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Keto Indian Food Recipes (18 Healthy Ideas & Tips)

Discover delicious Keto Indian food recipes and tips to stay healthy while enjoying flavorful cuisine. Explore our guide to Low Carb Indian Food

Popular opinion: Eating Indian food is like going on a culinary adventure. (*)

A bite of the infamous Indian curry takes you on a rollercoaster ride.

It gives you a hint of sweetness here,

  • a splash of saltiness there,
  • a slight bitterness and sourness from time to time,
  • and you get to enjoy a whole lot of spiciness throughout.

Let us take a wild guess. You’re drooling already, right?

But there’s a catch: most of their dishes come with rice, potatoes, Naan, or chapati on the side.

Bad news: These are not keto-friendly!

We’ve got two solutions: avoid Indian food while you’re on keto, or try to look for keto Indian dishes.

Since we are Indian food lovers ourselves, we know that avoiding Indian food will be the death of you.

(Deep down, you know it’s true).

Good news: we’ve compiled the best Keto Indian food in this article to help you.

Heads up, you’re about to discover the most delicious  Indian dishes you can eat on keto.

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18 Best Keto Indian Food to Satisfy Your Cravings

Surprise: You can find Indian dishes that contain fats and proteins– exactly what you need on keto.

So, without further ado, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for. Let’s start with the most versatile ingredient of all.

Top Chicken Dishes

After all, it’s the safest keto food item you can find anywhere.

1. Chicken Curry with Coconut – A Creamy and Zesty Twist on the Classic

Get recipe:

What more can you ask for is low carb, gluten-free, and rich in fats and protein? (*)

The best part: It’s packed with amazing flavors—as Indian food should be. The dish contains curry powder paired with cumin and turmeric, so you’re sure it packs a punch.

That’s not all. The creamy sauce has a sweet and zesty taste as it contains:

  • Coconut milk,
  • Honey,
  • and Lemon

Editor’s Keto Tip: Add a few broccoli pieces for a touch of fiber.

Our next dish is perfect for satisfying your saucy cravings.

2. Butter Chicken- A Saucy Delight

The main ingredients in this dish—butter and chicken—are keto diet essentials. So you’re assured that this dish is at the top of the keto diet rulebook. (*)

It’s the perfect meal if you’re craving something saucy, buttery, and creamy.

To add more depth and texture, brown the chicken and tomatoes and caramelized the onions well.

Tip: Serve this over cauliflower rice that will soak in all the buttery goodness.

If you want something simple and easy, check out our following recipe.

Get recipe here:

3. Egg Curry – Perfect for Beginners

To prepare this, you don’t have to be a wiz in the kitchen. After all, you only need to boil your eggs , so it’s a foolproof dish that even beginner cooks can make. (*)

Keep the egg yolks a bit gooey to complement the creamy gravy.

Afterward, add eggs to the delicious gravy.

You can make it from scratch with

  • Green chiles,
  • Peppercorns,
  • Cardamom,
  • Mustard seeds,
  • Cinnamon,
  • And coconut oil.

So simple, right?

Pro Tip: Add more curry leaves to increase the dish’s heat level.

(Disclaimer: Do it at your own risk.)

Get Recipe here:

If spice is what you want, the next dish is what you need.

4. Chicken Vindaloo – Sweet and Fiery

Heads up, spice lovers, this one’s for you.

The dish features protein of your choice– chicken, pork, or tofu. It’s soaked in the sweet and fiery vindaloo sauce made of:

  • Curry paste,
  • Caramelized onions,
  • Coconut milk,
  • Vinegar,
  • Jalapeños,
  • Salt,
  • Pepper,
  • And other spices.

The dish is a spicy thick dry curry with a garlicky flavor and acidic vinegar notes.

Editor’s Keto Tip: Skip the potatoes.

Get Recipe Here:

Surprise, the next recipe is the most popular chicken dish in Indian cuisine, but with a twist!

5. Chicken Biryani- A Classic with a Keto Twist

No one can resist this tender and flavorful and aromatic chicken dish.

But here’s the issue: it’s mixed with cooked and spiced Biryani rice.

Luckily, a simple twist can turn this into a keto-friendly meal.

Pro Tip:  Serve this with cauliflower rice instead of Biryani rice.

Get Recipe Here:

Next, let’s explore a few keto Indian vegetable dishes to give you your much-needed fiber.

Best Vegetable Choices

Why take fiber supplements if you have these delicious fiber-rich choices? (*)

6. Sarso Ka Saag- Highly Addictive

Mustard greens are the star of this dish. Low in net carbs and high in fiber, this is one of the best vegetables for keto (*)

But don’t you worry. Even though this dish is healthy, it’s still as tasty and addictive as many other Indian recipes.

This dish delivers pungent and spicy flavors– the trademark of Indian cuisine.

Pro Keto Tip: Add a spoonful of ghee for a boost of fats (and flavor!).

Masala lovers, the next dish is for you.

7. Vegetable Masala– Warm and Comforting

The vegetable masala is a healthier and fiber-rich version of meaty masala dishes.

For this dish, you can use any keto-friendly vegetables. (*) Our favorite options are cauliflower, green beans, and mushrooms.

You can prepare this by roasting the vegetables to achieve a brown and crisp exterior.

Afterwards, coat them with the spicy and flavorful tomato puree.

Bonus point: The vegetables will keep you full for longer, so you don’t need grains or bread on the side.

Our next recipe is a dish that will convert spinach haters to lovers!

8. Palak Paneer- Not Your Ordinary Spinach Dish

Warning: No other spinach dish tastes as good as this recipe.

Palak Paneer is a curry recipe made of spinach puree, an aromatic spice blend, and the best part—cheese!

The mild and milky vegetable soup has a crumbly texture and intense spicy flavors.

Truly, a spinach dish like no other.

Check out our next dish, which is the perfect side dish for meaty dishes.

9. Curry Roasted Cauliflower- The Perfect Side Dish

This is our favorite vegetable side for Indian Flank Steak.

As compared to other Indian recipes, this dish doesn’t contain many spices. The good news is it uses lemon juice which gives it a bright and zesty twist.

The next section will have you saying—oh my cod (pun intended)!

Excellent Seafood Options

Because we’re not shellfish, here are the best Indian seafood options you have on keto.

10. Coconut Shrimp Curry- A Quick Fix

If you want a shrimp-le and easy meal that you can fix in a jiffy, try coconut shrimp curry.

The dish contains coconut milk and shrimp, both packed with fats and almost zero carbs. (*) Plus, it’s creamy and flavorful, and above all, shrimp—what more can you ask for?

Bonus Point: You can whip this up in only 30 minutes. That’s a lot less than the delivery time of your favorite Indian restaurant.

Check out the next recipe. Rest assured: it’s a fin- tastic one!

11. Tandoori Fish Tikka- Light and Smoky

For a light and healthy meal, fish is always a good idea.

Most fish meals are being bland and boring, but Tandoori Fish Tikka is an exception.

That’s because the fresh fillet has a decadent earthy taste because it’s marinated in a mixture of:

  • Yogurt,
  • Salt,
  • Pepper,
  • and Tandoori masala.

The grilling process gives it a smoky flavor and heavenly aroma you certainly can’t resist!

Pro Tip: If you can’t find a tandoori mix in your local grocery, you can make your own. (*)

Salmon says you’d like our next recipe!

12. Methi Salmon- Super Easy Recipe

If you know how to pan-fry, you can make this dish with your eyes shut.

But wait, there’s more. The fish dish uses:

  • Red Chili Flakes,
  • Garlic,
  • and Lemon

All these are readily available in your pantry, so making this is easy and fuss-free!

The best part of the dish is the fresh fenugreek leaves. It adds a  slightly bitter and earthy taste with a sweet finishing kick to the dish.

Pro Tip: This is best served with kale or arugula salad.

And of course, we didn’t forget the signature dish of the keto diet—

Amazing Meat Selections

After all, what can be more fat-rich than a good old steak?

13. Indian Spiced Flank Steak – A Juicy and Flavor-packed Meal

Surprise, we have a beef on the list!

Eating beef is taboo in India., we know. (*)

However, you can Indian spices and flavors into your favorite cut of beef.

Case in point: The Indian Spiced Flank steak.

This is coated with Indian spice rub made of:

  • Ginger,
  • Cumin,
  • Coriander,
  • Cinnamon,
  • Clove,
  • Chile pepper,
  • And garlic.

The result? A steak with a spicy and pungent kick.

Warning: Since flank steak is a lean cut of beef, it may get dry and tough when overcooked. Because of this, it’s best cooked rare to medium-rare. (*)

The next recipe is for you if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to beef.

14. Lamb Kofta Meatballs with Curry Sauce – A One-pot Wonder

Not only is this a healthier meat dish, but it’s also a fuss-free recipe because you only need one pot to make it.

The dish features juicy Lamb meatballs seasoned with Garam Masala spice blend.

Afterward, the balls are bathed in a mouthwatering, rich sauce.

It’s spicy and comforting sauce makes it a perfect winter meal.

Pro Tip: Serve this over a bed of baby spinach or cauliflower rice. 

Our list doesn’t end there. We have a few surprises in store for you in the next section.

Other Dishes

Case in Point: These carb-rich dishes are keto-friendly with a few tweaks.

15. Paneer Makhani- A Cheesy Delight

Two words: Fried cheese. Need we say more?

To prepare this, just fried cottage cheese and season it with salt, red chili, and turmeric.

After that, submerge the cheese in a rich and creamy tomato sauce made of: 

  • Ginger paste,
  • Green chilies,
  • Tomatoes,
  • and Onions

If you love the flavor, this dish will give you everything—creamy, tangy, sweet, salty, and spicy. It certainly has it all!

16. Keto Samosas- A Crispy and Filling Snack

If you think you won’t be able to enjoy samosas on keto, think again! These keto samosas are indeed an exception.

The secret? Use almond flour in making your dough. That’s it.

We recommend serving it with curry sauce or spiced yogurt to make it more flavorful.

Pro Keto Tip: Replace minced meat with grated cauliflower and mozzarella. Doing so can reduce its carbohydrate and calorie content.

Up next, we have a low-carb option of your favorite Indian bread.

17. Keto Naan- A Nutrient-Dense Keto Bread

Let’s face it. Bread is the perfect accompaniment to the rich flavors of saucy Indian dishes. Luckily, we have a keto naan hack that we’ll share with you.

You can now enjoy this pillowy bread on keto by replacing regular flour with almond flour. Another keto Indian food tweak is to use full-fat Greek yogurt.

Pro Keto Tip: Try replacing butter with ghee so you can enjoy Naan in all its richest glory. 

If you’re tired of serving your meals with cauliflower rice, you’d love our next item.

18. Cabbage Rice- A Fiber-rich Rice Alternative

To be honest, it’s not as hearty as cauliflower rice, but it’s more fiber-rich. (*)

Because of the difference in texture, cabbage rice may not be the best option for super saucy dishes. However, it’s a great choice for tandoori and roasted dishes.

Pro Keto Tip: To save time and effort, use a food processor to rice the cabbage.

The Bottom Line

With this Keto Indian food list, you can enjoy your favorite Indian dishes on keto.

As if that’s not enough, we’ve got one more good news:

You don’t need to spend lots of money on an Indian restaurant because you can make all these dishes at home.

So take the next step. Stock up on spices and put on your apron. Let’s slave in the kitchen, so you can enjoy your keto diet in the most delicious way possible!

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