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11 Best Keto Restaurants, Cafes and Takeaways in Melbourne (Low Carb Dishes)

Fun Fact: Melbourne ranked 6th on the list of the world’s best cities for eating and drinking in 2021. (*)

Sad Fact: If you’re on keto, you might not be able to enjoy all their restaurants.

So the big question is– does Melbourne have something to offer if you’re on the keto diet?

The answer is—yes!

There’s a place in the Melbourne food scene for keto dieters. But, of course, you need to research and dig to find out where you can eat.

If you are looking for a list of the best keto restaurants, cafe, bakery in Melbourne, then you are in the right place!

To help save time and effort, we’ve hand-picked 11 keto restaurant Melbourne options. (You’re welcome).

Are you excited to explore the keto food scene in Melbourne? If so, let’s get this ball rolling!

1. Stalactites – For All Things Greek

Address: 177/183 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Contact Number: +61 3 9663 3316

Business Hours: 

– Sundays to Thursdays: 11 AM to 12 AM

– Fridays and Saturdays: 11 AM to 2 AM


Operating since 1978, Stalactites is one of Melbourne’s oldest restaurants. This iconic Greek restaurant offers classic meat dishes which are perfect for keto.

Start your meal with a few dips served with olives, feta cheese, or saganaki. Afterward, enjoy their meat dishes off-the-grill for a smoky and healthier twist.

Keto Menu Favorites: 

Grass-Fed Porterhouse Steak

– 380g prime cut steak char-grilled to your liking

Hot Sausages

– Sliced and grilled smoked pork spicy sausages


– Grilled Dodoni Greek kefalograviera cheese

Mixed Dips

– Homemade tzatziki, hummus, tarama, and melitzanosalata

Tip: Hold off or go easy on the tarama as it usually contains flour. 

Off-the-Grill Options

– Lamb cutlets, Lamb /Chicken Souvla, Mixed Souvla, and Mixed Grill

Tip: Ditch the chips. 

Greek Garden Salad

– Mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, red onion, feta cheese, kalamata olives, and homemade Greek vinaigrette

Bonus Point: The restaurant features a stalactite ceiling and exposed stone walls. It resembles the Kapsia cave, one of Greece’s most important caves. (*)

Check out our next recommendation if you’re in the mood for fish. 

2. Hunky Dory- The Go-to Seafood Place

Address: Many locations all over the City

Contact Number: 03 9646 1020 (Port Melbourne location)

Business Hours: Varies depending on location


Hunky Dory is the go-to place for fish and chips in Melbourne. 

Good news: They offer keto-friendly and char-grilled versions of their famous dishes. 

After all, their mission is to give the Fish and Chips game a healthy spin. They have been doing this since 2004!

Your Low-carb Options: 

Grill Pack Menu

– The Latino, The African, Barramundi Pack, Atlantic Salmon Pack

Tip: Hold the rice and chips.

Grilled Seafood and Salad

– Mediterranean-flavored calamari, prawns, and fish of the day served with a classic salad

Spinach, Kale, and Broccoli Super Salad

– Spinach, broccoli, and kale tossed in miso vinaigrette and topped with toasted sesame seeds

Side Dish Choices

– Southern Fried Cauliflower, Prawn Skewer, Seafood Skewer, and Chicken Skewer

If you thought you couldn’t enjoy cakes and burgers on keto, the next restaurant shows you how it’s done.

3. The Burger Block— For Keto Cakes and Burgers

Address: 85 Willsmere Rd, Kew VIC 3101, Australia

Contact Number: +61 3 9853 5771

Business Hours: 

– Sundays to Tuesdays: 11 AM to 3 PM

– Thursdays to Saturdays: 11 AM to 3 PM, 5 PM to 8:30 PM

– Wednesdays and Public Holidays: Closed


The Burger Block is Melbourne’s first-ever keto-friendly café. It’s the go-to place for low-carb and sugar-free meals. 

Case in point: their low-carb cakes and burgers with delicious keto twist!

This burger joint shied away from the usual lettuce wrap. Instead, they serve their keto burger with a cheese bun—a tastier and fat-filled option. 

Made with almond flour and xylitol, their cakes are low carb, gluten- and diabetic-friendly. (*

What’s on Their Keto Menu: 

Fat Boy Slim

– Beef patty, American cheese, fried egg, bacon, pickles, jalapeños, lettuce, aioli, and hot sauce. All these are sandwiched between two low-carb cheese buns

Rustic Covered Cake

– Black forest choco cake with choco or vanilla piping

Naked Cake

– Crème cheese buttercream with choco piping and fresh flower decorations

Smooth Covered Cake

– Chocolate buttercream with choco piping

Health-conscious people, the next restaurant makes healthy and clean eating easy for you. 

4. Low Carb Gourmet- Frozen and Ready-to-Heat Keto Meals 

Address: 44 Empress Rd, Surrey Hills VIC 3127, Australia

Contact Number: +61 499 221 925

Business Hours:

– Mondays to Wednesdays: 9 AM to 5 PM

– Thursdays to Sundays: Closed


Are you too busy to prepare your meals? Then, the ready-to-heat frozen keto meals from Low Carb Gourmet are here to your rescue. 

That’s not all. This keto café uses only clean ingredients for its healthy and delicious dishes. 

They also use natural, free-range, and homemade products such as:

  • Free-range eggs and chicken
  • Homemade stock
  •  Home-grown and dried herbs
  • Homemade pesto
  • Homemade mayonnaise

Their Best Keto-Friendly Dishes: 

Bacon and Halloumi Bites

– 4 pcs bacon-wrapped halloumi served with homemade pesto dip

Zoodles with Alfredo Sauce

– Zucchini noodles topped with Alfredo sauce with parmesan cheese

Mexican Beef and Cauliflower

  • Spicy Mexican beef with cauliflower rice

For a fancy keto dish, head on to our next keto restaurant Melbourne on the list– 

5: Steakhouse Grill 66- A Fancy Option

Address: 66 Newquay Promenade, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia

Contact Number: +61 3 9640 0808

Business Hours:

– Mondays to Wednesdays: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

– Thursdays to Sundays: 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Are you looking for a fancy place where you can bring your partner to? Check out Steakhouse Grill 66.

This fancy restaurant features a menu brimming with keto-friendly choices. These include cheeses, seafood, and a wide range of steak dishes. 

That’s not all. Its glass walls allow you to enjoy the outdoor view and indoor air conditioning comfort. 

Must-order Dishes for Keto Dieters:

Oyster Menu

– Natural and Bacon Kilpatrick

Grilled Atlantic Salmon

– Served with olive, fetta, Kipfler potatoes, heirloom cherry tomatoes, salad mix, hollandaise, and beetroot relish

Tip: Skip the Kipfler potatoes.

Tennessee BBQ Beef Ribs

  • Marinated with American spice blend then braised in smokey BBQ sauce

Tip: Hold the seasoned chips.

28 Dry Aged Ribeye

– 500g Collinson & Co. dry-aged grass-fed Black Angus ribeye

Tip: Order with salad. 

Bonus Point: The outdoor heated terrace is perfect during the colder months. 

The next restaurant’s menu follows the Argentine tradition of sharing food. 

6: San Telmo- A Taste of Argentina

Address: 14 Meyers Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Contact Number: +61 3 9650 5525

Business Hours:

– Sundays to Thursdays: 12:00 NN to 10:00 PM

– Fridays and Saturdays: 12:00 NN to 10:30 PM


San Telmo has a sharing-style menu featuring some of the best South American dishes. These include mostly hearty meat dishes which ate great for keto. 

What to Order: 


– Pan-fried provolone cheese with red chimichurri

Plato de Picada

– Cured meat platter with house-made pickles

Tip: Skip the chapa.


– Pasture-fed lamb rump marinated in rosemary and garlic thyme


– 500g O’Connors premium dry-aged pasture-fed ribeye

Tira de Asado

– O’ Connors premium pasture-fed beef short ribs

Side Dish Options

– Lechuga, Broccolini, Remolacha, and Zanahorias

Japanese food lovers, you shouldn’t miss out on our next keto restaurant in Melbourne– 

7: Nosh- Japanese Made Keto

Address: Various locations all over the city

Contact Number: (03) 9670 1529 (Galleria)

Business Hours: Varies depending on location


Since 2017, Nosh has been producing Japanese-inspired dishes using high-quality, locally-sourced seasonal ingredients. 

You don’t have to choose between salmon or wagyu in this restaurant because they are excellent at both! They also offer keto-friendly tacos made with crispy seaweed. 

Head to their restaurant if you wish to enjoy good Japanese food, good vibes, and great company.

Must-try Keto Dishes:

Flame-Seared Wagyu

– Victorian juicy wagyu beef bathed in delicious BBQ flavors then flame-seared to perfection

Tasmanian Salmon

– Flame-seared or sashimi salmon

Sashimi Tuna

– A- Grade sashimi tuna

Nori Taco

– Honey BBQ Wagyu Taco, Spicy Mayo Salmon Taco, Tamarind Prawn Taco

Tip: Order this without the coconut turmeric rice.

8: Entrecôte- A French Affair

Address: 142-144 Greville St, Prahran VIC 3181, Australia

Contact Number: +61 3 9804 5468

Business Hours: 

– Sundays to Thursdays: 12:00 NN to 11:00 PM

– Fridays and Saturdays: 12:00 NN to 12:00 AM


Entrecôte is one of the best French bistros in Melbourne. The restaurant is where French cuisine meets fresh Melbourne produce.

If you wish to enjoy French cuisine without carbs, this is the place to visit. 

Low-carb French Dishes to Try:

Signature Steak Frites

– Pasture-fed Angus Porterhouse, secret herb sauce, and frites.

Tip: Skip the frites. 

Hors D’ Euvres

  •  Mt Zero Marinated Olives, Fromage Rôti, and Escargot

Poisson de Marché

– Grilled market fish, mussels, prawns, saffron, lobster bisque cream, and crispy leeks

Tip: Hold the root vegetables.

Pay a visit to our next recommendation for a taste of Southeast Asia. 

9: Miss Chu- For All Dishes Vietnamese

Address: 111 Cecil St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

Contact Number: +61 3 9077 6566

Business Hours: 

– Mondays to Thursdays: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

– Fridays and Saturdays: 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM

– Sundays: 12:00 NN to 8:30 PM


Haven’t you had Vietnamese noodles soups since you went on keto? Miss Chu will make it possible for you!

The restaurant allows you to replace the vermicelli noodles with shirataki noodles. These are the so-called miracle noodles as they have zero carbs! (*)

Keto Vietnamese Dish Options: 

Vermicelli Noodle Salads

– Turmeric Chicken Breast, Exotic Mushrooms and Tofu, and Lemongrass Vermicelli

Tip: Ask for shirataki noodles.

Soup Options

– Keto Pho Noodle Soup, Wok’D Chicken Breast Pho, and Grilled Mushroom and Tofu Soup

Tip: Skip the noodles.

If you want a taste of Arabic flavors and a bite of Mediterranean textures and colors, check out– 

10: Agraba- Lebanese Food + Good Music

Address: 69/71 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia

Contact Number: +61 3 9329 0058

Business Hours: 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM


Rich in proteins, Lebanese is one of the best keto-friendly cuisines. In Melbourne, Agraba is the place to visit if you want to enjoy low-carb Lebanese dishes and good music.

What Keto Dishes to Try:

Arnabeet Meklieh

– Fried broccoli and cauliflower served with Tahini sauce

Wrap Menu

– Lamp Wrap, Kafta Wrap, Chicken Wrap, and Ma’anek Wrap

Tip: Hold the wrap.

Skewer Menu

– Lamb Skewers, Chicken Skewers, and Lamb Kafta Skewers

Tip: Skip the rice and pita bread. 

Bonus Point: Music lovers, you can bring your vinyl, and they’ll spin it for you. 

If you wish to share your love for keto over brunch, here’s a restaurant to invite your girlfriends to– 

11: Riddik Café- Best for Brunch Dates

Address: 1/3 The Mall, Templestowe Lower VIC 3107, Australia

Contact Number: +61 3 9850 2680

Business Hours: 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM


Riddik Café has one of the most versatile menus in Melbourne. With its wide range of breakfast and lunch menus, it’s one of the best brunch spots that can satisfy your keto cafe needs.

Their Keto Meals:

Snow Pea and Radish Salad

– Seasonal greens, snow pea, radish, soybeans, and lemon pepper vinaigrette

Poke Bowls

– Flaked miso, roasted salmon, edamame, pickled carrots, smashed avocado, sesame, and soy sauce.

Tip: Skip the rice noodles.

Pulled Lamb Salad

– Pulled lamb, tomato, cucumber, goat’s cheese, mixed vegetables, and olive oil vinaigrette

Bonus Point: You can rent the restaurant as a function hall in the evening. It’s a great option if you want to throw a keto-friendly party!

Final Words

When traveling or eating out, most keto dieters throw caution to the wind. They just settle with any available dish on the menu. 

The result? They end up getting kicked out of ketosis.

Don’t let this be you.

To avoid this, check out the menu of each Keto Melbourne restaurant on our list. Additionally, call ahead to determine if they can accommodate your special order requests.

These simple steps can help you stick to your diet. Trust us. It’s all worth it. 

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