Low carb Side Dishes for Hamburgers | 12 Delicious Recipes

Classic hamburger side dishes are delicious but loaded with carbs—a no-no for keto. In this article, you can find the best low-carb side dishes for hamburgers that will give you the same comforting taste without carbs.

We’re incredibly thankful that the days when you can’t eat hamburgers on keto are already gone. By now, we can enjoy our favorite comfort food on a low-carb diet in many ways—bunless route, as a salad, or wrapped in lettuce.

But there’s one caveat: the classic burger side dishes are not keto-friendly.

Think about the sides you usually serve it with—French fries, corn on the cob, chips, mac and cheese, and many more.

They all deliver the same comforting flavors but provide extra carbs that we must deal with.

So the challenge is discovering what to serve with hamburgers on keto.

Well, we’re here to help you with that!

In this list, we’ll share with you side dishes that are:

  • ketofied versions of the classic sides,
  • light and refreshing to balance the burger’s fattiness,
  • rich in fiber and other essential vitamins and nutrients, and 
  • comforting and crave-worthy. 

So, are you ready to experience the ultimate burger feast on keto? If so, let’s get started!

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12 Low-carb Side Dishes for Hamburgers

From remakes of classic sides to new and unique dishes, here are the best ideas for low-carb side dishes for hamburgers:

Healthier Fries Alternatives

Texture is the most crucial factor when looking for a low-carb fries alternative. With that said, the ideal alternative is crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.  

With that said, here are the best alternatives we’ve tried:

Table 1: Nutritional Comparison of Low-carb Fries Alternatives

Side DishNet Carbs per 100gCaloriesFat (g)Protein (g)Fiber (g)
Portobello Fries4g2201610High
Jicama Fries2g9271Moderate
Bacon-wrapped Avocado Fries0.3g655.14Low

1. Portobello FriesCrispy, Tender, and Healthy

We placed these Portobello fries at the top of the list because it’s not just keto (only 4g net carbs per 100g serving!) but also vegetarian-friendly. Additionally, it’s low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. (*)

It’s also a great alternative to fries texture-wise because of its hearty and fleshy bite. The recipe calls for an almond flour coating to enjoy a crunchy bite without worrying about carbs.

But what we love the most is that it’s cooked without any oil in the air fryer, so it’s less greasy and heart-healthy, too!

Per serving: 220 calories, 16g fats, 10g protein, and 4g net carbs.

Pro Tip: Substitute the almond flour breading with keto breadcrumbs or fried pork rind crumbs if you’re allergic to nuts. (*)

Editor’s Tip: Add parmesan or herbs and spices of your choice to customize the fries’ flavor.

Learn more: https://ketovegetarianrecipes.com/keto-portobello-mushroom-fries/

2. Jicama Fries– A 3-Ingredient Substitute

Jicama has brown skin and white flesh and looks very much like a potato. And when cooked, it also gives off that crisp-but-tender bite you love from fries.

However, we’ll be frank. Jicama has a mildly sweet and slightly nutty taste, far from how potatoes taste. 

But it’s a great potato fries alternative because it can easily take on whatever spice and herbs you add, so you can season it however you wish.

Per serving: 92 calories, 7g fats, 1g protein, and 2g net carbs.

Pro Tip: Use radish or turnip instead of jicama if you’re on a strict keto diet.

Editor’s Tip: Use a mandoline slicer to create uniform slices. (*)

Learn more: https://lowcarbyum.com/jicama-fries/

3. Bacon-wrapped Avocado Fries– Creamy and Smoky

Avocado may be the last thing on your mind when thinking of a fries substitute. We were hesitant too, but its unique flavor and good nutritional profile changed our minds. 

To be honest, it doesn’t give the usual fries texture. Thanks to bacon, it has the same crispy exterior as fries. However, the interior is more creamy, lacking that tender bite we seek.

Despite the texture differences, we still consider it one of the best fries alternatives because it has a refreshing twist and a smoky flavor that will leave you wanting more.

And most of all, this recipe is loaded with healthy fats and contains only 0.3g net carbs per serving.

What a healthy and satisfying way to enjoy your fries and stay in ketosis, right?

Per serving: 65 calories, 4g protein, 5.1g fats, and 0.3g net carbs.

Editor’s Tip: We love serving this with ranch dressing. Our low-carb recommendations are Yo Mama’s, Wish-bone, and Hidden Valley. (*)

Learn more: https://kirbiecravings.com/bacon-wrapped-avocado-fries/

Keto Coleslaw Salad Choices

Coleslaw is a perfect match for hamburgers because it adds a crispy bite, creamy texture, and refreshing flavors to the meal. Unfortunately, most pre-made coleslaw dressings are loaded with sugars, so they are not the best option for anyone on keto. 

With this in mind, you should ditch store-bought coleslaw and make these recipes instead: 

Table 2: Coleslaw Options for Your Hamburger

Coleslaw RecipeNet Carbs per ServingCaloriesFat (g)Protein (g)Special Ingredients
Classic Low-carb Coleslaw2g181192Keto sweetener
Avocado Coleslaw4g123102Avocado

4. Classic Low-carb Coleslaw– Same Taste Sans the Carbs

If you like coleslaw’s traditional taste, this low-carb recipe delivers the same tangy flavors and creamy texture.

The best part is it uses a keto-friendly sweetener in place of sugar. It contains only 2g net carbs, making it a perfect option for keto. (*)

The mayonnaise and sour cream mixture delivers an extra creamy base that works well with the smokiness of grilled hamburgers. 

On the other hand, the blend of Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar packs in sour and citrusy flavors, delivering the right acidity that cuts through the burgers’ fattiness.

With different types of cabbage and a few carrot slices, it’s loaded with all the nutrients you need without boosting your carbohydrate and calorie consumption.

Per serving: 181 calories, 19g fats, 2g protein, and 2g net carbs.

Editor’s Tip: Salt the coleslaw mix before adding the dressing to prevent it from getting soggy.

Learn more: https://ketocookingchristian.com/easy-keto-cole-slaw/

5. Avocado Coleslaw– Not Your Ordinary Coleslaw

Just because we’re talking about low-carb side dishes for hamburgers means we have to skimp on flavors, and this avocado coleslaw is proof of that. This recipe is like no other coleslaw because it contains a special ingredient—avocado.

Adding this tropical fruit makes the dressing extra creamy and infuses the side dish with a slightly nutty and earthy flavor.

But more than that, this nutrient-dense fruit delivers lots of essential vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy fats that you need on keto. (*)

Per serving: 123 calories, 10g fats, 2g protein, and 4g net carbs.

Editor’s Tip: Cover it with plastic wrap to keep it fresh when serving it at a party.

Learn more: https://www.homemadeinterest.com/keto-avocado-coleslaw/

Low-carb Mac and Cheese Substitutes

Mac and cheese and hamburgers are the perfect combination to enjoy comfort foods at their finest. This cheesy and meaty pair delivers a comforting flavor that brightens even the gloomiest days.

If you want to whip up your favorite pasta the keto way, here are the recipes to try:

Table 3: Low-carb Mac and Cheese Alternatives

Mac and Cheese RecipeNet Carbs per ServingCaloriesFat (g)Protein (g)Main Ingredient
Cauliflower Mac and Cheese5g64155.421.4Cauliflower
No-cauliflower Keto Mac and Cheese4g3122224Keto macaroni

6. Cauliflower Mac and Cheese– Flavors You Love Minus the Mac

If you’re Team Cauliflower (we are!), this is the low-carb mac and cheese recipe for you.

With cauliflower as its main ingredient, it’s a low-carb and fiber-rich way to satisfy your cheesy and pasta cravings. 

But here’s the deal with most low-carb pasta recipes—the cheesy sauce is watered down!

Well, this recipe is the exception. It uses a keto-friendly butter and almond flour roux, delivering the same ooey, gooey, cheesy, buttery texture you love.

Per serving: 641 calories, 55.4g fats, 21.4g protein, and 5g net carbs.

Editor’s Tip: Top it off with crispy bacon bits to give it a smoky flavor and added crunch.

Learn more: https://www.ketofocus.com/recipes/cauliflower-mac-and-cheese/

7. No-cauliflower Keto Mac and Cheese– Authentic Pasta Bite

If you’re Team No Cauliflower or want to enjoy that authentic pasta bite, here’s a recipe you should try.

This recipe has no cauliflower, wheat, or grains. Instead, it uses keto macaroni, which delivers an al dente and slightly chewy texture you love in pasta dishes. (*)

It also contains a mix of heavy cream and your choice of cheese which delivers the comforting thick, smooth, and velvety sauce. 

Per serving: 312 calories, 22g fats,24g protein, and 4g net carbs.

Pro Tip: Avoid konjac-based pasta substitutes because they don’t have the right texture to hold the cheese sauce well.

Learn more: https://thebigmansworld.com/keto-mac-and-cheese/

Other Low-carb Side Dishes for Burgers

If you want to give a unique touch to your barbecue parties or burger nights, here are the other low-carb side dishes for hamburgers that you might want to check out:

Table 4: Other Low-carb Side Dishes for Burgers

Side DishNet Carbs per ServingCaloriesFat (g)Protein (g)Fiber (g)
Baked Avocado Chips1g5242Low
Kale Chips5.9g864.44.9High
Air Fryer Vegetable Kabobs4g2511Moderate
Creamy Cucumber Salad3g5341Low
Bacon Onion Rings3.4g1278.58.6Moderate

8. Baked Avocado Chips– Guacamole in Chip Form

We tried spicing up our usual barbecue night menu with these baked avocado chips, and many of our guests loved the idea.

Is it chips, or is it guacamole? Our guests were raving about how it has the chips’ crunchy and crispy bite and the guacamole’s refreshing and rich taste, so it’s both!

We absolutely fell in love with how quick and easy it is to whip up this recipe. The total cooking time took only 35 minutes, and about 30 minutes was baking time.

Its easy preparation and cooking make it one of the best hamburger side dishes for parties.

Per serving: 52 calories, 4g fats, 2g protein, and 1g net carbs.

Learn more: https://www.lowcarbnomad.com/baked-avocado-chips/

9. Kale Chips– 10 Flavors to Choose From!  

Who’d have thought that there’s a side dish that can satisfy both your fiber needs and salty chip cravings?

Just imagine the tough, bitter kale leaf being transformed into salty, flavorful, and crispy chips—it’s like a miracle!

We know a bag of kale is pretty expensive, but it’s a worthy investment because it’s considered one of the most nutritious leafy greens you can have on keto. (*) That’s because this superfood contains significant amounts of fiber, folate, and various vitamins and minerals– all essential in helping us maintain our keto diet. 

With the chip’s addictive texture, a wide range of flavors, and kale’s nutritional profile, this is the ultimate healthy snack to eat your burger.

Per serving: 86 calories, 4.4g fats, 4.9g protein, and 5.9g net carbs.

Reminder: The nutritional content is for the basic chip recipe and doesn’t include the different seasoning options.

Learn more: https://www.wholesomeyum.com/kale-chips/

10.  Air Fryer Vegetable Kabobs– Fiber on a Stick

This is our go-to side whenever we want to serve our burgers with something healthy, easy to make, and delicious.

What makes this dish special is the skewers which make the vegetables look more exciting and easier to eat. 

But that’s not all. You can cook the skewers in either an air fryer or a grill, so you they are easy to prepare as well. We go the air fryer route when cooking them in small batches, but the grill is our chosen cooking method when cooking them in bulk (bonus: it gives them a smoky flavor, too!).

Per serving: 25 calories, 1g fat, 1g protein, and 4g net carbs.

Pro Tip: Vary the spices, herbs, and marinade you use to experiment with its taste and flavor.

Editor’s Tip: Try other low-carb vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, and radishes.

Learn more: https://recipesfromapantry.com/air-fryer-vegetable-kabobs/

11.  Creamy Cucumber Salad– Best for Barbecue Parties

We love our burgers, but they tend to be too fatty sometimes. That’s why we need a side dish that can cut through its oiliness, and this creamy cucumber salad recipe is our savior during those times.

The recipe features crunchy cucumbers and crisp onions that add a refreshing touch and a contrasting texture to the tender, juicy, savory burgers. The vegetables are tossed in a creamy sour cream dressing that delivers a sweet, tangy flavor that pairs well with the burgers’ smokiness.

Per serving: 53 calories, 4g fats, 1g protein, and 3g net carbs.

Learn more: https://www.lowcarbspark.com/creamy-cucumber-salad/

12.  Bacon Onion Rings– 2 Ingredients Only

These bacon onion rings are our favorite side dish to prepare when we’re too lazy or don’t have the energy to make complicated recipes.

This easy-peasy recipe contains only two ingredients—bacon and onion. You can enjoy crispy onion rings without the high-carb breading, thanks to the bacon.

Not only that, but you can also whip these up in just three easy steps—no dredging and dipping involved. All you need to do is slice, wrap, and air fry, and you already have a crunchy, savory side dish that matches your burger well.

Per serving: 127 calories, 8.5g fats, 8.6g protein, and 3.4g net carbs.

Learn more: https://hip2keto.com/recipes/crispy-keto-bacon-wrapped-onion-rings-air-fryer-recipe/

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