Why to spend time to bake the chocolate chip cookies while you can make your own edible version out of it?

Not only that is super easy to put together, but this recipe is also super delicious and will satisfy your sweet tooth, so if you are craving for something decadent and easy to make, this is the right thing for you. 

The most amazing part of the recipe is that it is Keto and Vegan-friendly dish and will please even the guests who are the pickiest eaters. If you are planning a huge party makes a big batch of this recipe because everyone will enjoy it.

Who doesn’t love a daily dose of chocolate chip cookie dough? We are sure the ones who licked the whisk attachments on a stand mixer while your mom’s or grandmother’s made a batch of these cookies, they will enjoy it the most.

Grab a bowl and spatula and start cooking for you, and for family and friends.