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Perfect Keto Base Review: 2020’s Best Exogenous Ketone Supplement?!?

Ketosis means limiting carb intake and turning to fat as a primary source of fuel- something that is easier said than done. However, if you want to achieve this successfully, you will either need a supplement or a diet that can induce it. Perfect Keto Base is one of the many supplements that can help you achieve ketosis.

If you’re not familiar with it already, you might be wondering: What is Perfect Keto Base?

So here’s a quick rundown: Perfect Keto Base is a supplement that takes you into the state of ketosis. It is made with beta hydroxyl-butyrate (BHBs) of the highest quality- a sure fast way to enter ketosis and then remain in that state.


Overview of Perfect Keto Base

Just relying on a keto diet to achieve ketosis can be pretty darn hard. So most people turn to exogenous supplements to make the job easier.

This is where the Perfect Keto Base Exogenous Ketone supplement may give you an edge over a ketogenic diet alone.

For starters, the supplement is extremely helpful for switching the body fuel from glucose and other carbohydrates to fats. Consequently, fat reserves in the body get used up, leading to a healthier and fitter body. The supplement contains zero calories, which is a plus point for athletes.

Making the supplement more trust-able is the approval from doctors. The ingredients of this supplement have been supervised by doctors and the manufacturers claim that their product does not contain the ‘junk’ that most other supplements of the sort have.

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Nutritional Profile and Ingredients

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Perfect Keto gets its potency from naturally occurring ingredients like stevia, natural chocolate and peach flavours. Keeping things simple, the manufacturers rely on nothing but the natural goodness of their ingredients to make this an effective exogenous powder.

The BHBs is an alternative source of energy for the body and raise ketone levels significantly.

Plus, if you are a fan of MCTs, then there is an MCT oil powder version for you to enjoy. The powder form is easier on the stomach than its oil counterpart and comes without any aftertaste. (1)

The product conations magnesium and calcium which promotes healthy muscle and nerve development and keeps bones strong and healthy respectively.


Features and Benefits

Perfect Keto Base has plenty of benefits in terms of fitness and overall health.

  • First of all, it helps to keep metabolism in check, thanks to its MCT content. Sometimes, you tend to put on weight because your metabolism is not fast enough. This supplement solves this problem and keeps your body systems working.
  • It also assists in controlling appetite. An appetite that is out of control can be problematic especially in terms of obesity. Since this supplement brings a feeling of fullness, it helps with the suppression of appetite.
  • Moreover, it is very helpful in increasing focus. Some people are unable to go through the day or get their jobs done because of lack of focus. It can result in unfinished tasks and unmet deadlines. Perfect Keto ensures that your brain is clear and alert. (2)
  • Perfect Keto Base can be used any time during the day. If you want an energy boost, for the time being, you can just Perfect Keto base Chocolate Sea Salt in any beverage. Similarly, it can also be used before a workout to make sure that you have sufficient energy during your gym session.
  • If the taste is a concern for you, you can toss that aside. Perfect Keto comes in flavours that have been appreciated by users when compared to other similar products. If chocolate isn’t your flavour, you can try peaches and cream or if you prefer, go flavourless with the MCT powder version.

Plus, here’s the kicker.

The supplement does not contain any carbs. Normally, supplements have some carb content due to presence of sugars. However, this one has zero carbs. The calorie count is made up of fats. This assists in bringing about ketosis effectively.

The answer to a much-asked question that does Perfect Keto Base get you into ketosis is a definite Yes.  The entire working of the supplement revolves around this phenomenon. It basically mobilizes the fat reserves in your body so that the body can make use of it. (3)

Want to know the best part?

If you couple the supplement with an exercise plan, it will show even quicker results. The manufacturers have stressed upon the importance of this. This is why their supplement has features to enhance your gym performance.

Things We Liked:

  • Keeps your metabolism healthy
  • Helps you control you appetite
  • Increases your focus in daily life
  • Enhances your athletic performance
  • Aids in speedy recovery
  • Gives you higher energy levels
  • Is available in different flavors
  • Has no additives and is safe
  • Can be used at any time during the day

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Only comes in two flavors
  • May have a laxative effect in the beginning

Who Can Use it?

This supplement can be used by people who find it hard to diligently follow a ketogenic diet. Other than that, if you are someone who wants quick results, you can rely on Perfect Keto as well.  

And it gets better.

Anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance might also find this supplement helpful. It reduces recovery time and energizes the body. Since it works towards the burning of fat, it provides triple with the amount of energy for athletes as compared to carbs.


How to Use Perfect Keto Base?

You can use this supplement in a variety of ways. Mix it to something or add it to a recipe that you are already interested in. It can be mixed in:

  • Water
  • Almond milk
  • Coffee
  • Coconut milk
  • Shakes

Since it is an exogenous supplement, it is likely to have a slightly bitter taste. (These supplements are not meant to be delicious). However, Perfect Keto’s flavoured varieties do a good job of masking the taste to a great extent. So you won’t get the tangy taste that can ruin your meal.

Perfect Keto Peaches and the Cream base is a suitable additive in milk for people who like a sweet taste. However, if salt suits your taste buds, you can go with Perfect Keto Chocolate Sea Salt instead.

Perfect Keto Base Reviews

The supplement shows mostly positive reviews. Its overall reviews are 4 or above 4. Users are really appreciative of its reasonable price tag, which is very attractive when compared to that of other similar products.  

But that is not to say that a less expensive price tag comes at the cost of taste or quality. In fact, taste happens to be one of the biggest plus points of this brand and there aren’t too many concerns about the quality of the product either.

In terms of efficiency, Perfect Keto delivers impressively in the weight loss, cognitive enhancement and energy surge niches. Customers are generally satisfied that this supplement does its job well in all these areas.

A few concerns are voiced over some initial digestive discomfort when first using the product. However, this matter is resolved by the suggestion to start with a smaller dose than recommended and then build your way up as your body gets used to being in a state of ketosis.   


Perfect Keto Base vs. Keto OS

Top contenders in the keto universe, both Perfect Keto Base vs. Keto OS have been in debate for a while. Each supplement boasts its loyal band of customers with lots of good things to say about either product. Where things become undecided, a comparison shows that Perfect Keto supplement may have a slight edge over the competition.

For instance, Perfect Keto has the additional benefits of mental clarity and better focus that are not imparted by the Keto OS Supplement. Perfect Keto also the pricing element on its side, costing much less than Keto OS.

On the flip side, Keto OS has four flavors to offers as opposed to two by Perfect Keto. The MCT version by Perfect Keto is flavorless so doesn’t count. Keto OS also offers both caffeinated or caffeine free options.

On the other hand, Perfect Keto Base vs. Keto Drive shows a different story.

Keto Drive has extra electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and sodium that have more benefits. It also serves the same purpose of weight loss, increased and fat burning. However, it doesn’t ask you to commit to any long term dietary changes for any effective results. So, in a Perfect Keto base vs. Keto Drive debate, you may find both products showing equally promising results.


Supplement Feature
Keto OS
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Burns fat quickly
  • Muscle enhancement
Keto Drive
  • Has enhanced caffeine levels
  • Better athletic performance
  • Gives mental clarity
  • Helps to manage appetite
  • Supports ketosis



1. What’s Perfect Keto Base?

Perfect Keto Base is a supplement that is aimed at weight loss as well as enhanced athletic performance. This supplement works through ketosis and aids in burning up of body fat reserves.


2. Does Perfect Keto Base get you into ketosis?

Yes, the main mechanism that this supplement employs is of ketosis. It switches the energy source that the body uses. This shift from carbs to fats ensures that the fats are used up and are broken down.


3. What Does Perfect Keto Base do for you?

Perfect Keto Base helps you lose weight. Along with helping you shed off extra weight, it also makes the mental functions work properly. By keeping your mental functions clear and functioning effectively, it keeps the body active.

Moreover, it also enhances athletic performance and gives you the surge that you need for better gym performance. It will speed up the time that you need for recovery after a tiring gym session.


4. How Many Flavors of This Supplement Are Present?

There are two main flavours of the supplement:

  • Perfect Keto Peaches and Cream Base
  • Perfect Keto Base Chocolate Sea Salt
  • A third unflavored option is available as MCT oil powder


5. How Should I Use This Supplement For Best Results?

Many people use the supplement for different purposes. Depending on what you are using it for, you have to use it at different times.

  • If you are using for weight loss, use it between meals.
  • Use it after eating carbs so that your body can go back to ketosis.
  • Use before exercise to have maximum performance.
  • For enhancing mental performance, use the supplement early in the morning.


6. What’s The Serving Size?

The serving size is one scoop which is 14 grams. There are 15 servings in each container. The supplement has 15 calories only of which 0% is fibre or carbohydrates. The bulk of these calories are made up of electrolytes.


7. Is The Supplement Gluten-Free?

Yes, it is gluten-free. It has been approved by the doctors. Actually, it is free of any dairy products.


8. Is The Supplement Safe to Use?

The supplement is safe to use. It has been tested in labs for safety. The manufacturers have ensured that the supplement is not harmful at all for the consumers.


The credibility of a supplement is based on its benefits and customer reviews. Based on that, this supplement seems like quite a reliable one. It can be used conveniently without any hassle.

Since it is free of any additives, sugar ingredients or fillers, it can be used by everyone. People who are allergic to dairy products or gluten can also make use of this supplement easily.

Judging from the different aspects, it can be said that Perfect Keto Base might be the formula that can tackle obesity along with other issues as well.





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