SlimFast Keto Review: Does It Really Work? [Updated]

Who wouldn’t like to become slim fast? But, it’s a dream that seems to be impossible.

In fact, trying to lose weight quickly could actually be dangerous for your health.

And this seems to sum up the Slim Fast Keto reviews.

But wait… Slim Fast is different from most other keto supplements and the reason is quite interesting.

If you are on a keto diet, there is a chance you were lured into trying out keto supplements and Slim Fast is one of them. Actually, it is five of them.

Yes, Slim Fast is not one supplement. It comes in different varieties.

And each of these produces a unique effect on your body and even affects the results you can achieve through your keto diet differently.

Uh hmmm! Now that’s something to talk about.

To be honest, this piece of information is something that needs you to dig deeper before forming any positive or negative opinion.

If you too are feeling the same, read this Slim Fast keto reviews further to find out if it really works and does it actually help to become slim fast without causing any side effects.


What is Slim Fast?

We told you earlier in this Slim Fast Keto reviews that this particular supplement is a bit different.

But don’t get fooled by its name: ‘SLIM FAST’, at least not until you have actually checked what it is and whether it really works.

Ok, to begin with, Slim-Fast is a brand or an umbrella term under which you will find a range of products designed to help you lose weight.

If you want to decide whether you should use it, you will have to understand how each of these works.

So, now what we are going to do is pick the top 5 Slim-Fast products, and check what they are meant for.

Then, you can decide whether it would be worth using them for losing weight or achieving other health benefits of a keto diet?

Sounds cool?

Let’s start then…

SlimFast Keto Competitors

Product NamePriceRatingReview
Perfect Keto$$ Read
Pruvit Keto OS$$ Read

Does Slim Fast Actually Help To Support The Keto Diet?

The five Slim Fast product we found interesting and useful for keto dieters are as follows:

Slimfast Keto Meal Replacement Powder

Keto meal replacements are the favorites of all keto dieters.

Since the keto diet requires you to avoid eating carbs and consuming healthy fats in higher amounts, it can become a bit difficult for you to find foods that fit into these criteria.

This is when the perfect mix of macronutrients in Keto Slim replacement powder could help you.

This slim fast low carb powder is to be used as a shake.

It is a Fudge Brownie flavored shake mix that is formulated to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Each serving of this shake mix has 15 grams of fats from healthy sources such as grass-fed butter, 8 grams of collagen protein and whey, and just 4 grams of net carbs.

That’s not all. Let us reveal in this slim fast keto shakes reviews that this meal replacement is packed with keto-compatible ingredients such as MCTs!

MCTs are known to speed up weight loss by stimulating the production of ketone bodies. (1)

It is also a safer keto supplement for people who suffer from gluten sensitivity.

It is free from gluten, as well as artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors.

This is why; we feel Slim-Fast Shake could offer you a simple and delicious way to satisfy your hunger, and provide balanced Keto-friendly nutrition.

Another feature we liked about this shake is it is very easy to use.

You just need to shake the Keto powder up in a glass of cold water and drink it.

You can also blend it with other low-carb ingredients such as chunks of fruits to prepare healthier alternatives for your meals.

You can replace one of your meals a day with this shake so that your body receives balanced nutrition needed during your keto diet.

It would also help you save time and effort on cooking a full meal.

The package contains10 servings of ketogenic meal replacement shake making it a cost-effective option to support your keto diet.


  • Contains MCTs
  • Low carb content
  • Gluten-free
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners and flavoring agents
  • Delicious flavors


  • May cause loose motions
  • May have to use a blender to make a shake

Our Thoughts:

Most customers have experienced positive results from using this shake.

The taste is appreciated by several users.

Some people have complements they have to use a blender to prepare a shake as it doesn’t mix well in water.

Slim Fast Keto Fat Bomb Snack

This one’s a popular snack from Slim Fast to help keto dieters satisfy their cravings without losing out on the benefits of their special diet.

We was also impressed by the packaging of these bars.

Each package contains 14 Keto Fat Bomb Snacks each wrapped individually.

This makes it quite convenient to use and carry to the office or anywhere else.

You can simply pack the snacks in your bag and eat it whenever you feel hungry.

These snack bars provide a combination of whey protein and collagen both of which would be needed by your body during a keto diet.

Whey protein is known to support healing and repair of the tissues, especially muscles and ligaments.(2)

Collagen, on the other hand, would support weight loss while minimising stretch marks that tend to appear due to a sudden drastic fat loss from regions such as the abdomen, arms, and thighs.(3)

Let us also reveal in this Slim Fast keto reviews that the perfect balance of collagen and whey protein provided by these snacks would ensure your body receives the balanced amount of nutrients needed to shift the usage of carbs to fats as fuel.

These snacks are tasty and sure to satisfy your taste buds.

These are particularly beneficial for those who find it very difficult to control their craving for sugars while on a keto diet.

The natural sweeteners in these snacks would curb your craving for carbs without letting you stray from your keto diet.

You can eat them as your breakfast, mid-meal snack, or even your post-dinner desserts! Isn’t that great?

It is formulated to provide your body with several other essential nutrients including sodium, iron, calcium, and potassium.

Available at a lower price, these are one of the most delicious keto-friendly snacks you can include in your diet to lose weight faster.


  • Low carb content
  • Just 90 calories per serving
  • Contains whey protein and collagen
  • Contains essential minerals
  • Tastes good
  • Convenient to carry
  • Reasonably priced


  • You may not like its dry and crumbly texture
  • May not be suitable for patients with diabetes

Our Thoughts:

Most customer reviews have echoed that these snacks helped them avoid eating high-carb snacks while on a keto diet.

This helps them control their calorie intake and supported weight loss.

However, some users have complained that their blood sugar levels increased after they started using these bars.

However, it is not clear if this effect is actually due to the snacks or the carbohydrates from other sources in the diet.

Slim FastKeto Meal Replacement Bar

If you prefer meal replacement bars instead of shakes and snacks, you can try Slim Fast Keto Meal Replacement Bars.

It contains just about the same basic ingredients as the Slim Fast shakes and snacks we discussed earlier in this Slim Fast Keto reviews.

It offers a balanced combination of whey protein and collagen to meet the body’s protein requirement during a keto diet.

Whey protein in these bars and other Slim Fast supplements and products would support your keto diet by improving your exercise performance.

What makes whey protein the best for your keto diet is it is broken down in the muscles! (4)

So, your muscles would receive a direct supply of energy from the breakdown of these ingredients.

This would enhance your stamina and physical performance by allowing you to perform strenuous exercises for a longer duration without feeling tired.

Other than whey protein, and collagen, Slim Fast Keto Meal Replacement Bars offer a much higher amount of other nutrients.

The package contains bars packed individually making it easier for you to carry it.

Each bar contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K as well as minerals like sodium, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorous.

One look at the ingredient label of these bars would tell you it offers nearly everything that your body needs to function optimally.

And this is why; we feel it could be a perfect meal replacement you can have to speed up weight loss during a keto diet.

It would help you lose weight by providing a high amount of fats and proteins without much of carbs.

At the same time, it would make sure you are not deprived of other essential nutrients thus keeping you healthy and energetic.

Isn’t that all you need?

In short, it is designed to optimize your keto diet by stimulating ketosis and faster burning of fats for energy.

It is available in two flavors, peanut butter and triple chocolate, both of which are delicious.

However, if you ask us to pick, we would go for triple chocolate.

It’s simply awesome!

Looking at the ingredient list, convenience of use, and the enticing flavors, we feel the slightly higher price of these bars is justifiable.


  • Contains proteins and fats; but no carbs
  • Convenient to carry
  • Each serving contains 190 calories
  • Available in two delicious flavors
  • Provides several essential vitamins and minerals


  • Slightly expensive

Our Thoughts:

Most Slim Fast keto reviews have revelated it helped them lose weight faster.

The taste of both flavors has been appreciated.

Overall, it seems to be a great produced loved by users.

Other low-carb protein bars here:

Slim Fast Keto MCT Oil

If you are looking for MCT oils to get into ketosis faster, read this section of Slim Fast keto reviews carefully.

We must admit Slim Fast has taken care to cover all the needs of keto dieters including MCTs to help them stimulate ketosis and lose weight faster.

MCT oil by Slim Fast is made available to you in bottles containing 16 serving of 15 ml each.

Each serving contains 14 grams of MCTs derived for coconut oil.

The MCTs in this supplement are in the form of Caprylic acid that would help you lose several pounds in a shorter duration by contributing to the production of ketone bodies. (5)

Slim Fast Keto MCT Oil would optimize your weight loss results by burning fats and increasing your energy levels.

It is packed with nutritious fats that would be digested and absorbed quickly and converted into a readily usable source of fuel for your body and brain.

You can include this MCT oil supplement in your diet by adding it to your shakes, and beverages.

The smaller price of this MCT oil supplement means it wouldn’t hurt your pockets while allowing you to take your keto results a few notches higher.


  • Contains MCTs from coconut oil
  • Provides MCTS in the form of Caprylic acid
  • Stimulates ketosis
  • Support faster weight loss
  • Non-GMO
  • Lower price


  • Needs to be used in combination with other Slim Faster products for better results
  • May cause stomach upsets and loose motions

Our Thoughts:

Reviews of Slim Fast MCT oil have revealed it may help to stimulate weight loss only when used in combination with other Slim Fast products.

Some users have mentioned it causes stomach upsets and loose motions.

Slim Fast Keto Ketone Test Strips

Well… To be clear, Slim Fast Keto Ketone Test Strips are basically meant to help you evaluate the success of your keto diet. We must admit in this Slim Fast Keto reviews that these keto strips would be just as essential during your keto diet as are the shakes, bars, and snacks.

It would help you know for sure whether or not your keto diet and Slim Fast products are making a difference to the ketone production in your body.

It is very easy to use and lets you assess urine ketone levels in one step. The results are fast and accurate.

Well… To be clear, Slim Fast Keto Ketone Test Strips are basically meant to help you evaluate the success of your keto diet.

We must admit in this Slim Fast Keto reviews that these keto strips would be just as essential during your keto diet as are the shakes, bars, and snacks.

It would help you know for sure whether or not your keto diet and Slim Fast products are making a difference to the ketone production in your body.

It is very easy to use and lets you assess urine ketone levels in one step.

The results are fast and accurate.

Checking your ketone levels regularly using Slim Fast Keto Ketone Test Strips would allow you to modify your diet in case the results are not as expected.

If the results show your body is producing adequate levels of ketone bodies, this would surely assure you that you are on the right path and motivate you to continue putting in more effort to lose weight.


  • Easy to use
  • User guide included
  • Faster and accurate results


  • May not be as reliable as the strips showing blood ketone levels

Our Thoughts:

Customers have liked how actually these strips helped them assess their ketone levels and change their diet accordingly.

Some users have mentioned the color of the strip does not change even when they are sure they are into ketosis.

The takeaway

We would say Slim-Fast has entered the keto field with a bang!

While it may not actually help you become slim very fast, the range of products they have offered would cover most of your dietary and nutritional needs thus supporting your keto diet.

The Slim-Fast meal replacement bars and shakes, MCTs oils, and snacks offer a perfect package for you to sail through each day of your keto diet without experiencing excessive hunger pangs and uncontrollable cravings.

These products would offer all the nutrients your body needs, as well as other ingredients such as MCTs, to stimulate ketosis and support a faster weight loss.

We feel you can replace two meals a day with Slim Fast Keto bars or shakes, and indulge in three to four Slim-Fast snacks to satisfy your cravings and hunger between meals. You may add Slim Fast MCTs to the shake to make it more keto-friendly and achieve better results.

Let us complete this Slim Fast keto review by recommending the use of Slim-Fast Ketone strips so that you can evaluate the results from time to time and stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey.

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