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Low Carb Pasta Coles: Top 5 Products To Choose From

Imagine this: You’ve had a long day, and you want (scratch that, need) something delicious and comforting to re-energize you. And you know precisely just what you need—a hearty bowl of pasta!

As you’re about to prepare your favorite spaghetti recipe, it hits you—you’re on a keto diet.

Unfortunately, you can’t eat pasta on a keto diet.

Well, that’s what you think.

Surprise: you can now eat pasta on a keto diet.

But there’s a catch: it must be the right pasta type.

What kind of pasta are we talking about? A low-carb pasta, of course!

That’s not all.

We’ve got even better news: there is low carb pasta at Coles! So what low-carb pasta can you buy at Coles? Check our list below!

5 Best COLES Low Carb Pasta For Keto Dieter

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Heads up! All the products we’ll share with you are low-carb pasta. However, they may not necessarily be strictly keto.

Keto Tip: That’s why it’s crucial that you watch out for your portions and always monitor your carbohydrate intake.

Don’t worry because we’ve got all the information you need below!

1. Vetta Smart Protein Penne

Ingredients: Australian durum wheat semolina, wheat gluten, and oat fibre

Nutritional content:

  • Calories: 343 Kcal
  • Protein: 24.9g
  • Fats: 2.2g 
  • Net Carbs: 40.5g 
  • Fibre: 10g

Vetta Smart Protein Penne is developed to deliver twice the protein and 25% fewer carbohydrates you can get from other types of pasta. 

But here’s the most surprising thing. The company claims it still has the same great taste you know and love about its pasta offerings. 

Vetta was rated as the best dried pasta in Australia by Canstar Blue in 2020, so that’s quite a big claim! (*

Plus Points: 

  • This is a great pasta option for vegetarians, made mostly from plant-based ingredients. 
  • The formulation is also available in spiral form!

The thing to Consider:

  • Since it contains a whooping amount of 40.5 grams net carbs per 100g serving, you must minimize your consumption of this pasta. 

2. San Remo Pasta Pro Protein Penne Pasta

Ingredients: Gluten, Wheat Germ, Durum Wheat Semolina, Oat Fibre, Spelt Flour, and Barley Flour

Nutritional Content:

  • Energy: 1480 kJ
  • Protein: 30.1g 
  • Fats: 2.4g 
  • Net Carbs: 42.8g
  • Fibre: 6.2g 

Like Vetta Smart Protein Pasta, the San Remo pasta contains 25% fewer carbs than the regular pastas on the market. The best part is that it contains high amounts of proteins that you can’t find in other protein pastas.

Because of this, the San Remo Pro Protein Pasta was given the Product of the Year award in the pasta and rice category in 2021. (*)

Plus Point:

  • This is a vegan-friendly pasta.  

The thing to Consider:

  • Since it contains flour, this pasta is not strictly keto. 

3. Coles Zucchini Noodles

Ingredient: 100% Australian Zucchini

Nutritional Content:

  • Calorie: 20.82 kcal
  • Protein: 1.8g
  • Fats: 0.40 g 
  • Net Carbs: 0.42g 
  • Fibre: 1.38g 

Surprise: Coles have their line of keto pasta, and it’s no other than zucchini noodles or zoodles.

To be honest, there’s not much to say about this since it only has one ingredient. Just zucchini and nothing more! 

But the best part is its only ingredient is packed with lots of nutrients and health benefits. (*

This is one of the keto pasta options with the lowest net carbs and calorie content which is a big plus for people who wish to lose weight. 

Plus Point:

  • This is a great pasta alternative for vegans and vegetarians. 

4. Slendier Pasta

Ingredients: Konjac Flour and Purified Water

Nutritional Content:

  • Energy: 35kJ
  • Protein: less than 1g 
  • Fats: less than 1g 
  • Net Carbs: less than 1g 
  • Fibre: 3.9g 

Made with flour derived from the konjac vegetable, this pasta is low in carbs and calories. 

Aside from being low carb, it’s also plant-based and free from dairy, soy, and gluten.

This one is the easiest to prepare among the other pastas on this list. All you need to do is rinse and heat then you’re good to go.

Plus Point:

  • Slendier Pasta comes in two types—Angel Hair and Spaghetti Style. 

Thing to Consider:

  • Since it uses Konjac flour, this pasta alternative is strictly keto. (*)

5. Slendier Edamame Bean Organic Pasta

Ingredients: Organic Edamame (Soybean) Flour and Water

Nutritional Content:

  • Energy: 480kj
  • Protein: 14.8g 
  • Fats: 2.9g
  • Net Carbs: 2.3g 
  • Fibre: 7.1g 

And yes, the last low-carb pasta at Coles is also from Slendier. 

Since this pasta is made from soybean, it can provide you with all the nutrients and benefits you can get from edamame. (*)

That’s not all. Its high protein and Fibre content will keep you feeling full for longer. 

Lastly, it’s made of purely organic ingredients, so it’s not just better for your health but the environment as well. (*)

Plus Point:

  • You can get this in two types—Fettuccine and Spaghetti Style. 

Things to Consider: 

  • Compared to the other pastas on this list, the Slendier Bean Pasta has the smallest serving—only 50g. 

The nutritional content mentioned is for 2 servings (100g), so you can minimize your carbohydrate intake even more if you consume only 1 serving. 

  • It contains soybean, which is considered a common allergen. 

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Final Words

Now that you can get low-carb pasta at Coles, you can finally make your pasta dreams come true without worrying that you’ll get kicked out of ketosis

But please remember that not all products on the list are strictly keto. 

If you’re on a strict keto diet, you should avoid the Vetta and San Remo products. On the other hand, people on a non-strict keto diet can consume the said brands but only in moderation. 

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