MiCkey T Eight(8) MCT Oil Review: Will It Make Your Ketogenic Journey 100× Easier?

While eating a low-fat diet can pose some risks for the body, a high-fat diet takes you towards obesity. As such, you need to find a middle ground between the two extremes. MiCkey T MCT Oil Reviews shows that this product is the middle ground.

This MCT oil is made with coconut oil and caters to people trying to achieve ketosis. When coupled with a ketogenic diet, this oil will work best. (1)

Our Review of Mickey T Eight (8) MCT Oil: 

The manufacturers of this product claim that this is the best and finest MCT oil being sold on Amazon currently. It is a supplement of C-8 Caprylic Acid which is a medium chain triglyceride. (2)

Now the thing that sets apart this MCT oil from others is that this oil is neither a blend nor does it contain any additives. It is purely Caprylic Acid in nature so delivers maximum potency.

And the best part is that its price is almost nothing as compared to Caprylic Acid pills. There is, in fact, a significant difference in price up to a factor of 8.

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Nutritional Profile

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The MiCkey T MCT oil is a 100% pure C-8 Caprylic Acid MCT oil and nothing else. Other similar products are often a blend of about 60% C-8 and 40% C-10. Plus, many versions come with artificial flavorings and colors.

One tablespoon of MiCkey T contains 93 calories and packs 13.6 grams of Caprylic Acid.

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”Pros:” box_color=”#00bf08″ radius=”0″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#00bf08″]

  • Is purely medium chain triglycerides
  • Made from halal and kosher ingredients
  • Ingredients used are not genetically modified
  • The oil has no scent or taste
  • Is great for coupling with a ketogenic diet

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”Cons:” box_color=”#bf000a” radius=”0″][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

The biggest con for this protein powder might be the calorie intake. Quest Protein Powder Nutrition facts indicate that each scoop has about 110 calories.

MiCkey T MCT Oil Reviews give an indication that there are little or no cons of this oil. Individual users may face some individual issues. Some common cons may include the following:

  • The product is only available online
  • Might not be suitable for people who like their oils to have a taste since it is tasteless



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Who Can Use MiCkey T Eight?

MiCkey T ingredients are useful for everyone so the product is not only aimed at a specific group of people. However, people following a ketogenic diet can get maximum benefits from using this oil.

It is suitable for coupling with a ketogenic diet since it promotes ketosis and takes the body in state of fat metabolism.

Having said that, the basic use of this oil is for weight loss. So, if you are someone who is working towards thinning your waistline or getting a slim belly, you should seriously consider adding this oil into your dietary regimen.

Plus, people who want an extra surge or boost of energy can also use the MiCkey T oil. Having medium chain triglycerides, this oil gives the body an energy boost without adding extra calories to the body.

Is Mickey T™ Brand for Keto Diet?

In a keto diet, fats get converted to ketone bodies and are subsequently used for provision of fuel to the body. Mickey T MCT Oil reviews show that triglycerides present in the oil are readily converted to ketone bodies to assist the process.

Your next thought may be about how that’s possible, so here’s how:

  • MCT’s get digested much more quickly than long chain triglycerides.
  • The get hydrolyzed faster and when absorbed, travel directly to the liver, bypassing the lymphatic system.
  • This metabolic pathway allows MCTs to work as a ready source of energy and prevents them from accumulating as fat in body tissue.
  • Since in a keto diet 30 to 60% fats ingested should be medium chain, MiCkey T complements the keto diet well.

And the best part is that MiCkey T nutrition ensures that the body is not deprived of the essential source of energy.

Benefits of MiCkey T MCT Oil

MiCkey T Ingredients are all selected in a way that the most beneficial ones are added to give positive results in the users’ body. Here’s a look at some of these benefits:

  • MCTs present in MiCkey T oil are able to alter the overall metabolic process in the body.
  • Normally, fats are stored up as energy reserves whereas carbs are used for energy by the body. However, Micky T usage makes the body use fats as fuel.
  • This prevents the fat from getting stored in the specialized cells of the body called the adipocytes. This is an effective method for weight loss as the fats you intake are getting metabolized as soon as they are ingested.
  • Fats also give more energy as compared to carbs when burnt for fuel. Due to this, Mickey T is also responsible for energizing the body and elevating performance levels.
  • It is hard for the body to digest long chain triglycerides since they have more bonds between them. Instead, MCTs being medium chain triglycerides make the digestion process easier for the body, and aid in the breakdown of metabolic compounds and nutrients.
  • Along with being helpful for weight loss, MiCkey T MCT Oil review has shown that the formula is also effective against heart problems and brain damage.
  • The oil, with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties keeps inflammation at minimum and also removes excess toxins from the body. Due to this, the natural environment of the body is conserved.
  • MiCkey T MCT Oil review has also revealed that the oil is great against bacterial and fungal infections. The triglycerides in this oil are useful for protecting the body against various microbial infections.Why Choose MiCkey MCT Oil?

And if the benefits are not enough to convince you, here are some other features of MiCkey T oil that make it unique and a better choice.

  • This oil has a very low return rate. Only 17% of the customers returned this product, which is quite a good rating on Amazon.
  • This oil has 90% reviews that are based on either 5 or 4 stars.
  • Moreover, customers who search for C8 MCT oil mostly tend to go for this particular brand since the product is quite popular.

MiCkey T 8 Side Effects:

MiCkey T MCT Oil review indicates that the product might have some side effects for users. One of these is that it can result in gastric distress.

This is because the sudden shift from carb-based fuel to fat-based fuel might make the body uncomfortable at first. To combat this, the manufacturers advise users to go slow.

Start with a low dosage and less frequent use so that your body can get used to it. Once the body has become used to it, you can increase the usage to match the needs of your ketogenic diet.

Plus, the oil may not be very suitable for people who have had kidney stones in the past or are prone to having kidney stones.

But since you cannot possibly know if you are prone to having kidney stones any time in the future, it is advised to consult your doctor before using this product. Your doctor will be able to guide you about the proper usage of this oil looking at your individual needs.

Do not make the mistake of using this oil if it harms your digestive system since this can be of concern in the long run.Customer Reviews

Most customers using this product have positive comments to report. Overall the product has been found to be helpful in managing weight issues, achieving steady ketosis and benefitting from improved energy levels.

Customers switching to MiCkey T from other similar products have also reported satisfaction and plan on continuing the use of this MCT oil.

The size of the bottle, which comes as a 32oz option is also another plus point with users as many other products are only available in 12oz bottles.

Finally, customers who prefer using MCTs in oil form rather than pill form highly recommend using MiCkey T as being one of the best oils available.

MiCkey T Vs. Other MCT Oils

Here is how Mickey T eight measures up against some of its other leading competition. All these products have a rating of above 4 on Amazon.

MCT Oil Features
Garden of Life
  • Has no genetically modified ingredients
  • No influence of pesticides or herbicides
  • Is purely vegan
  • Does not contain eggs or milk
  • Is gluten free
  • Provides fuel for brain and body
Onnit MCT Oil
  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Suitable for ketogenic diet
  • Can be used in shakes, smoothies and ketogenic recipes
  • No additives or fillers
  • Free of artificial flavoring agents
Sports Research Premium Oil
  • Vegan friendly
  • Approved for Paleo diet
  • Gives energy
  • Induces ketosis for fat burning
  • Has been certified by a third party
Left coast performance coconut MCT oil
  • Contains 44% C-10 and 56% C-8
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in 32oz bottle
  • Keto and paleo friendly
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Gluten free product
NOW MCT 100% Oil
  • Non-GMO, gluten free, vegetarian product
  • Suitable for weight loss
  • Thin consistency makes it easy to use in different recipes
  • Glass bottle packaging means BPA free option
  • Available in 32oz bottle
  • Cost effective product

FAQs and Tips

1. How Should I Use This Oil?

You should start slow and see if it causes any discomfort in the gastric area. If you feel that there is some kind of distress or you have a burning sensation, you should stop using it.

A good dose to start would be one or two teaspoons each day. If your body starts to accept that, you can just increase the dose slowly.

2. Is This Oil any Good for Intermittent Fasting?

Yes. This oil was made to meet the needs of people who fast intermittently or are on a diet. During intermittent fasting, you tend to feel dizzy but using this oil will help minimize that sensation. (3)

Also, it helps to keep mental clarity intact. Sometimes, when people do not eat for a while, their brain tends to become unclear and they find it hard to focus.

Use of Mickey T oil will keep the focus and mental attention intact so that you can perform daily tasks normally even during fasting.

3. How Do You Extract This Oil From The Natural Sources?

Centrifugation is mainly used to extract this oil from its natural source. Sometimes, a steam method is also used. Think of it like boiling something and getting most of its nutrition out in the fluid that is contained in.

4. Can I Mix It With any Food?

Yes. You can take the oil as is since it is an edible oil. Or you can take it by mixing it in a fluid or including it in any of your recipes for ketogenic foods.

5. Can I Use it If I’m Vegan?

Yes. You can certainly use this oil since it is vegan friendly.

6. Are There any Flavors?

There are no flavors in the oil since it is free of any additives in the form of flavor.

Final Verdict

Mickey T MCT Oil is a seemingly wise choice for anyone who is thinking of starting a keto diet and needs something that will make the diet a success.

One of the best parts about the oil is the absence of any additives in the form of coloring agents or flavoring agents. This presents an advantage when you want to use the oil in your recipes but don’t want an unpleasant flavor in your food.

Overall, the Mickey T MCT Oil review shows a positive outcome due to the different benefits of the oil and absence of artificial substances.

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