Smackfat Ketone Strips Review: Are They The Best Ketone Strips?

Perhaps you’re just starving yourself without gaining anything.

Perhaps you’re not doing keto-genic things the right way. You’re in doubt and losing the motivation to continue further.

We can tell. We know the feeling because we was once in that situation, until we tried Smackfat Ketone strips.

You might not believe us, but we managed to get back on track, completely. Simply because Smackfat Ketone strips provided us with accurate results about our daily ketone levels

(Yes! Daily! Well, we are not shocked because it has 100 test strips! How reassuring if we must say).

Now after months of using it, we can easily adjust our ketone levels whenever we want.

But hey!

How it differs from other Ketone test strips out there?

Our Review of Smackfat Ketone Strips

“Popular brand”, that’s one thing! Comes with a color guide, excellent.

Just works great for people new to ketogenic diet, and of course very cost-effective!

Oh, we mustn’t forget its excellent accuracy.

This product is made by Smackfat, a company that specializes in ketogenic stuff. They have quite the background since they are in the industry for around 6 years now and have massive members. In other words, I trust them, and I think you should too. Well, everything’s an experience after all.

Now, let’s get real here.

How Good is Smackfat Ketone Strips – Are They The Best Ketone Strips?

Let us be brutally honest with you, if you are seeking easy, genuine, and supportive ketone level testing, we tell you Smackfat Ketone Strips is just hard to beat. Why? Let us give you some genuine pros of this product.


  • Easy-to-read color chart
  • Non-invasive urinalysis testing
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to dispose of
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Better to dip in a cup of urine for more accuracy
  • Available with basic reading only
  • Levels can be confusing depending on your goals and may only be accurate in the early days of being in ketosis.

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Smackfat Ketone Strips’ Advantages and Key Features

Just think of it, no matter how accurate a thing is, if it doesn’t show any visual results it’s good as useless. But that’s not the case for Smackfat ketone strips.

It has an easy-to-read chart in order to help you decide easily whether to make changes with your diet or not.

It has a non-invasive approach and doesn’t require to go through your digestive system.

The process is all externally executed.

You pee and pass the stream to the test strips, or just dip the ketone test strips into a cup of your pee. Easy, and no side-effects at all.

Aside from all of these, one of the good reason is that you don’t need to pay a lot just to determine your ketone levels.

You don’t need to go through a check-up and pay loads of bucks.

Just understand the instructions on the label, and voila, adjust what needs to be adjusted.

Oh, let’s not forget that we can easily discard it. We use it directly to our urine, and simply throw it in the bowl thanks to its small yet effective design.

But of course who doesn’t want to throw the after-use right straight into the toilet bowl.

Somebody might just accidentally touch it, gross!

And lastly, of course we mustn’t forget that the company who manufactured this product will never leave us alone.

They have a group consisting of like-minded people all striving to reach similar goals.

They are more than willing to help us especially with our inquiries and concerns. It’s their product after all.

What more can you take for such a good company?

The Takeaway!

Based on the pros and cons of Smackfat Ketone strips we can say now that, if you are just starting out with a keto-diet and working to change your energy source from sugar to fat, and need an easy, effective, and inexpensive way to check your ketone levels, then Smackfat Ketone test strips can help you.

Always try to keep this product in your bag, cabinet, and/or your bathroom counter for easy access.

The color chart that comes with it will help you to adjust your diet in order to optimize your ketone levels and thus gaining full advantage of it.

Can Everyone Use Smackfat Ketone Test Strips

We managed to get into a verdict for Smackfat Ketone strips, but how come we forgot to mention who can use it.

Now here’s the thing, you don’t ingest it.

You just dip it in your pee, and therefore everyone can use it.

But of course this product is primarily targeted for individuals who want to monitor their ketone levels and make adjustment to their diets accordingly.

Genuine Customer Reviews

Simply talking groundless facts here might not really prove anything. How about we read some authentic customer reviews who love this product? And of course, let’s try to find some critical reviews as well.

Here are some positive reviews that you might want to read:

“I had been doing a very loose keto-diet for about a month now with limited results before getting the strips. My first 2 tests didn’t show anything so I assumed the Smackfat ketone strips were bad but after some more research I found out that I was eating wrong and after a few minor tweaks with my diet, the strips started to change colors within 24 hours. Great for making sure your keto-diet is working.”

“I frequently read reviews and I tend to read the lowest reviews first. I presume there’s some confusion here because the first time I used a strip, I immediately dipped it in my urine and waited for about 40 seconds. I found no result at all, so I’m pretty sure that something was off. Then I read the guidelines and I found out that you are supposed to leave the strip in the urine for around 40 seconds. And guess what? I was glad to have a moderate (darker) result. I’m just wondering whether some of the one star reviews for Smackfat ketone strips could be from the people who are doing it the wrong way. Overall, I am really thankful for Smackfat.”

“Love these keto strips made by Smackfat. It’s very helpful while on my ketogenic diet and always makes me more disciplined. It’s embarrassing to admit but I have become so obsessed with it one time that I use it almost every time I go to the bathroom. Well, I will definitely be ordering this Smackfat ketone strips.”

“Worked as expected. I didn’t use a cup instead I resort to the stream method. I’m 8 days into my Keto-diet. I’m thinking it’s small to moderate after 40 seconds or so. I’m just please. And also thumbs up for the good price!”

Looking for critical reviews?

“Unfortunately the use by date is useless. I had a bottle of these with an expiry of 2019 and for 2 weeks they read as no change in status despite me following a strict diet. I found a different brand of strips that were purchased around the same time with a similar expiry. Lo and behold they showed that I was in heavy ketosis. Would not recommend due to the lack of shelf life”

“I’m not sure if these are trustworthy/accurate or not. If I pass them through my urine stream, they are negative every time. If I dip them in a cup, they are positive every time. I think passing them through a urine stream will give you a false negative as it is probably washing the reagent off of the strip. If you use these, I would only dip them in a cup.”

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Comparison and Alternatives For Smackfat Ketone Test Strips

Perhaps you are looking for some good alternatives that can be compared with Smackfat ketone test strips so that you can easily decide whether to go with this product or not.

Let’s not beat around the bush, here are they:

  • OneEarth Ketone Strips – among all the products that will be compared here, this one is the most similar to Smackfat ketone strips. But their primary advantage is that they updated their product and added 50 strips to the previous 100 strips their product have. Money-wise, this one is better.
  • Perfect Keto Strips – this brand’s main point is that they offer a growing range of products for supporting a keto-lifestyle. Perhaps you might want to get this if you are incredibly dedicated to ketogenic diet.
  • Ketone Strips by Top Notch Nutrition – they say that if you are serious about burning fat in keto-diet, then their product is the right thing for you. According to them, whether you are on atkins, paleo, diabetic, or keto diet you must be certain about your ketone levels and must be accurate at all. They are proud that their product is doctor approved.
  • Ketone Keto Urine Test Strips by Just Fitter –this product monitor your fat burning levels as you lose weight, helps you reach your health outcomes, and manage your keto-diet with accuracy. Their product has 2 years shelf life, highly accurate, and has free strips of 25 pcs.
  • Keto-Mojo Testing kit – this product is really good particularly if you are also concerned with your glucose levels but also need to monitor your ketone levels at the same time. It’s quite expensive. It doesn’t monitor your ketone levels through your urine but a finger prick test.

For lazy readers, here’s a comparison table for you:

PRODUCT PROS CONS QUALITY (Range 1-5 stars) EDITOR RATING (Range 1-5 stars)  
  • Professional grade
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Lifetime guarantee​
  • Laboratory Tested
  • Comes with free book
  • 150 Strips
  • Only good for 90 days after opening
  • Strips just turn the faintest pink
4 stars 4 stars
Perfect Keto Strips
  • Made specifically for keto
  • Accurate and easy testings
  • Has 100 strips in the package
  • Easy to use instructions
  • Lab-grade quality
  • The colors on the bottle are nothing like what shows up on the stick
  • The readings are so faded
4 stars  4 stars  
Ketone Strips by Top Notch Nutrition
  • Easy to use
  • Medical Grade Ketone Test Strips
  • 99.9% accurate
  • Doctor approved
  • The Color on the strips do not come out clear.
  • Good price for the quantity
3 stars 3.5  stars  
Ketone Keto Urine Test Strips by Just Fitter
  • 200% Money Back “Double” Guarantee200%
  • 100% Risk-Free
  • Measure precise quality results in seconds
  • 125 strips per bottle.
  • Manages Diabetes with accuracy
  • Most of the pads just
  • come off
  • Non-Consistent
3.5 stars 3.5 stars
Keto-Mojo Testing kit
  • Accurate Results (Blood Testing)
  • Very easy to use
  • Tested and Recommended by leading Keto Experts
  • Complete Home Kit Package
  • Only needs 5 seconds to show results
  • Device shutting off on you in the middle of the reading
  • Tend to waste some of the strips
  • Errors occur frequently
4.5 stars  4 stars  

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

1. Can I afford it?

Well of course.

Smackfat ketone strips are very cost-effective and in fact one of its main point that is loved by the consumers.

2. Aside from Amazon, where can I buy Smackfat ketone strips?

If you are near Walmart, we suggest you get one there. Though some local pharmacy offers it.

3. I am very confused. Mine comes out really dark. Does that indicate low insulin or dehydration. How do I find out? I have never been a diabetic otherwise.

We don’t know what it means for you.

Dehydration can make the color darker, so drink some water and test again an hour later.

If the dark color persists consult a medical professional.

4. Hello, I just bought the Smackfat Ketone test strips. Is the goal to be in the middle or to the darkest square? I cannot seem to find a straight answer. Please provide a clear response.

When you start out on a ketogenic diet, you really want any reading. Any level shows you that you are in ketosis.

Once you are completely keto-adapted, you may be in ketosis and get no reading though. There are also a number of factors that can affect reading.

For instance, the reading is likely to be darker later in the day. If you are dehydrated it could be darker.

If you just finished exercising or just drank a few glasses of water, it could be lighter. The best practice would be to measure each day at the same time.

Create a spreadsheet and then measure daily to see how the reading changes.

5. What volume measurement-do these strips use? My other brand uses mg/dL but those numbers don’t match with this chart

The Smackfat Ketone Strips use mmol/L; however, conversion between the two is fairly easy.

The molecular weight of acetoacetic acid, which these strips detect, is about 102 mg/mmol. So to a whole-number approximation, 100 mg/dL = 10 mmol/L. (actually 9.8).

Also note the difference in reading times: 40 sec. vs. 15 sec.

We prefer the longer time of the Smackfat Strips because we just do a mental count, and an error of 1 second is almost 7% error in a reading time of 15 seconds, but only a 2.5% error with a reading time of 40 seconds.

6. I don’t understand what these readings mean: “Small” “medium”. What does that tell me? Could someone tell me how to read these?

That’s the amounts of ketones that are being detected in your urine. 

7. How long does it take to show a color change? Mine often seem to take a long time to darken, minutes.

It only takes a few seconds for us. We believe the directions say 40 seconds. By that time, we’ve got a good reading. 


Now, let’s get to the very point and clarify things here.

Is this product right for you?

Yes, especially if you really want to monitor your ketone level but you want it the cheap way.

Are you in doubt if it will really work? We don’t think you should worry.


Because you’re not the only consumer (and/or prospect buyer) throughout the world.

Remember that there are billions of people in the world, and we are pretty sure that most of them agree that Smackfat Ketone strips greatly work accordingly, including us!

Our ultimate verdict?

Well, for our opinion only, we highly recommend Smackfat Ketone Strips especially for those individuals who are just starting with ketogenic diet (and don’t have the bucks to support their diet) and want to go even further and motivated.

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