Onnit MCT Oil Review – Does It Work?

Sometime back, we was nearly on the verge of developing serious complications.

And we want to blame it on the fake MCT oil we was delivered. But, today, after having recovered fully and trying the REAL Onnit MCT oil, we have made up my mind to share our story with you so that you do not have to suffer the way we did.

To begin with, let us confess we was actually quite ecstatic when we received the delivery of MCT Oil we had ordered. we started using it as per the instructions mentioned on the product and waited with confidence to let it help us reap the benefits of a keto diet.

But, as told to you earlier, it turned out to be a fake product and we realized it the hard way!

Anyways… Now, we are fine and have also discovered the best Onnit MCT oil.

Let us share with you the information we gathered after careful research on the benefits of MCT oils so that you can get hold of the best products that can provide the best results.

Let begin with describing what exactly Onnit MCT oil is.

But before that, let’s have a look at the brief comparison between top brands of MCTs.

Product Name



Bulletproof Brain Octane  

Form Oil Powder Oil
Taste Flavourless Contain in 3 flavour Tasteless
Feature Pure MCT Coconut Oil that provides a rich source of Lauric Acid Contains C8 MCT Oil Sourced from pure coconut oil and made only of Caprylic Acid
Ease of use and convenience Can be added to any beverages Easy to use and carry Easy to use, can be added to beverages
Odor Oderless Oderless Orderless

What is Onnit MCT oil?

Onnit MCT Oil, just as the name suggests, is a product from the brand ‘Onnit’ and contains a source of MCTs.

If you are new to a ketogenic diet, you may not have heard of MCTs. Let us explain. MCTs basically are the medium chain triglycerides that are specifically used to promote the production of ketone bodies.

And as you may already be aware, it is the ketones that are produced in the body during a keto diet that can help you lose weight. The more the ketone bodies produced, the faster would be your weight loss!

MCTs are considered healthy fats that can provide an extra source of energy to your body thus preventing fatigue while also boosting the fat burning rate.

What makes Onnit MCT oil an effective supplement for you during your keto diet is the MCTs in this product are sourced from coconuts and later, processed to obtain a state of optimum purity of 100%.

Now, why Onnit?

After having suffered major complications, we must confess we have become more conscious of the brands we choose. No more low-quality brands for us, please!

And as far as Onnit is considered, it is a major producer of MCT oils that can eschew the environmentally harmful and cheaper palm oils in favor of environment-friendly coconut oil.

we came across several research studies, which have indicated that coconut oil can offer an outstanding source of MCTs like Lauric Acid.

Also, Lauric Acid is the best form of MCT,  which, according to research studies, can optimize the benefits of a keto diet by acting as an excellent slow-burning fuel for your body.(1)

Now, before we move ahead to spill more information about MCT oils, let us just summarise its pros and cons.


  • Obtained from pure coconut oil, and not cheaper and less effective sources like palm oil
  • Contains 30% lauric acid that works like a slow-burning fuel
  • Environment-Friendly product as it doesn’t contain palm oil that is believed to be dangerous to the animals who rely on rainforests
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, and BPA-free
  • Can be easily mixed in liquids such as smoothies, coffee, or water
  • Tasteless and odorless


  • A shorter shelf life that necessitates you buy the freshest possible stock. (Note: the shorter shelf life could be credited to the absence of preservatives in the product, which is actually a plus point!)
  • May cause a few side effects like stomach pain and loose motions
  • Slightly overpriced

Our Thoughts:

We had a look at what customers, at large, had to say about Onnit MCT oil. Most users have written positive reviews describing how it helped them lose weight.

Some users have noted that they tried assessing the effectiveness of this product by measuring the extent of ketone bodies produced. And they have mentioned this product worked much better than most others in this regard.

Some users have advised to start using Onnit MCT oil in a lower amount initially to avoid side effects like stomach pain and loose motions. However, overall, we found most customers are content with the benefits they could achieve by using it.

We are sure you would also like to know whether Onnit MCT oil is the product you would benefit from.

Well… we don’t know you personally. But, based on our research, we can provide who, in general, this product is for.

Who can useOnnit MTC oil?

  • People, who are on a keto diet and would like to improve the ketone body production for faster results
  • People who want to shed excess pounds
  • Keto dieters who would like to choose environmental-friendly supplements
  • Vegans on a keto diet
  • People who exercise regularly and want to increase their stamina and endurance

This, we would say, is just the basic information you need to know about Onnit MCT oil. And believe us, there is much more to it, which we are soon going to share with you.

Keep reading to find out what more Onnit MCT oil has to offer and the various benefits and pitfalls you might be subjected to by using it.

Don’t miss this!

Key features and benefits of Onnit MCT oil

Make sure you read this section carefully so that you know for sure whether Onnit MCT oil is really as effective as you would like it to be.

we will also share with you important information about what this supplement contains and the benefits of each ingredient so that you can check if it meets your expectations and needs.

1. Can Lauric Acid support ketosis?

We already told you Onnit MCT oil contains Lauric Acid and this could be a major cause for celebration for you if you are looking for safe, effective ways to lose weight.

It can stimulate the process of ketosis and speed up the production of ketone bodies.

And for you, this would mean, more and more amount of fats stored in your body would be converted into ketone bodies to be used by cells and tissues as fuel.

Needless to say, this is how lauric acid would work to burn fats and help you lose weight.

But, do you know what we like more about Lauric Acid?

It is its ability to control diabetes and inhibit neurological conditions.(2)

Yes, we came across a research study that revealed the potential of lauric acid to reduce insulin resistance, which is the underlying cause of type 2 diabetes, and also protect nerves against degeneration.

2. How does Caprylic Acid support ketosis?

Caprylic Acid, a concentrated medium-chain fatty acid, is another MCT in this supplement. Again, just like lauric acid, it is found in large amount in coconut oil and is also faster when it comes to converting fats stored in your body into a usable source of energy.

What’s more interesting is, according to preliminary research studies, caprylic acid may also reduce cholesterol levels and prevent infections by producing a natural antibacterial action.(3)

3. What about Capric Acid?

Onnit MCT oil is added with another MCT, Capric Acid, to help you enjoy better results with your keto diet.

Also called decanoic acid, Capric Acid is known for its ability to stimulate ketone body production. It also possesses strong antiviral and antimicrobial properties that could help you combat infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

It would help you with your weight management efforts by metabolizing stubborn belly fat and bringing you into a state of ketosis.

And if you are a gym enthusiast, you have another benefit in store. Capric acid can give you a boost in energy levels that would enhance your stamina and endurance during workouts.

According to research studies, it seems to work by promoting the activities of mitochondria that are known to play a key role in regulating energy production in cells.(4)

So, now you know how exactly Onnit MCT oil works and helps you to stay into ketosis.

However, you may think, just like the MCTs in Onnit oil, even other similar products should help you enjoy the same results.

Well… Let me put it in simple words, “The choice is yours!”

We would recommend Onnit MCT oil because I have experienced the complications that can occur when just any other MCT oil is used. And since we have ourself managed to get good results with this particular product of MCTs, we, now, rely on it.

We understand it is slightly expensive. But, the ‘substantially’ better benefits can always make up for the ‘slightly’ higher cost.

Yet, we would again advise you to be conscious of where you buy MCT oil.

We feel Amazon could be a reliable source if you plan to purchase it online. It would help you avoid receiving a fake product that is less effective and harmful to your health.

Most users who have ordered it from Amazon have had satisfactory results and even received the product in just a few days.

Another reason why we prefer to order Onnit MCT oil from Amazon is the site usually offers discounts and flash sales that can help us save a few bucks.

Are there a​​​​ny other good MCT oil supplements?

Yes, of course!

Perfect Keto and Bulletproof Brain Octane are also good supplements you can use while on a keto diet.

Bulletproof Brain Octane offers a more refined form of MCT oil that is primarily beneficial for providing energy to the brain.

However, if your primary aim is to stay into ketosis and lose weight faster, we feel Onnit MCT oil could be better as it provides a combination of 3 powerful MCTs.

Perfect Keto, on the other hand, is usually recommended for beginners. It contains a good combination of MCTs that can help you get into ketosis faster. The risk of indigestion and other digestive side effects is also less with Perfect Keto.

Hence, if you have a sensitive digestive system, you can opt for Perfect Keto.

But, if you want to derive faster and better results by exercising regularly, then Onnit MCT oil scores over Perfect Keto as the former is formulated to provide strong bursts of energy needed during workouts.

Some more information you must know before you start usingOnnit MCT oil

1. What is the price of Onnit MCT oil?

A 24-ounce bottle of Onnit MCT oil is priced at around $25 on Amazon while a 48-ounce bottle is available at the price of around $50.

Since we do not see you making much of savings by buying a larger stock, we would advise you to first purchase it in a smaller quantity of 24-ounce. Once you start experiencing good results and are sure you want to use it for a longer duration, you can always buy it in bulk.

2. Where to get Onnit MCT oil?

We feel Amazon is the best online portal to purchase keto products like Onnit MCT oil. However, if you prefer, you can explore other options like local pharmacy stores and other online portals.

3. How to use Onnit MCT oil?

The usually recommended dose of Onnit MCT oil is 15 ml or one teaspoon, 1 to 4 times a day. You can modify the dose depending on how much fats you consume through dietary sources, your energy requirement, and your tendency to develop digestive disturbances.

Since it is flavorless, you can mix it with any drink such as coffee, tea, water, or smoothies.

What’s the bottom-line

We have had some great results by using Onnit MCT oil and above all, we found it to be safe and pure.

If you are following a keto diet and would like to enter and stay into a state of ketosis for longer, you can definitely try using Onnit MCT oil. The natural sources of MCTs in this oil would improve the ketone body production, help you burn more fats and thus, enable a faster weight loss.

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