If you are craving for something super delicious and want to start your morning in a full bliss, we have something to share with you.

This Keto Healthy Shamrock Shake will knock your socks out when you will try it out.

The best part about it is that it is rich with proteins, it has low amount of carbohydrates and also it is great for vegans and for those who are on Ketogenic diet and Paleo diet.

This shake is bursting with flavor, on one hand you will enjoy the peppermint aroma and taste and on the other healthy notes from the spinach and avocado.

Thanks to the stevia it is sweet shake that we assure you it will boost you with energy early in the morning.

All you’ll need is simple but delicious ingredients and just 5 minutes of your time to prepare this incredible shake recipe. 

image of Keto Healthy Shamrock Shake Recipe (Paleto, Keto and Vegan)