. 

There is only a minimal carbohydrate source in the salad other than the ones that come from the toppings and/or the dressings.

Therefore, these can also be excluded from the meal to make it almost free of carbohydrates.

Net carbs

The chicken has a net carb of less than 1g. The addition of condiments and vegetables increases this.

4. Chicken salad

The chicken salad bowl is a great combination of taste and healthiness. In addition, they have close to zero carbs content, which makes them some of the most keto-friendly orders at Wawa.

On its own, the chicken in the chicken salad is completely carbs-free but this changes with vegetables and salad dressings. So, care should be taken when ordering the chicken salad bowl.

Why do you ask? 

That’s because requesting additional vegetables and/or too many dressings and other condiments can potentially shoot the carbohydrate content to unprecedented levels. 

The type and quantity of vegetables added to the bowl should be confirmed to be keto compliant before they are added to the dinner order. Pepper is a good addition – in moderate quantity.

Other lunch/dinner ideas?

image of wawa Other lunch/dinner ideas

5. Hoagies

It is obvious that the hoagie roll is not suitable for a keto diet. This is due to the high carb content of the roll itself. 

And about the good news? Go with the hoagie bowl. 

The hoagie bowl can also be customized to either completely carb-free or with minimal carb content.

You can customize your hoagie bowl by choosing from a series of fresh vegetables like pepper. American cheese is also available from the touch screen order machine. 

6. Snacks

You can also get keto snacks, and these include the apple peanut butter dipper, the hard-boiled egg, green bell pepper, avocado, American cheese, and a host of others.

Keto Wawa Drinks

There are a lot of keto-compliant fast food beverages to choose from at Wawa.

But, as everyone would agree, water is the best beverage and is always the most preferred choice for healthy nutrition. Not only keto nutrition. 

However, if you require something tasty, you have a pool of low-carb keto-friendly drinks available to choose from.

7. Diet soda

While soda may not be good for you in general, diet soda is good on a keto diet as it is completely free of carbs. 

The sugar present in the non-diet soda is replaced with an artificial sweetener. Due to sugar being the only carbohydrate source in soda, the replacement of the sugar with an artificial sweetener completely takes the sugar away.

8. Iced tea

This is a good keto beverage to go along with your breakfast. Iced tea contains a negligible amount of carb, usually less than 1g per cup.

9. Reduced sugar juices

Normal juice, except lime and lemon juice, is typically loaded with sugar but with reduced sugar juices. As a result, the carbohydrates have been greatly reduced and making them keto compliant.

Other beverages that go well with keto diets include the Wawa sugar-free iced caramel latte and other low sugar beverages.

Some of these beverages have other benefits (*) in the body than those got from being keto compliant.


Some keto-compliant toppings include Mayonnaise and some vegetable-based salad dressings.

10. Cheese

While not all cheeses are suitable for the keto diet, some cheeses like the American cheese, blue cheese, goat cheese, and cream cheese are – due to their negligible carb content.

11. Sauces

You can always go for the sugar-free caramel sauce, the spicy lemon herb sauce or the keto avocado sauce to serve as a keto complaint condiment for your food.

12. Seasonings

Some of the seasonings suitable for keto foods or keto diets are thyme, basil, coriander, tarragon, mint, cinnamon, and ginger. 

This is due to their very low net carb and, as such, produce a negligible change in the net carb content of the food. Wawa uses these in its meals.

What Are the Healthiest Low-Carb Options at Wawa?

There are many low-carb keto foods available at Wawa with varying carb content, fat, and protein. However, low-carb food does not necessarily mean it is the best available. 

Some other factors and nutrients will have to be considered. The other important major nutrients that include protein, fat, and vitamins must be available in sufficient quantity for a food to be classified as a good keto food. 

What does this mean?

A keto-compliant food that has close to or zero carbs must have a corresponding sufficient amount of calories to serve as a substitute energy source for the absent carbohydrate. 

The absence of this means the energy available in the food will not be sufficient enough for the consumer.

Turns out, the chicken salad, which can be modified based on preferences, is one of the healthiest low-carb diets and other low-carb salads available. 

What makes the salad or the chicken salad special?

Salad mostly contains vegetables which are almost always healthier and more nutritious. Some even contain all the major nutrients (fat, protein, fiber, etc.) in appropriate quantities. 

Most of these vegetables have low carb content with only a few of them like lettuce and tomato, etc., with relatively high carb content. However, the level of this carb content is still mostly lower than some other food options.

What Foods to Avoid at Wawa on Keto

When you are on a keto diet, there is the usual suspect food you should always stay away from. These suspects are always;

  • Sandwiches
  • Cakes
  • Ice cream
  • Other dairy-based beverages, and 
  • Food with too many dressings or toppings (salad) etc.

Away from the usual suspect, what else should you avoid?

Food with obvious high carbohydrate content is easily avoidable. However, the ones that look keto compliant are usually not.

The presence of the high net carb may not be deliberate, but still, it is there.

Keto food with too many sides, which may increase the net carb, should also be avoided. So low-carb food with extra toppings or dressings will have higher net carb than expected. 

Foods with excess non-keto sauce will also fall in the same situation. Always lookout for these when placing your order. 

Consider this.

If the chicken salad has too much dressing, you will get higher net carbs than you should get on average.


It is a known fact that a visit to a Wawa convenience store means either one or all of three things. Either;

  • You want to fill your tank with gas 
  • You want to fill your refrigerator with groceries or 
  • Your stomach with delicious food.

No matter what it is, you are sure to get the best of the three.

For someone who is on a keto diet, a visit to the Deli will get you some keto-compliant recipes available, either through the ready-to-go (not so much) or the built-to-order method. 

There may not be so many keto foods there. But, you are sure to get the best bang for your bucks if you follow our guides carefully.


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