Ora Organic Protein Powder Reviews: Is It Really WORKED As Promised?

Protein powders are not hard to find, but organic protein powders are!

And if you are trying to find protein powders that are specifically meant to help with your keto diet, then you might have to hunt much deeper and deeper into the markets.

And now you are really close to finding the best protein powder you can use during your keto diet. We are talking about Ora Organic Protein Powder!

It’s marketed to be a ‘So lean and so clean protein powder’, which indicates its purity, high quality, and higher efficiency to help you become lean.

But customers are no longer so naive to believe what manufacturers have to say. So, we decided to test this protein powder.

Today, we are sharing with you the honest review on Ora Organic Protein Powder so you know whether the ‘So lean and so clean’ claims made by the manufactures have any truth in it.

Let’s start….

About  Ora Organic Protein Powder:

Ora Organic Protein Powder is formulated keeping in mind the needs of the keto dieters for a higher amount of proteins. However, this is not the only highlight of this powder.

It is the pure and organic nature of this powder that has caught the fancy of most keto dieters.

We all know that when it comes to protein supplements, it can be too difficult to get a good quality supplement that is actually organic and vegan.

And usually, when you do find a truly organic protein powder, you have to get ready to spend a fortune for a miniature dose of it.

What’s worse is most of them taste so horrible that you would rather stop your keto diet!

After having had a bitter experience with many organic protein powders that were claimed to be suitable for a keto diet, Ora Organic Protein Powder has come as a fresh breeze of relief.

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Why? You will come to know everything in this review including what makes it so special for keto dieters.

Why should keto dieters consume a rich amount of proteins?

If you are on a keto diet, you already know you need to consume a moderate to high amount of proteins.

During a keto diet, your body is subjected to changes in different metabolic processes. These changes are primarily related to the switch from the use of carbs as a source of fuel to using fats.

However, until your body actually learns to start using fats as a replacement for carbs, it is deprived of its source of energy.

And this lack of energy can leave your vital organs functioning less efficiently.

There would be more strain on the organs and tissues to perform their functions even when it is not receiving any energy. This can result in significant damage to the muscles, bones, joints, and other organs.

This is when a pure and high-quality Ora Organic’s Protein Powder can help you. Proteins are known to be the building blocks of the body. They help in the healing and repair of the damaged cells by supporting the process of regeneration.(1)

So, when you consume a high amount of proteins, it can protect your body against the damage caused by the lack of energy and restores health.

This is where we would like to conclude the first part of the Ora Organic’s Protein Powder reviews with the information why proteins should be an integral part of your keto diet.

Now let us move further to describe what makes Ora Organic’s Protein Powder different from other protein powders.

What makes Ora Organic’s Protein Powder different from other protein powders?

To begin with, Ora Organic’s Protein Powder is organic.

And this word ‘organic’ means a lot not just for keto dieters but for every person who is interested in keeping in good health.

Organic foods including Ora Organic’s Protein Powder make sure your body stays protected from the harmful chemicals in food.

For example; regular grains, cereals, or other foods are laden with preservatives, pesticides, insecticides, food additives, flavoring agents, and much more. And all these agents are extremely harmful to your body’s organs.

And when you continue consuming such foods for several weeks to months to years, the slow and steady damage can trigger the development of diseases including cancer, Parkinson’s, and so on.

Organic foods like Ora Organic’s Protein Powder, on the other hand, do not possess such harmful ingredients and this is what makes them pure and a safer choice when you are a road towards better health.

If you are on a keto diet and want to lose oodles of weight, it would definitely help to use Ora Organic’s Protein Powder to ensure optimum health.

There is one more factor that makes Ora Organic’s Protein Powder special. It is not just organic but also vegan in nature. So, it is suitable even for individuals who are following a vegan lifestyle.

All the proteins and other compounds in this powder are derived from natural plant sources. So, Ora Organic’s Protein Powder would surely not hurt your vegan lifestyle.

After having learned the benefits of choosing an organic supplement, I am sure you must be eager to know more about Ora Organic’s Protein Powder. Let us continue with the Ora Organic’s reviews to reveal what it contains and the benefits it can offer to the keto dieters.


What does Ora Organic’s Protein Powder contain?

Here is the list of ingredients in Ora Organic’s Protein Powder as revealed by the manufacturers on its label:

  • Calories
  • Fats
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Total Carbohydrate
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Protein

If you have gathered your expertise related to a keto diet, just a glance at this ingredient list would have made you jump with joy.

A keto diet requires an intake of healthy fats with moderate to high amounts of proteins and less amount of carbs. And this is exactly what Ora Organic’s Protein Powder offers.(2)

Now we dive deeper into this Ora Organic’s Protein Powder reviews to describe what each of these ingredients means to your keto diet.


Each serving of Ora Organic’s Protein Powder contains 130 calories. And this seems to be not too high nor too low.

When you are on a keto diet, your body will be deprived of energy and hence, it makes sense to use an energy-boosting supplement that provides a sufficient amount of calories to meet the requirements.

Having 130 calories per serving would mean your body can receive some amount of energy it needs to perform basic functions without creating a calorie overload and weight gain.


Each serving of two scoops of this powder contains 3 grams of fats of which 0.5 grams are saturated fats. I suppose this would be a perfect combination of unhealthy saturated fats vs healthy fats your supplement should have.

Saturated fats are known to increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke while also being responsible for weight gain.(3)

Hence, by limiting the content of saturated fats while keeping the overall fat content at a higher level, the makers of Ora Organic’s Protein Powder seem to have hit the bull’s eye!

Moreover, let me also mention in this Ora Organic’s Protein Powder reviews that this supplement contains no cholesterol making it a safer choice to promote ketosis without any weight gain.


Ora Organic’s Protein Powder is loaded with minerals like iron, sodium, and potassium. Nowadays, you will find these minerals in almost all keto supplements because repeated research studies have shown that the keto diet can increase the risk of deficiency of certain minerals.

Each serving of Ora Organic’s Protein Powder would provide 38 mg calcium, 7 mg iron, and 290 mg sodium thus taking care of the nutritional needs of your body during a state of electrolyte imbalance induced by the keto diet.

Total Carbohydrate

Each serving of Ora Organic’s Protein Powder contains just 5 grams of carbs, which, needless to say, would support your keto diet.

It would make sure you do not experience severe weakness and low energy levels by providing a small amount of carbs.

Later, as you continue with your keto diet, this tiny amount of carbs would keep your cravings for sugars in control. It will also provide you with a boost of energy during a workout, when the doses are taken before the session.

What’s more interesting is a part of these carbs come from dietary fibers. Each dose of this protein powder has 1.8 grams of dietary fibers, which, according to research, can support digestion, prevent constipation, and promote weight loss.(4)


We already discussed the importance of proteins for keto dieters earlier in this Ora Organic’s Protein Powder review. You will be surprised to know each serving of this supplement provides 26.62 grams of proteins derived from varied natural plant sources.

So, instead of loading yourself with just nuts and pea proteins, you will reeve a much wider range of proteins and their precursors from a ton of superfoods. This would give your keto diet a great boost in the form of a complete amino acid amount.

The powerful punch of proteins in this powder is derived from the following sources:

  • Pea protein
  • Acai
  • Amaranth
  • Apple
  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Cocoa powder
  • Hemp
  • Himalayan sea salt
  • Jerusalem artichoke

Apart for this, the protein content in this supplement also offers the goodness of kale, raspberry, rice, strawberry, sacha inchi, acerola, cranberry, pomegranate, broccoli, coconut, stevia leaf powder, cellulase and turmeric all packed in small doses.

These doses would help you improve your muscle tone, stamina, and endurance and develop a lean and thin frame.

This was all about the ingredients. Now let me reveal the benefits you would be able to achieve by using Ora Organic’s Protein Powder.


What are the benefits of Ora Organic’s Protein Powder?

Ora Organic’s Protein Powder is formulated to support weight loss, promote ketosis, increase your energy levels and stamina as well as a host of other benefits described beneath:

Supports ketosis

The lower amount of saturated fats coupled with a high total fat content of this protein powder would promote the production of ketone bodies and help you enter into ketosis faster.

Faster weight loss

Ora Organic’s Protein Powder is designed to help you lose weight. The measured amount of fats, proteins, and carbs, as well as minerals and dietary fibers, are an indication of how thoughtfully it has been formulated to promote weight loss. It would work by supporting a state of ketosis while reducing mineral deficiencies and controlling your cravings and appetite.

Boosts stamina

The high-fat content and a small amount of carbs in Ora Organic’s Protein Powder would provide adequate levels of energy to your body and increase your stamina and endurance. The rich protein content would ensure efficient healing of damaged muscle tissues thus supporting your workout sessions. It would help you build muscle mass and develop a lean frame.

Boosts digestion

Regular use of Ora Organic’s Protein Powder may reduce bloating, indigestion, and constipation, which are the common side effects of the keto diet. Each serving of this powder comes with several hormones and enzymes that would promote the process of breakdown and absorption of foods and prevent stomach upsets and other digestive issues. I discussed all the major points you need to know about Ora Organic’s Protein Powder. Now, let me just summarize everything you learned so far.


  • High-fat content
  • Proteins derived from a variety of sources
  • Contains dietary fibers
  • Low carb content
  • Organic and vegan-friendly
  • Free of dairy, GMO, soy, and gluten
  • No added sugars or artificial sweeteners and flavorings
  • Prevents digestive issues and electrolyte disturbances
  • Available in 3 flavors


  • Has a chalky and powdery texture

Our Thoughts: 

Ora Organic’s Protein Powder reviews by customers reveal that it is indeed a very effective protein supplement. Users have appreciated its taste and the results. Many users have complained of the chalky and powdery texture of this protein powder.

If you are eager to find out more about this protein supplement, read the next section of this Ora Organic’s Protein Powder review carefully to find the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Ora Organic’s Protein Powder: Frequently Asked Questions

The takeaway

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We feel Ora Organic’s Protein Powder has filled in the gaps for the needs of keto dieters. For long, keto dieters have been advised to use a supplement that contains fats.

But, Ora Organic’s Protein Powder is one of those rarest supplements that offers not just fats but also proteins to help you derive better results.

We learned in the Ora Organic’s Protein Powder reviews how this supplement would help you lose weight and develop a lean frame. If you are struggling with your keto diet, and the results have been evading you, perhaps it is the time to add Ora Organic’s Protein Powder to your routine to kickstart the benefits.

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