12 Low-carb Brunch Recipes for a Crowd (Including Two Desserts!)

On Sundays, we brunch! With these low-carb brunch recipes for a crowd, you can enjoy a laid-back weekend while sharing good food with your family and friends.

“Brunch is not a meal. Brunch is a competition. And I’m winning.”

– Matt Bellasai

Not to sound too arrogant, but we are great at making brunch spreads.

Scratch that. We’re the brunch champs. 

That’s why our family and friends usually flock to our doorstep every Sunday to enjoy a perfectly cooked and well-curated brunch menu.

But we will be honest with you—we haven’t always been at the top.

During our early brunch years, we were up to our neck, finding good recipes and figuring out which dish pairs well with which drink and dessert.

And when most of our friends (us included) went on keto, we hit rock bottom.

After all, how can we create a good brunch spread without the good old classics?

(pancakes, waffles, and mimosas)

Well, it was not impossible, but it was challenging. 

That’s why we prepared this list of brunch recipes that are:

  • Low in carbs and calories but high in fats, fiber, and protein,
  • Quick and easy to make,
  • Make-ahead recipes that you can cook in bulk,
  • Deliver the savory brunch flavors that you love

But wait, there’s more.

We also included two dessert recipes to satisfy your sweet cravings in a low-carb way!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the low-carb brunch recipes for a crowd that will impress your guests and have them saying, “Off to brunch, be back never.”

Promise, we won’t go bacon your heart. 

Low-carb Brunch Recipes for a CrowdQuick Overview Table

Recipe NameMain IngredientsNutritional Information (Calories/Fats/Protein/Net Carbs)
Ham and Cheese Egg CupsHam, Eggs, Cheese82/4g/9g/1g
Salmon and EggsButter, Cheese, Smoked Salmon278/21.9g/18.3g/1.5g
Egg MuffinsEggs, Toppings, Mix-insVaries
Breakfast EnchiladasEggs, Bacon, Spinach, Fats3523/219g/171g/114g
Hardboiled Egg BitesBacon, Cheese, Mayonnaise, Eggs22/18g/14g/1g
BLT Stuffed AvocadoesAvocado, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato425/38.4g/7.3g/5.4g
Keto Cinnamon CerealCoconut Oil, Chia, Flaxseeds, Nuts344/32g/7g/4g
Cauliflower Hash BrownRiced Cauliflower, Cheese181/11g/12g/6g
Keto Breakfast SaladsVaries based on toppingsVaries
Greek VegetablesVegetables, Feta Cheese195/16.2g/5.7g/6.6g
Overnight Chia PuddingChia Seeds, Peanut Butter, Cacao129/8g/4g/2g
Keto Cheesecake ParfaitsCream Cheese, Coconut Shortbread474/42g/9g/6g
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Low-carb Brunch Crowd Recipes: Delicious & Healthy Options for Many

Here are the best low-carb brunch recipes for a crowd that are quick and easy to make yet still impressive:

1. Ham and Cheese Egg CupsBreakfast in a Bite

Time is of the essence when cooking for a crowd, and these ham and cheese egg cups are the best time savers!

Instead of cooking ham and eggs separately, you can cook them together and turn them into the perfect grab-and-go brunch dish.

Simply place the ham in a muffin pan, top it off with eggs, add cheese, and bake!

In less than 20 minutes, you already have the best muffin alternative: low in carbs, high in fats and protein, and savory breakfast flavors.

But here’s the best part: you can bake up to 8-24 egg cups at a time, depending on the size of your oven. 

Per serving: 82 calories, 4g fats, 9g protein, and 1g net carb.

Pro Tip: Go for a silicone muffin pan to remove the egg cups easily. (*)

Editor’s Tip: Use thin zucchini slices instead of ham to lower sugar and fat content.

Learn more:  https://emilybites.com/

2. Salmon and EggsEasy and Fancy Brunch Option

Scrambled eggs may seem simple and ordinary, but this salmon and eggs recipe is the great exception.

This egg recipe contains butter, cheese, and protein, making it a hearty and nutritious brunch meal that will give your guests stable energy to enjoy the day. (*)

The smoked salmon is at the heart of the recipe, and it delivers good omega-3 fatty acids and a bright, smoky, and dynamic flavor to your usual scrambled egg.

What we love the most is that it delivers the same restaurant-quality flavors but with hundreds of calories less than café scrambles.

Per serving: 278 calories, 21.9g fats, 18.3g protein, 1.5g net carbs.

Pro Tip: Serve the scrambled eggs in a slow cooker on a warm or low heat setting to prevent them from getting cold. (*)

Editor’s Tip: Add asparagus and goat cheese to make this brunch dish even fancier. 

Learn more:  https://www.joeshealthymeals.com/

3. Egg Muffins3 Delicious Ways

Admit it: scrambled eggs become tricky when portioning and cooking for a crowd. With this baked egg muffin recipe, you can efficiently serve scrambled eggs and their fillings in individual portions.

We love having this as a to-go breakfast because they are portable omelets. But we also consider this as one of the best low-carb brunch recipes for a crowd because we can:

  • Make them in advance and store them in the freezer or refrigerator a few days before the party.
  • Cook them in batches, which helps save time and effort.
  • Experiment with flavors by changing up the toppings and mix-ins. 

In fact, the recipe already includes three different ways on how to make egg muffins. The variations include cheeses and vegetables, providing good amounts of protein, fats, and fiber on keto.

Per serving: Depends on the type and amounts of mix-ins you’ll add.

Pro Tip: Add protein sources like breakfast sausages, ham, and bacon bits.

Editor’s Tip: Adding your flour substitute can prevent the eggs from deflating and becoming too spongy.

Learn more:  https://agrandelife.net/

4. Breakfast EnchiladasA Mexican Touch

Move aside, tortillas. Eggs are here to replace you in this breakfast enchiladas recipe.

Enchiladas don’t seem like a brunch idea. But hear us out: this one uses scrambled eggs instead of tortilla wraps, which fits the bill.

The egg tortillas are filled with bacon, baby spinach, and fats, delivering fats and fiber in every bite.

As if that’s not enough, it’s topped off with enchilada sauce, tomatoes, and chopped avocadoes, delivering a tangy and refreshing finish.

Per recipe (including the beans): 3523 calories, 219g fats, 171g protein, 54g fiber, and 114g net carbs.

Pro Tip: Skip the black beans to make it low-carb.

Editor’s Tip: Use a slotted spatula to fold the egg tortillas easily. (*)

Learn more:  https://www.delish.com/

5. Hardboiled Egg Bites “Sandwich”A Work of Art

We’ll just be bold and say: you’ll never find another egg recipe as pretty as this.

Imagine small bacon and cheese slices and some mayonnaise sandwiched between two boiled egg halves.

They’re cute, colorful, and above all—easy to eat!

More than that, this is also the lowest-carb breakfast “sandwich” recipe you can try because it contains only 1g net carb per serving.

But most of all, the combination of ingredients makes it a high-fat and high-protein breakfast. You’ll already feel full and energized with a single serving.

Per serving: 22 calories, 18g fats, 14g protein, and 1g net carb.

Pro Tip: Add small lettuce slices to boost the sandwich’s fiber content and give it a pop of green shade.

Editor’s Tip: Use a boiled egg indicator to ensure perfect cook on the boiled eggs. (*)

Learn more:  https://www.ketovale.com/

6. BLT Stuffed Avocadoes+ 10 More Variations

Since we’re talking about low-carb brunch recipes for a crowd, you know that avocado recipes are in order. Enter in Stuffed Avocadoes, the most delicious and versatile addition to your brunch menu.

The recipe is for BLT Stuffed avocadoes, but the good news is that you can make different variants simply by changing the mix-ins you’ll use.

Not only that, but these stuffed avocadoes will also add a pretty touch and add a pop of color to your brunch spread.

Last but not least, they are also rich in fiber and fats. These are two nutrients needed to jumpstart the day the healthy way. (*)

Per serving (for BLT variant): 425 calories, 38.4g fats, 7.3g protein, 14.3g fiber, and 5.4g net carbs.

Pro Tip: Use an avocado cutter tool to simplify the process. (*)

Editor’s Tip: If you find this recipe tedious, opt for this avocado and everything bagel seasoning recipe instead. (*)

Learn more:  https://www.wholesomeyum.com/

7. Keto Cinnamon CerealPacked with Nutrients and Textures

To add nutrients and textures to your brunch spread, serve this keto cinnamon cereal.

This cereal recipe is a cut above the rest in nutritional quality, taste, and texture. That’s because it’s made up of carefully selected nutrient-dense ingredients like:

  • Coconut oil that’s rich in healthy fats for stable energy levels. (*)
  • Chia and flaxseeds, are high in fiber for better digestion. (*)
  • Different nuts and seeds that contain good amounts of vitamins and minerals for better body function.

The good news is you don’t have to be a wiz in the kitchen to make this nutrient-dense flavor-packed meal.

It’s easy to make because it’s just about mixing the ingredients. After that, you only need to prevent them from getting burned inside the oven.

Not only that, but it’s also quite versatile. You can use it in making keto parfaits or as smoothie bowl toppings. Better yet, make granola bars out of them. The sky is the limit!

Per serving: 344 calories, 32 fats, 7g proteins, 13g fiber, and 4g net carbs.

Pro Tip: Go for unsweetened shredded coconut, like this one from Bob’s Red Mill, to keep the carb count low. (*)

Editor’s Tip: Place it in a DIY cereal station and serve it with yogurt, cereal pancakes, and other fruits.

Learn more:  https://www.myketokitchen.com/

8. Cauliflower Hash Brown- A 3-ingredient Dish

Is it even brunch if there’s no hash brown on the table? That’s why we insist you give your guests the honor of tasting this delicious and nutritious low-carb hash brown alternative.

This recipe uses riced cauliflower instead of potatoes, so it’s higher in fiber and lower in carbs.

But the main reason why we included this in the list of low-carb brunch recipes for a crowd is it’s quick and easy to make. The recipe takes only 30 minutes and calls for only three ingredients.

Per serving: 181 calories, 11g fats, 12g protein, 4g fiber, and 6g net carbs.

Pro Tip: Use a block of cheese instead of the pre-shredded ones to minimize carbohydrate consumption.

Editor’s Tip: Make the hash browns in a waffle maker instead of a grill for a quick and hassle-free cooking process. (*)

Learn more:  https://deliciouslittlebites.com/

9. Keto Breakfast Salads- A Fiber-rich Way to Start the Day

Salad might be the last thing you’d get from a brunch table, but these beautiful and colorful salad recipes will make you look twice.

In addition to adding a pop of color to your spread, these recipes will provide you with the fiber you need to start your day correctly. (*)

But the best thing about salads is their incredible versatility. As you’ll see in this recipe, you can make different salad variations simply by mixing and matching the toppings.

Per serving: Depends on the type of toppings you’ll use.

Editor’s Tip: Place the salad bowl on top of ice cubes to keep the salad fresh for longer.

Learn more:  https://blissfullylowcarb.com/

10.  Greek VegetablesA Pop of Color and Fiber

There are better ideas than serving fresh salads on your summer brunches, and this  Greek-style vegetable dish is the lovely solution.

It will bring a pop of color and a delicious, smoky, cheesy touch to your spread. 

The dish is packed with high-fiber and nutritious vegetables soaked in an acidic, zesty, and herby marinade before being grilled to perfection. As if that’s not enough, it’s topped off with feta cheese for a creamy and cheesy touch.

With this recipe, you can fulfill your fiber needs without dealing with a soggy lettuce.

Per serving: 195 calories, 16,2g fats, 5.7g protein, 2.1g fiber, and 6.6 net carbs

Editor’s Tip: Use a vegetable chopper to make prepping a breeze. (*)

Learn more:  https://www.cottercrunch.com/

11.  Overnight Chia PuddingThe Perfect Make-ahead Sweet Treat

With this overnight chia pudding recipe, you don’t have to worry about spending too much time making dessert. You can whip up this make-ahead recipe a day before to save time the next morning.

We love this because it has chia seeds that are chock-full of fiber and omega-3s. (*) Not only that, but it also contains peanut butter and cacao powder that delivers the perfect salty-and-sweet flavor.

The best part is you can make it using only six ingredients and with 15 minutes of hands-on prep time. How easy breezy can it get?

Per serving: 129 calories, 8g fats, 4g protein, 8g fiber, and 2g net carbs

Editor’s Tip: Serve the pudding in wide-mouth Mason jars for an aesthetic touch. (*)

Learn more:  https://realsimplegood.com/

12.  Keto Cheesecake ParfaitsA Sweet Ending

Here’s this keto cheesecake parfait recipe for a sweet ending for this list and your brunch party. This dessert is easy, delicious, beautiful, and, most of all, keto-friendly.

The no-bake recipe features whipped cream cheese with layers of crumbled coconut shortbread cookies and different types of berries.

The result? A gorgeous-looking dessert that’s loaded with healthy fats, creamy, juicy, crunchy textures, and delectable flavors that will leave your guests craving more.

Per serving: 474 calories, 42g fats, 9g protein, 2g fiber, and 6g net carbs

Editor’s Tip: Serve this in Mason jars with handles so your guests can have something tasty and beautiful to take home. (*)

Learn more:  https://www.ibreatheimhungry.com

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