Nurse Hatty Ketone Test Strips Review: Is It Appropriated For Anyone?

Since many ketone test strips are out there in the market, you might be unsure of what to use. But with Nurse Hatty Ketone test strips, your ketogenic diet is sure to produce significant results.

You ask why?

The reason is simple. Nurse Hatty Ketone test strips are a trusted brand, especially in the USA. Well, it is, in fact, made in the USA!

Well, how about we dive in even deeper and see what Nurse Hatty Ketone strips can do!

Is Nurse Hatty Ketone test strips the Right One For Me?

I hope no one would get offended, but since the product is made of USA, what can we say? From just that very fact, we know that, at the very least, it has the power to incorporate with our strict ketogenic diet.

But apparently, that’s not the case. As a fitness enthusiast myself, I’ve tested this product, and I know this is the real deal.

It gave me certain and clear details of my ketone levels which is a great thing because I managed to change my diet whenever needed.

Comparison and Alternatives For Nurse Hatty Ketone Test Strips

For lazy readers, here’s a comparison table for you:

PRODUCT PROS CONS QUALITY (Range 1-5 stars) PRICE OUR RATING (Range 1-5 stars)
OneEarth Ketone Strips Professional grade

Made in the U.S.A.

Lifetime guarantee​

Laboratory Tested

It comes with a free book

150 Strips

Only good for 90 days after opening

Strips just

turn the

faintest pink

4 stars Affordable 4 stars
Perfect Keto Strips Made specifically for keto

Accurate and easy testings

Has 100 strips in the package

Easy to use instructions

Lab-grade quality

The colors on the bottle are nothing like what shows up on the stick.

The readings are so faded

4 stars Affordable 4 stars
Ketone Strips by Top Notch Nutrition Easy to use

Medical Grade Ketone Test Strips

99.9% accurate

Doctor approved

ü The Color on the strips does not come out clear.

ü Good price for the quantity

3 stars 3.5  stars
Ketone Keto Urine Test Strips by Just Fitter 200% Money-Back “Double” Guarantee200%

100% Risk-Free

Measure precise quality results in seconds

125 strips per bottle.

Manages Diabetes with accuracy

Most of the pads just.

come off


 3.5 stars Very Affordable 3.5 stars
Keto-Mojo Testing kit Accurate Results (Blood Testing)

Very easy to use

Tested and Recommended by leading Keto Experts

Complete Home Kit Package

It only needs 5 seconds to show results.

Device shutting off on you in the middle of the reading

Tend to waste some of the strips

Errors occur frequently

4.5 stars A Little Pricey 4 stars

With those reviews and promotions that I’ve shown you, I have the feeling that they might still not be enough. If you aren’t that so sure about Nurse Hatty Ketone Test Strips, We have some alternatives that are quite far from Nurse Hatty Ketone Test Strips.

What are we waiting for? Let’s dive in:

  • OneEarth Ketone Strips – among all the products that will be compared in this section, I could say that OneEarth Ketone test strips are the most similar to Nurse Hatty ketone test strips of quality and popularity. But their primary advantage is that they updated their product and added 50 strips to the previous 100 strips their product has. Money-wise, this one is better.
  • Perfect Keto Strips – on the other hand, perfect Keto Strips’ main advantage is that they provide a growing range of their products to support individuals who are into low-carb diets such as the ketogenic Atkins diet. You might really want to consider this product if you are an incredibly dedicated person.
  • Ketone Strips by Top Notch Nutrition – according to Top Notch Nutrition, if you are really serious about burning those fats, then you should get their product, even if you are on Atkins, Paleo, Diabetic, or Ketogenic diet. They are proud that their product is doctor-approved.
  • Ketone Keto Urine Test Strips by Just Fitter – ketone test strips by Just Fitter monitors your fat-burning levels while you lose weight. It’s not just that, but their product helps you reach your fitness goals by efficiently managing your keto-diet using utmost accuracy.
  • Keto-Mojo Testing kit – Keto Mojo strips are a product that made their debut by introducing their effectiveness to monitor your glucose levels while monitoring your ketone levels. It’s not your typical strips that evaluate your ketone levels through a urine test, but a finger prick test which is why it’s quite expensive.

Is This The Best Keto Strips On The Market?

I don’t really want to say that this is the best simply because I haven’t really tried all of the top ketone test strips out there. Though in my own opinion only, I think it has the right to be called the best ketone test strips.

You ask why? How about we scan through its pros and cons to determine whether this ketone test strip is the right one for you.


USA Made

OTC Approved, CE Marked, and CLIA Waived

FDA Approved

Fast Results

100 + 50 free strips

Great for other types of low-carb diets such as Paleo, Atkins, and diabetic diet

Excellent accuracy

Easy to understand instructions

Included PDF Educational Pack On Your Purchase

You are looking for some cons?


Inconsistent results based on some users

Available with basic reading only

Levels can be confusing depending on your goals and may only be accurate in the early days of ketosis.

Check Price and More Customers Review Out Here:

Nurse Hatty Ketone Strips’ Advantages and Key Features

Being accurate and easy to read is not enough for ketone test strips to be classified as good. It must have a very readable chart so that users can easily decide whether they should alter their diets accordingly.

And that’s how Nurse Hatty comes into action!

Nurse Hatty Ketone test strips is a product that doesn’t need to be ingested to know either you are at the right level of ketosis or not. Like other strips, it’s an excellent product for those who don’t want to take various medicine types or stuff to monitor their ketosis level. Just a simple dip in your pee, and you’re good to go!

Though, of course, that’s not just the might of Nurse Hatty Ketone Test Strips. You can save a ton of money just by using it. Besides its affordable price, you wouldn’t need to go to a doctor to get a check-up since this product will provide you with an accurate assessment. You want to make sure you follow right the instructions on the label and make changes according to the results.

One good thing about using Nurse Hatty Ketone Test Strips is that you can easily discard them without the fear of contaminating things around you. Just drop it in the toilet and flush it. Contamination eliminated!

Since a prominent company makes nurse Hatty, fret not because your ketogenic diet is in good hands for the last note. Supplementing your diet is no hard task for the manufacturers because they know what you need. You can even give them a direct call to ask for inquiries.

What more can you take for such a good company?

Customer Reviews:

Obviously, I’m not just the sole user of Nurse Hatty Ketone test strips because, for all we know, there are around 7 billion people in the world, and it just means that I’m not the only one who uses this product.

Here are some positive reviews that could really push you to try Nurse Hatty Strips:

 “I feel great and, for whatever reason, I feel the sticks really help encourage me to stick to my low-carb lifestyle more than the fact that I feel so much better when I eat this way. The day after that banquet, I returned to my pre-diet gastro issues and lethargy. You’d think that would be enough to keep me eating like this, but it just isn’t. That is bizarre to me, but it is true. You’d think one’s own health and feeling great and losing about two pounds per week would be enough inspiration, but, for me at least, making a little stick turn pink is just this tiny little win that keeps me on track. What’s really great is that these are inexpensive enough that I can use one several times a day without feeling frivolous.”

“Outstanding service from this company and the product is excellent. We compared the results of her product against the results of tests done in the MD office during our physicals, and the results were pretty much the same. My husband and I are using the ketone strips to adjust to a serious change in his diet. Though we aren’t currently monitoring ph, it was good that there is a sample of those monitoring strips in the kit, and when tested against the test done during our physicals, they proved accurate. This company has been attentive in making sure we received additional informational charts and such through email and has checked on us a few times to make sure we were satisfied and understood what we are about in using this product.”

“Nurse Hatty developed and put together this kit in a highly professional and extremely well-thought-out manner. It seems she really cares about her customers. The obvious attention to detail of her packaging led me to take this test seriously and delved into the instructions. Within the instructions, I found further evidence of Nurse Hatty’s conscientious and high-principled methods. I am so impressed; I will not even open the first set of strips or begin to test until I behave with my LCHF diet and am seriously ready to monitor my ketones.”

“Nurse Hatty’s ketone strips not only include the strips but education, personal attention, plus added benefits. As a retired Nurse Practitioner, only nurses know how to care totally for their clients. Lots of service for a great rate.”

“Thanks, Nurse Hatty. The Ketone Test Strips allow me to keep track of where I regard my ketosis level. This is a big help to make sure I don’t stray too far off of my ketogenic diet.”

Looking for critical reviews?

“So far, not impressed. I like that you get many products for your money, but I don’t trust the results. I have tested these strips out against my other brand of strips many times, and it seems like I get erratic results. A few times, I am positive that I am in ketosis, and my other strips confirm this, but this brand comes out negative. Other times the strips show a blotchy effect. I like to be able to depend consistently on a product. I did like the instructions and the informational brochure that came with it. Based on previous reviews, I understand that the company does have good customer service, so I hope that the product would be replaced if this continues to be a problem. I will continue to try them out, and hopefully, this was just a problem with the first few that I tried. If not, I probably will try to return them and take this as a lesson learned that you get what you pay for.”

“Sadly, these strips didn’t work. I don’t know if I got a bad batch, but they are we changed. For weeks I waited to see a change before buying another brand…instant results. I ran out of my new brand and decided to try a new package of them. Nothing. I bought new ones and tested several against this brand. Still no change. An expensive waste of money.”

Check Price and More Customers Review Out Here:

The Takeaway:

If you noticed from above, Nurse Hatty Ketone test strips’ pros and cons imply that it’s not a complicated product but actually more targeted at beginner readers and ketogenic practitioners. Though ultimately, that doesn’t mean that those long-term practitioners of the ketogenic diet can’t trust this product because, as I’ve said, Nurse Hatty Ketone test strips are one of the most prominent brands of ketone strips.

One more thing, aside from its trustable brand, Nurse Hatty Ketone test strips is quite cheap even though it’s made from the USA. Well, spouting groundless statements here might not prove anything; why not let the product speak for itself?

Is Nurse Hatty Ketone Test Strips Appropriate For Anyone:

Let’s get directly to the point. As long as you want to monitor your ketone levels, you might really consider getting ketone test strips. It wouldn’t just make your ketogenic diet more effective and efficient, but it will certainly help you go further with your diet because you’re aware that what you’re doing is really worth your sweat.

Basically, everyone who practices a low-carb diet should get a Nurse Hatty Ketone test strips. Of course, you can find your own brand. It’s just that Nurse Hatty is one sure test strips.

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Can I afford it?

Without beating around the bush, of course! It’s actually quite inexpensive.

Aside from Amazon, where can I buy Nurse Hatty ketone strips?

You can try asking pharmacies around you.

I am very confused. Mine comes out really dark. Does that indicate low insulin or dehydration? How do I find out? I have never been a diabetic otherwise.

There are actually a lot of possibilities, for that matter. Though what I’m certain of is that the more you are dehydrated, the darker your urine can be.

Do darker colors indicate being in ketosis?

But darker purple color does not indicate more fat burn or a better state of ketosis. It could be due to several reasons such as dehydration or using first-morning urine. Even if you get a light pink color, that is enough to signify that your body is in ketosis and burning fat. As a dieter, this is the range that you should aim for. Small to moderate. i.e., faint pink color. I am no expert, and I may be wrong, but this is the information I gathered from my research.

I don’t understand what these readings mean: “Small” “medium.” What does that tell me? Could someone tell me how to read these?

That’s the number of ketones that are being detected in your urine. 

How long does it take to show a color change? Mine often seem to take a long time to darken, minutes.

It only takes a few seconds for most users. I’m quite sure that the directions say for about 40 seconds. By that time, you can get a good reading. 

Conclusion: Is the Nurse Hatty Ketone test strips the right for your needs?

The answer is: Yes!

Besides monitoring your ketone levels (in a very inexpensive way), you can also use it to check your insulin level since glucose can affect your low-carb diet.

Perhaps you came here because you are looking for a product that can actually help you, and obviously, you have doubts. Well, why not let the product speak for itself?

Now, do you want to know my ultimate verdict for Nurse Hatty Strips? Well, let’s make it short. Among other ketone test strips that I’ve used so far, Nurse Hatty Strips is by far the most effective product for monitoring my ketone levels. How about you?

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